Alpha-H Instant Facial

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This unique resurfacing and hydrating solution reinvigorates the complexion with Glycolic Acid and power botanicals Cypress, Thyme, Barley, and Arnica. Instant Facial refines pore size, reduces dead skin build up, softens wrinkles, and mattifies the T-zone; to leave the skin instantly fresher, smoother, firmer and more radiant.

Price above is for 100mL. Also available in 30mL.


Alpha-H Instant Facial


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This was my first beauty product from Alpha H and I was sold on it. This product is super easy to use which is perfect for lazy people like me. I use the product twice a week, alone before bed and I see instant results after a week. I apply it with a cotton pad and the product does give me a tingling sensation but only for a second, otherwise no other irritation.
I absolutely adore this product! It comes in a spray bottle, and application is as easy as spraying a cotton pad to moisten it and then to swipe the cotton pad over your face.  For an intensive treatment it is suggested to use this product as a stand alone and to avoid using any other products afterwards, for me this is hard to do because i am a sucker for believing more is more, right? Well, I was wrong this time,  it really does work wonders all on its own. Shortly after first applying, I do experience a little redness and a mild tingling sensation, but this lasts only momentarily and once the product dries my skin does feel a little tacky afterwards. Although there name states "instant facial", I don't experience the drastic results until the next morning. The morning after using this product, my skin just looks so much better- radiant, toned, and "newer".  This really is a great product, and I would recommend it to anyone (just exercise a little caution if you have skin prone to sensitivity), just be sure to be diligent with your SPF for a few days afterwards as it may make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.  All in all, another product that I highly recommend people try for themselves. 
This comes in a spritzing style container and nozzle so it's easy to apply - simply spritz it onto a cotton make-up round and then wipe it over the face after cleansing.  It says on the bottle to not use moisturiser over the top if you want a more intensive treatment.  It can feel a bit weird to not put a moisturiser on after applying this but that is the best thing to do (or not to do!) if you want more obvious results.  This works for me and I find it gentle enough to use this way but I do use a very high SPF product the next few days after treating my skin with this because this is an Alpha Hydroxy Acid product.  It really works and it works fast!  It gives my skin a refreshed and healthy appearance the next morning and I like to use this every now and again for a special beauty boost - it's fun to see the instant effect the next day!  I love that it gives me better looking skin.  I can understand why they gave this product the name "Instant Facial".  This product really works   I like the way it smells natural and mild.  I love that it contains natural barley in it.  I can highly recommend this - I have the little 30ml sized bottle which is not only very cute but it's also a great way to try this product out before committing to a larger bottle to start with.
This really feels like an instant facial! It's a fantastic product that I'm glad I spent my money on. I have oily, acne prone skin. After using this product a few times, I've noticed that overall my skin looks more radiant. My acne scars are starting to dissapear, and I can tell a difference in the texture of my skin. I love how matte this makes my face feel, giving me a break from the oilyness.  I would definitely recommend this product if you can afford the splurge. 
I can't imagine life without this product! It has completely changed my skin. I have struggled with acne, and this product has helped to reduce my scarring. It makes my skin look so clear and so smooth, and leaves me absolutely glowing. This products may be a little pricey, but in my opinion it is liquid gold and worth every cent.
Alpha-H Instant Facial is the first Alpha-H product I have tried.  I was drawn to the product because of its ease of use and the claims that the facial spray helps to reinvigorate the complexion by refining the size of pores and dead cell build-up, softening wrinkles, and mattifying the T-Zone, while leaving the skin feeling fresher, smoother and firmer.   The size and design of the spray bottle is easy enough to handle, making the product easy to dispense.    I was a little surprised about the instructions on how to use the product.  Surely one product wouldn’t provide the same amount of hydration as layering on a serum, moisturiser and facial oil.  And, if it’s a spray bottle, why wouldn’t you just spray the product onto your face instead of wasting it on a cotton pad.    So,first off I just sprayed the facial mist over my neck and lower part of my face where my concerns of fine lines and wrinkles lay.  I then gently pressed the liquid with my fingertips into my skin, providing a more effective use of the product with no waste.  The liquid absorbed quickly,l eaving a slightly sticky residue – almost like a coating.  I didn’t experience any tingling, redness or irritation.    It was hard not to follow up with other products, especially at night when I’m used to layering, but my face didn’t feel tight or dry.  I have mature, slightly dry skin so it is important to me that my skin looks and feels well hydrated.    The next morning, after using the facial spray at night, my face feels firm and smooth.  At first I was also using the spray to start my daily skin routine but I decided I would rather use my normal skin care products under my makeup so I now only use the Alpha-H Instant Facial at night.     I’m quite happy with the product because I can see an improvement in my skin tone,and my fine lines and wrinkles are less noticeable.    Recommended for:  mature, dry skin.    Pros:  ease of use; evens out skin tone; non-drying; non-irritating; softens fine lines.    Cons:  maybe a little pricey but it can be picked up on sale. 
I don't write reviews often but when I do find a brand that delivers on what it says, I speak out. Alpha A range of facial products are terrific. Being 55 with sun and water dehydrated skin, I found this brand superb. Especially partial to the "liquid gold" and "laser" products. But there a cleansing balm I can not speak more highly of. My skin is totally clean, moisturied and nourished. It has softened those lines, especially the forehead and top of lips. I cannot speak more highly of this brand. Try it for yourself, you will not be disappointed.
As with many of the other reviewers, I too discovered Alpha-H as the cult following their ‘Liquid Gold’ product had continued to grow. After reading positive review after positive review I purchased liquid gold, and not once have a looked back. (Liquid gold isn’t currently available to review here on beautycrew, but ahhh I cannot recommend it highly enough). I was so impressed with the results that I immediately began trying other Alpha-H products, and since it has become my go to skincare range. The brand is Australian owned and cruelty-free, so I am more than happy to support them.   The instant facial is marketed as a resurfacing spray that provides a botanical booster for the skin. It aims to reduce pores, increase cell turnover, soften lines, and increase hydration using glycolic acid, cypress, thyme, barley, and arnica.   Initially I used this product every second night, however as I had no adverse reactions I now use it nightly. I prefer to apply this as the last step in my skincare routine, as I feel I get better results when I don’t apply any serums or moisturisers afterwards. To apply, I spray two-three full pumps onto a cotton pad and wipe onto my face and neck. There is a tingling sensation immediately after application, however this much less noticeable the more I have used the product. I have very sensitive skin, but I have had no irritation from this product.   The results are truly amazing. When I wake up my skin appears tighter and brighter than it usually does, as well as being super soft and hydrated. After using this for a couple months I have definitely noticed an improvement in both skin tone and fine lines.   The only downside of this product is the price tag ($62/100ml), however I think the results are worth it. If you are not sure about this product I would recommend purchasing the 30ml travel size to begin with and seeing how you go, although I’m pretty convinced you will love it.   I have already repurchased the instant facial from Alpha-H, and will continue to do so. I have converted my mum and sisters to Alpha-H products including this one, and they are both loving the results despite having opposing skin types (dry and oily). Based on the results I have seen, I would recommend this product to all skin types!   PROS -       Easy to use -       Immediate results -       Mattifies skin -       Non-drying -       Non-greasy -       Suitable for all skin types (including sensitive)   CONS -       Pricey -       Increases sun sensitivity (ensure you use SPF each morning)
I got this as a sample from the Marie Clare Parcel. I hadn't even heard of Alpha H so wasn't expecting much. The sample came in a little spray pack and smelt a bit like grain. I'm 30+ with sensitive and dry skin so read the instructions that said 'may feel a little tingle' which I did get, but it went away within a few seconds and I didn't have any blotchiness at all (I was waiting to feel burning and have to hurriedly wash it off like I have for so many other products). It went on easily with a cotton wool ball and left my face feeling a little sticky until it dried. I initially tried it without anything else (no moisturiser etc) and left it on overnight. When I woke up the next morning, I was absolutely amazed at how smooth my skin was. AMAZED like couldn't stop patting my cheeks! This has become my absolute go to after washing my face, now I add a little serum on the top. Also, sunscreen is an absolute MUST as I noticed early on that it makes your skin sun-sensitive (and if you're trying to reduce pigmentation, it makes sense to USE SUNSCREEN). I've noticed that my skin is more even and radiant, pigmentation is fading, and my blemishes have practically disappeared! Yes it's a little expensive but it is so worth it. I would highly recommend the Instant Facial to anyone over 30.
I have been using Alpha-H products for just over a year now, and I am so glad that I decided to splurge and treat my skin to this skincare range. I tried Liquid Gold initially, and after that I was just hooked. I now love so many of their products, especially the Vitamin C Serum, Essential Hydration Cream, and, of course, Liquid Gold. But I have tried the cleansers and masks and exfoliating wipes and they are all such beautiful products. Alpha-H is establishing a cult status among the skincare world, and the fact that the brand is Australian owned is so exciting for our beauty community. I personally think that one oft he main reasons their products are so successful is that they don't add unnecessary ingredients, instead focusing on those that are of the highest quality. The Instant Facial has been around for a few years now, and acts as a botanical skin booster. It’s described as a unique and effortless resurfacing/hydrating spray that works on a cellular level to refine pore size, reduce dead cell build-up, soften wrinkles, and leave the skin fresher, smoother, firmer, and more radiant. A big drawcard of this product is that it contains over 90% botanical ingredients, as well as performing above expectations. I've been using it for around three months and I can definitely see beneficial results. It is recommended to apply twice daily, morning and night, and a more intensive treatment can be achieved by avoiding any serums and moisturisers afterwards. Liquid Gold has similar intensive treatment instructions, and I was initially very hesitant to skip the night time serum, but after seeing the results with it I had no trouble leaving this product to soak into my skin uninterrupted. There is a slight tingling sensation when I apply this product, but nothing uncomfortable. I have grown to love the feeling as it means the benefits of the product are kicking in! I have pretty sensitive skin, however I have had zero issues with this Instant Facial (or any other Alpha-H product for that matter).   In regards to immediate results, I find this product very similar to Liquid Gold. Almost instantly I notice that my skin appears tighter and brighter! My skin also appears more matte and excess oil is removed. Over the past three months, I have also noticed other benefits, such as lightening unwanted pigmentation, evening skin tone, reducing pore size, and reducing fine lines. Based on the performance, and suitability to sensitive skin, I would recommend this product to everyone! It is a little pricey ($62 for 100mL), but a little does go a long way and the immediate results honestly blew my mind. I don’t have a bad thing to say about this product, or Alpha-H for that matter, and am so so glad I decided to make the switch when I did. Note: ensure you wear SPF products when exposed to the sun, as this product can increase skin sensitivity. I use Alpha-H Protection Plus Daily SPF50+ Moisturiser (again a little pricey) but I think the products go together beautifully on my sensitive skin.
I bought this product a while ago and it's amazing! i have acne scarring and this product reduced the marks so much. It does make you more oily i found , but so worth it. Product lasts ages too. well worth the money
Truly an amazing product that lives up to the claims of “instant facial”.  I received a 30ml bottle oft his in my Summer Marie Claire Ageless Parcel subscription and I am so glad I did.  I was quite sceptical when I read the claims and doubted such a simple product could work so well – and so quickly.  It has a lovely clean ingredients list (no nasty chemicals) with the key ingredient being glycolic acid (the smallest form of AHA or Alpha Hydroxy Acid).  Within days of 2 x daily use my skin was noticeably softer, smoother and clearer. I spray it onto my fingers and pat onto my skin (instructions say spray onto a cotton round and wipe, but I prefer to pat it onto my skin).  It tingles a little but only for a few moments.  Although the price for the full-sized bottle seems a little pricey, the 30ml bottle has lasted really well as you only need to use a small amount to do face, neck and décolletage so it is really quite economical.  Will certainly be repurchasing when it has finished, it has become a beauty staple for me and I wonder how I did without it for so long.  Just remember to be diligent with your sunscreen application while using the product as it can make skin more sun sensitive.
Alpha-H Instant Facial is a wonderful product that really has to be tried to be believed.   It comes in a pump bottle and the liquid is clear and almost water like in texture.   It doesn't really have any smell. I use this product in 2 ways.  the first way is to use the product alone, on cleansed skin before bed and let the product work it's magic.  You can apply your skincare routine, but for more concentrated results, it is best applied to bare skin and left on all night.   The results are fantastic and you awake to clearer and brighter skin.  Pimples are diminished and a lot of the redness has gone.  Pores are definitely smaller.  Wrinkles and lines look much finer, and overall your skin looks like  you have had a facial.  I use this about twice a week. The second way I use the product is the spritz it on your skin in the morning in replace of your toner and then apply your regular skincare.   This way your skin looks wonderful all day.  Pores are definitely reduced, and skin is much clearer, meaning your makeup goes on like a dream and looks fabulous all day.  make sure you wear a high SPF, due to glycolic acid in the product.   Initially you will see visible results.  You will have clearer skin that looks firmer, less pores and much more radiant.  After a week or more of regular application, you will notice your skin is in much better condition.  I noticed my pores were much better, my skin looked much brighter clearer and radiant.  My oily T Zone looked much better and my makeup looked much nicer.  It exfoliates your skin too, so you will not have any dry or rough skin patches and when you apply products like foundation, concealer and powders, you will really notice how much your skin has improved.  No more flaky skin.  I use to fear putting foundation on, it just aged me so much, but now my skin is almost flawless, so applying foundation is great and I look forward to it  PRO's So easy to use, just spray. Visible instant results today and more concentrated results over time. Less pores and pimples are cleared up. Totally non greasy, so wont clog pores or make your skin oily. Skin is exfoliated and over time, looks more radiant and clearer the longer you use it CON Yes I admit it is a little pricey,  however you only use a small amount and as you are not using it daily, it will definitely last you a long time.  A little tip I have is to spray the product into your hand and then splash your face.  Spraying it on a cotton pad, you do waste a lot of the product. I recommend this product to anyone who wants clearer skin, and radiant and brighter skin.  
I received quite a generous sample of this in the recent Ageless Parcel. As I'm already a regular user of Alpha H Liquid Gold I was very happy to get to try this and see if it was as good /better than my current Alpha H overnight facial treatment. The Instant Facial comes in a handy white plastic spray bottle and is applied by spraying some onto a cotton pad then smoothing over face and neck.The liquid is clear and very mildly scented and feels much like a toner once applied. I was quite surprised by how gentle it was! Nearly every product of this type that ive used gives me some form of tingling or mild sting even (including Liquid Gold!). No such issues with this one.My skin just felt toned,smooth and firm after use. I used this product alone before bed as it claims to be most effective when used without additional products added to the top. In the morning,my usually oily skin was  even,toned and just felt so smooth and soft. Redness that I usually have was less noticeable. It was like Id woken up in new skin ! Quite impressive! I will be replacing my Liquid Gold with this in future.Works better with my sensitive skin. Pros Easy and quick to apply and absorb Fast acting-results in one night! Very natural botanical ingredients Did not irritate  sensitive skin in the slightest Cons A little pricey but only needs to be used once or twice a week so it will last a long time Id recommend this for anyone who wants more even,smoothed and radiant skin overnight with an incredibly gentle product that actually does all it claims.
I have never used Alpha H until I received my first Marie Clare Parcel, I think this product is great. I'm 57 and I'm keen to try another product that can help my ageing skin, hence picking the Ageless Parcel.
As always Alpha H has delivered on a quality product.  It's almost instant the effect it has on your skin, leaving it smooth, dare I say less weathered!  Thank you Alpha H on always coming through with products I use and finish,  that do what they say they will do...My Instant Facial will become a staple in my bathroom sitting alongside Liquid Gold!
All my skincare products combined cannot come up with the amazing results that this bottle does just after one use! Thanks to the amazing benefits of glycolic acid, the instant facial is a product that I can rely on time and time again. It's a multi tasking, overachieving and consistent product that saves you time! Whether it is before a special occasion, trying to get rid of pigmentation, even my skin tone or give my skin that healthy glow, it does it all.  One of the great things about glycolic acid is that it doesn't dry out your skin so even when I use it I don't end up with any irritation or flakiness.   It's like having your own facial right at home because the results are instant and your skin always looks so great after using.  As I have oily/acne prone skin, I use it one to two times a week.  It helps clear up any blemishes that I have while also targeting dark spots, reducing the size of my pores and keeping my skin oil free.  The times I have applied it, when I had huge, painful, blind pimples, by the morning they would shrink in size and be virtually gone! It also has the added bonus of being anti ageing so the few lines I have on my face aren't as noticeable.   I use it at night because the glycolic acid can make the skin really sensitive if you are out in the sun so if you do happen to use it during the day make sure you wear high strength SPF.  I like to use it as a toner before I wear my makeup as it keeps my skin matte, shrinks my enlarged pores and provides a great base for your primer and foundation.  I am halfway through the bottle and have already decided I will be getting another one once this one finishes.   Pros: -Lightens pigmentation -Evens out skin, adds brightness  -Helps reduce the size of pores -Helps clear up acne/blemishes -Anti-ageing benefits of smoothing out lines and wrinkles -Doesn't dry out the skin -Gets rid of excess oil -Keeps skin looking matte Cons: -It is a bit expensive but if you are willing to spend the money it's worth it!
I have loved everything I have tried from Alpha-H, with the 'Instant Facial' being no exception. It's suggested to use morning and night after cleansing then to continue with the rest of your skincare routine. For an extra boost, at night, don't apply any other skincare on top and let the Glycolic Acid do its magic while you sleep.  The glycolic acid is not so strong as to damage your skin, but to improve skin texture, assist with skin blemishes and encourage skin cell turn over, which means that your skin looks fresher.  You can get some skin dryness if you have sensitive skin, so ease it into your skincare routine as your skin type allows. 
When I invest in a beauty product, at the very least I expect it to do what it says it will. Well, Alpha-H does this and more. I use it once a week, and am always so pleased with my result - and as I'm getting older I really appreciate the firming action - especially around my jaw line. My skin looks and feels smoother and clearer, and has a glow that lasts for days. I also always use it for special occasions as there is no "down time" - no redness or irritation. But what I love most is that there is no heavy fragrance, you don't need to use a lot to get results, and it rinses away easily with no residue or greasy film or overly dry skin. This is a must have in my beauty cabinet - I've tried others, but I always come back to this one.
Alpha H is a cult brand...and this product is one reason why. As a time poor working mum,i love to take care of my skin,but time being at a premium,i need quick results with one product...and this delivers. A soothing lotion formula,this "instant facial" in a bottle reduces fine lines,exfoliates,firms skin, tackles the odd blemish (don't pretend you don't still get one or two),mattifies the skin AND diminishes the look of enlarged pores,to give you the perfect canvas to apply makeup (which,by the way,you may find you need less of if you use this gem twice daily for a few weeks as i did).Apply after cleansing skin..AM & PM,then apply your favourite skincare after. The glycolic acid in this is the star (as it is in all Alpha H products)...working to increase cell turnover,showcasing the beautiful skin underneath,whilst Arnica soothes and calms turbulent skin. I love this (as i do all Alpha H cosmeceuticals)  and cannot praise it's benefits enough. TIP:At night,apply this without any other skincare to see amazing results in the morning.USE SUNSCREEN AT ALL TIMES WHEN USING THIS,as skin is extra sun sensitive.