Australis Brow Lift Highlighter & Concealer

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Australis Brow Lift Highlighter & Concealer is a dual ended brow pencil for accentuating and brightening brows. The creamy concealer formula glides on with ease to define the brow shape while the highlighter can be blended on the brow bone to help create an instant lift.


Australis Brow Lift Highlighter & Concealer


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I had a product just like this but a high end version with an even higher price tag.  I was looking for something just like it that I could use for everyday without having to spend too much money because being an adult means spending your money wisely! The brow lift highlighter and concealer worked well, if not better, than my expensive version that I decided I was just going to purchase this one from now on.  With one side being a concealer to brighten the eyebrow area and the other end a highlighter to give a bit of shine, this two in one pencil was the perfect finishing touch to create gorgeous looking brows.  You may not think it's necessary but once you use it you realise how much of a difference it makes in your overall look.  It's almost as though it creates a spotlight for your brows, putting them on display in a pretty yet subtle way.  You'll notice a lot of makeup artists do this and it's such a simple yet easy trick into making your eyebrows look defined and professional.  You could use it before or after filling in your brows but I normally liked to do it after, so I could see the final product before using the concealer and highlighter.  The pencil format was easy to use and I was worried about the pencil feeling sharp on my skin but it went on smoothly and was very precise.  (Tip: You can even use the concealer to help cover up blemishes too!). Once I drew the concealer underneath my brows I would take my finger and gently blend it side to side.  Once I had finished blending it I would top it off with a bit of the highlighter for a subtle sheen.  The highlighter was a light, iridescent colour that had just the right amount of highlight to it to accentuate my brows without being too much.  This is a great makeup product to have, especially if you're all about creating perfect brows.  Tip: Use the highlighting part of the pencil to add a bit of shine in the inner corner of your eyes to make them pop! 
Miracle pen!!! It does everything it says it does! I use it on my brow bone to help define my eyebrow and give them a little pop! You can also use it on your inner lid to make your eyes more fresh!  SECRET TIP ~ use the highlighter on your cupids bow - makes lips appear more full and will keep everyone guessing what your secret is! 
I was just browsing and saw this product and bought on impulse.  It was cheap and I love a bargain!   I already use a highlighter on the brow bone but had never considered a concealer around the brows.   I wasn't sure whether I should fill in and shape the brows first?  So I did and think that is the right decision.  Firstly I tried the concealer.  It went on smoothly enough and covered the faint age spots above my right brow.  I still had to blend it into my foundation with a brush but that was fine.  It definitely seemed to define the brow more.  Next I used the highlighter on the brow bone.  Pencil was a bit pointy for this so I smudged with the side of the point and it highlighted beautifully.   This is one of those products that I would only use when going out and want my features to stand out.  I loved the results and the shades suited me perfectly.  Recommend for anyone that likes to take that extra step in their make up routine.  PROS:  Cheap and nifty. CONS:  Shades won't suit everyone.