The biggest hair trends for 2017, according to Pinterest

Good news - low maintenance hair is in

Beauty Crew Contributor / May 25 2017

Pinterest is one of our go-to inspiration authorities in beauty – from the most popular (and prettiest) blush and illuminator, to the shade of nail polish beauty addicts around the world are obsessed with. It is an endless source of inspiration.

So when the site recently shared their forecast for hair trends that are going to be huge this year, based on the spikes in popularity and re-pins they’ve experienced of late, we were well and truly intrigued.

The results are in and so too is natural, low maintenance hair! These are Pinterest’s picks for the three most pinned hairstyles in the no-fuss, never-fail hair category.

#1 / Braided topknots

In addition to the humble topknot being an extremely practical way to style your hair on the daily, the braid adds a twist that makes it look extra gorgeous. The combination of practical and pretty is what we love most and is probably why the hairstyle has become so popular (it rose 125 per cent in popularity in the last month alone!). Here are some of our favourite braided topknot looks:

Margot Robbie

Rita Ora

Olivia Culpo

#2 / Half buns

Pinterest shared that half bun hairstyles are up 92 per cent, and we’re guessing that’s because it is the perfect ‘do to try if youre in the painful process of growing out a fringe. A half updo is the messier, lower-maintenance version of the braided topknot, and these are the looks we cant get enough of:

Poppy Delevingne

Kendall Jenner

Miranda Kerr

#3 / No heat hairstyles

Lugging a hairdryer or a straightener around at all times is far from practical, which is why theres nothing better than knowing exactly how to work with your air-dried texture and style. Natural hair is in, as well as shaggy chops, which have risen 188 per cent in popularity in the last two years. Find all your natural hairstyling inspiration right here (plus our guide to styling your hair, sans hot tools):

Georgia Fowler

Emma Stone

Alexa Chung

If you’re keen to get ahead of the curve with the latest makeup and skin care trends too, these are the ones Pinterest has predicted will be huge this year.

Image credit: Getty; @sarahpotempa; @oliviaculpo


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