Australis Complexion Perfection – Multi -Purpose Brush

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Australis Complexion Perfection – Multi -Purpose Brush is a multi-purpose makeup brush that holds more product than a normal brush so you can apply, blend, buff and contour product seamlessly into your skin. The soft touch handle allows you to hold the brush with ease.


Australis Complexion Perfection – Multi -Purpose Brush


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Fantastic Brush

I love this brush. It is perfect for so much of my make up application. It holds a lot of foundation and distributes it evenly and well. I have used and washed this brush many times and it still feels and works as well as it did when I first bought it. I would recommend this multi purpose brush to anyone who wants a good product that lasts a long time.
This is seriously a great, versatile brush to use for applying makeup and I wish I had used something like this years ago.  For years I had been using just a regular flat foundation brush that would literally just paint my foundation on but wouldn't blend it in properly.  This would leave my foundation looking streaky and unprofessional.  I had read online about different types of foundation brushes and this was one I had seen before but was never sure about.  After reading about all the benefits I decided it was time to try it out.  I wasn't sure what brand to choose but I didn't want to pay too much for it.  I searched online and came across the Australis multi purpose brush.  I wanted something that was cruelty free, affordable and preferably an Australian brand and this ticked all the boxes for me.  I went and purchased the brush and used it straight away.  The brush had a soft handle which made it easy to hold.  God knows how many times I've dropped my brushes because they would just slip out of my hands.  The bristles of the brush were super soft.  Before I even used it with any product I just rubbed it on my face to make sure it wouldn't cause any irritation.  It was really smooth and it felt really nice on my skin so I was confident that it would be fine for my skin.  The length of the bristles were also good.  They weren't too short that you felt as though the bristles weren't moving around yet not too long that the bristles would bend and go all over the place.  I started off by using it with my liquid foundation.  I put one pump onto the product and then started by applying it from the middle of my face then outwards.  The brush held onto the foundation very well without splattering or absorbing most of the product meaning it wouldn't create wastage.  I dabbed it first and then proceeded to blend it with circular motions.  Doing that allowed the foundation to warm up and blend effortlessly with the rest of my skin, giving that gorgeous, airbrushed look.  I also learned a tip from a makeup artist that blending your foundation with a brush in a circular motion would buff the product in making your pores less noticeable.  I tried it on my nose and cheeks and to me it really did make a difference.  Rather than just slapping the foundation on, I was thoroughly blending it in without accentuating my pores.  So for foundation, it was a real winner! I also used it for pressed powder as well and it worked just as well.  It would hold onto the powder so I could get lots of product, then I would dab it on and blend.  With the acne and pigmentation I had using this brush would allow my foundation to look better by covering up all my imperfections and making my skin look even.  Being a versatile brush I used it for lots of other things as well.  I used it for contouring, both cream and powder, and would apply it underneath my cheekbones and on the edges of my forehead and jawline.  This brush was perfect for contouring because I could buff it in and make the contour look so natural and subtle.  I even used it for highlighting.  I applied only a small amount of the highlighting cream and then I would dab it in.  For this I wouldn't blend it in because it would ruin the foundation but just light, gentle dabs from the brush was more than enough to blend in with the rest of my skin and make it look effortless.  Even with lots of use and washing, the bristles would hardly shed and the quality of the brush would remain the same!  I highly recommend this brush to everyone because it's versatile, creates a flawless base, is cruelty free, affordable and will last you a long time!
This is a superb budget friendly brush and I love that it's multi purpose. Love Australis and at under $25.00 you can't go wrong. This brush is great quality for the money and it's big feature is it holds loads of product which means I can buff blend and contour colour with ease. This brush gives a really flawless foundation finish and is great for blush and bronzer as well. It is user friendly, comfortable to use with the soft touch handle. The bristles are of a high quality and give a precise professional finish. I can see no negatives and highly recommend this brush.
It allows me to create different looks as it blends, buff and contours products easily into my skin resulting in flawless Model look. The Australis Complexion Perfection Multi-Purpose brush is amazing to apply my foundation with as it sustains more product than a normal brush. I found the bristles are the perfect length to really buff my foundation in while still giving me the amount of control that I want. As for the construction of the Australis Complexion Perfection Multi-Purpose Brush it is very good quality that lasts through many, many applications. I've used the Australis Complexion Perfection Multi-Purpose Brush with several different products and each time is an precise application.  I just make sure to clean the brush between uses.