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Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder is a two-in-one foundation and pressed powder compact that provides coverage for oily, sensitive or problem-prone skin. It contains eucalyptus and clove essential oils to treat existing breakouts whilst assisting in the prevention of further imperfections. Antiseptic and cooling botanicals camphor and menthol help treat and soothe oily and sensitive areas, and mica provides an airbrushed finish.

Available in six shades.


Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder


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Matte finish powder foundation with good coverage

I've read many good reviews about this product before purchasing, and I'm glad I did. It is a 2-in-1 foundation and pressed powder compact that comes with a round sponge and built-in mirror. The shade selection has been increased from 6 to 10 shades. The packaging looks cheap, and the clear plastic actually detached from the black cover the first time I opened my product (UHU glue to the rescue). Thankfully, the powder itself was great. There is no detectable scent. The powder was silky smooth. If you use the included sponge, it gives a medium coverage and matte finish straightaway. If you want a lighter hand, a powder brush would work better. It has enough coverage to slightly correct the tone of your foundation if required, and has a matte finish. You could also use it on its own without foundation. If you have combination to oily skin or visible pores, this really helps keep the shine out and smooth out pores. In terms of longevity, it wears well for 6 hours on me but would be better with a touch-up. Overall an incredible product for the price, but I had to take 1 star off for the flimsy packaging.
In need of a finishing powder, I opted for the Australis Fresh Flawless Powder. It happened to be on sale so it was the perfect time to try this much raved about product. The powder comes in a black compact with clear plastic lid. The center section contains the powder and underneath that is a sponge applicator and mirror. I don't detect a scent. This product feels soft and almost creamy in texture. I must admit to having not used the included sponge. I prefer to use a brush to apply foundation. The brush I use is a fluffy domed kabuki style brush. I like to press the powder onto my face, then quickly buff as the last step, just to make sure it has been thoroughly blended. Being a pressed powder means a no fuss mess-free application. I just love the finish of this powder on my combination leaning dry skin, it gives me that softened, airbrushed look with no cakiness or settling into fine lines and pores. Not only does this powder set my foundation, but lasts throughout the day and seems to prevent my slightly oily t-zone from becoming shiny. I love the Australis Fresh and Flawless Pressed Powder and at such an affordable price, I can see myself continuing to repurchase.
this powder is such amazing stuff! i am generally  not one for wearing coloured powder and usually opt for the translucent type but i am just in love with this powder! it makes for the most amazing touch ups, i once played a full game of netball and gave myself a quick pat with the powder afterwards and i got many comments about how fresh i still looked after the game. I am generally an oily skin type but this powder is perfect for that as it seem to control my oils and keep them at bay. LOVE!
Very useful and convenient powder that I use as a natural, everyday foundation when I want a matte look. Medium coverage, smooth application and easy to blend. I have it in deep natural and the colour is variable throughout the seasons. Great powder foundation, comes with a little sponge but I recommend using a brush.
I’ve been using this product for a few years now in the shade nude beige I believe it’s called, it’s amazing for setting your face and for touch ups. It’s a full coverage powder which for the price is amazing I could not suggest getting it enough. It’s a beauty bag must have and is doesn’t do patchy or dry on sensitive skin like mine!
I originally bought this powder as an affordable alternative to a MAC powder and really like it. It’s great at adding coverage to your base, and has a semi matte finish. For a more full coverage look use a sponge and for less coverage use a brush to apply. The compact flips up and underneath has a mirror and sponge which is really convenient for when you’re on the go and need a quick touch up. It doesn’t feel too powdery or make you look overdone. I’d recommend it for both oily and dry skin types, I’ve got combination skin and I’ve had great results with this. It’s the only face powder I’ve completely used up and would definitely buy again.
A good powder is a must. The Australis Fresh & Flawless Pressed Powder is a Holy Grail powder for me, it is so impressive. The powder is almost a perfect dupe for one of my mac powders, but at a much cheaper price.   Coming in a sturdy compact, this is one of those makeup items I carry with me often.   This powder can be used to set foundation or on its own. It comes with a sponge applicator, but using a powder brush of your own gives better results. The powder is very finely milled, oil free and applies like a dream. Breathable, and buildable, it lives up to its claims of flawless coverage. The matte finish is excellent and cover blemishes and imperfections so well. The powder is great for oil control, and a touch up keeps make up looking fresh and flawless all day long. I usually only need to touch up with this powder towards the evening because it lasts all day.   The best bit about this powder is how much affordable it is. So glad I do not need to buy super expensive high end powder when the Australis powder does the job.   I would list pros and cons, but this powder only has pros, so just try it! This is a staple product for me. I recommend to this to anyone looking for a setting powder. Give it a try!!!
I absolutely love this powder!! And have for years!! I have acne scarring on my cheeks I like to cover up so I go in with my foundation and then set it with my Australis powder and I look flawless. It has amazing coverage, and just melts into my skin and sets my liquid foundation perfectly without creasing or cakey-ness.  If I ever get a bit oily I just pat a little where I need it and I'm good to go!  This powder makes your skin look so flawless and blends like a dream- it's surprising how cheap it is, and when it's on sale- I buy up!! I have tried a lot of other powders- high end, drugstore etc but I always seem to come back to this one!  My only downside to this product though is because the powder is so finely milled, it's suspect to breaking if you happen to drop it.. me being quite clumsy have done this to a few unfortunately.  Also the shade numbers should be more consumer friendly.. if you didn't swatch them you might have trouble finding your right shade as they're a bit confusing. But once you do figure out your shade, you will be in love!  I seriously hope they never discontinue this product!
this is by far the best foundation powder yet! It applies well and distributes evenly, and has very good pigment, especially for its low price. It adds a nice matte finished look to your makeup and make you look stunning! When I first saw it I thought it  wouldn't very good quality since it was so cheap but then I tested it and it was so pigmented and had such a good texture.  The only issue with this product is that there aren't many colour options, so you would have trouble finding the perfect match. But hey, for its cheap price, what can you expect?! I would recommend this product for anyone, especially those on a budget who needs some good quality foundation powder cheap, since it is probably better than the sephora ones which are more than $10 more expensive.
This is honestly my  holy grail powder. I have 4 compacts just floating around my uni bag, going out bag and make up table. The packaging is super sturdy so it withstands being knocked about on the train and when people try to squeeze past during lectures. There's also a decently sized mirror in the base so I also use it to reapply my lipstick or touch up my eyeliner when I need to. The product itself is amazing though. It looks great in photos; there is no oiliness but I don't look like a 2D sheet of paper either. The coverage is great too. I get horrible Asian flush (basically I turn bright red once I've had a few drinks) and its basically undetectable when I touch up with this powder. It covers redness like nothing else but still feels super light weight; it really lives up to it's name of fresh and flawless!
THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL!! Australis have really out done themselves with this pressed powder. The powder feels great on the skin and super easy to apply and blend and gives a nice natural look. When I don't want to put liquid foundation on, ill put this on to give my skin a flawless look but this powder is also great for setting foundation aswell, doesn't cake and the lasting power is pretty good for a cheap product. I started using this a few years ago and even though have tried other powders over the years have always kept coming back to this one. I sometimes apply with sponge it comes with if want a more coverage look otherwise if just want a quick once over before put mascara on and head out the door for those casual days ill just use a powder brush. If your on the hunt for a good powder this one is definetly something id recommend going out and checking out. Pros: - easy to apply - can get a light or medium coverage so versatile - doesn't cake - affordable, super cheap Cons: - shade range can be abit tricky
I always keep this foundation in my bag for touch-ups during the day. It is really great for this, and I use the sponge provided for it. It makes your skin feel very soft after you apply it. However, I would not use it daily as it is not particularly high coverage. The shade range is also very confusing, as most of the shades are very similar-looking and don't have any consistent numerical system to see what are the darker shades.
After hearing many friends and Youtube beauty gurus rave about this face powder i decided to pick it up. Having previously bought a few Australis products in the past and being impressed by their quality for their price I had high hopes for this powder - and was not disappointed! I have now integrated it into my everyday makeup routine - even wearing it on days when I don't feel like wearing any other makeup but still want to have some basic coverage. Firstly, the packaging. The powder is packaged in a basic black, plastic dual compact. One side stores the powder and the other keeps a sponge applicator and a handy mirror to use. The plastic feels relatively cheap but for the price of the makeup it's expected.  Now, the product itself. The product is a finely milled pressed foundation powder that is oil free, matte and offers decent coverage. You get quite a bit of product and I haven't been through an entire one myself yet despite owning multiples of them. The issue I have with the product is sort of a dual edged sword. Like I said earlier the powder itself is very finely milled which is an obvious plus, but this causes it to break incredibly easily. I've had about 3 of these crack on me before I could even hit pan on them. Thus I would recommend that if you buy this powder you secure it in your bag somewhere where it won't be swung around if you take it on the go with you.  The application of this powder differs depending on what you use to apply it. Personally, I don't like how it looks on my skin when I use the sponge that it comes with. The sponge picks up a lot of the product and really packs it on almost cake like. However I use my Zoeva powder brush to apply it and it goes on evenly and is basically undetectable on my skin. So I would recommend using any powder brush you have to use this instead of the applicator it comes with if you want a more natural look.  The wear of this product over time is really nice. It definitely prolongs the wear of my foundation and sets it really well. it doesn't set into any creases like even some high end powders do on my skin. The only issue I really have is the one I have with every powder I use because of my oily skin type, which is I start to shine a bit on my T-zone after a few hours of wear. This can be easily fixed by touching it up though, and the reapplication doesn't go on cakey.  The price of this product is really amazing for it's quality, $12 and sometimes even half price at Priceline and Chemist Warehouse.  Overall I think that this powder is truly a gem amongst what can seem to be a lacking variety of drugstore products, and is even comparable to the Mac Studio Fix Powder - but is not tested on animals! If you are in the market for a new powder I would definitely recommend picking this up to try! 
This powder is fantastic. I own in a few shades and use it over my CCs and BBs in days when I need more coverage.  It comes in a standard case, has a mirror and a sponge (which I never use). The packaging is a little flimsy. But I've de-pottered it into a Z palette.  It lasts for ages, I apply it with a small powder or setting brush. It does kick up a bit but gives great coverage. I do find (as with all powders) it can give a bit of a cast but a spray of setting spray it blends so beautifully.  No real smell, super cheap, great brand. Its definitely worth having in your collection. 
This product is a dupe for mac studio fix pressed powder! I love love love it! At a fraction of the cost for mac it does exactly the same. Sets my liquid foundation perfectly gives me the gorgeous matte finish I long for!
Australis Fresh and Flawless foundation. The boring stuff. The powder foundation comes in a compact that's predominantly black with a large clear round window on top. It has pink writing on the clear section which stands out and is easy to read. It has a flip top lid and is easy to use. It generally retails for $12.95 for 12g What you want to know. The pressed powder comes in 6 shades I have fairly pale skin but use the shade Deep Natural which is the 2nd darkest shade and works perfectly for me. It is a pressed powder but it doesn't leave a lot of loose powder after swirling onto your brush which is great. My skin is fairly normal but can have dry patches. I can also get quite shiny through summer and warmer weather When I use this I start with cleaning my skin and applying a moisturiser and primer. After letting it settle I apply a liquid foundation that has a dewy or light finish. I find if I use a Matte finish liquid I don't really need it and it doesn't look as nice. After that I use a nice soft powder brush to apply to my T-zone and sometimes a little on my cheeks. If I use too much on my cheeks though I feel like it makes my pores appear more obvious so less is more.. I'm sure a powder puff or similar would work for application too but I really like the finish of a brush and I also find I use less product too. The finish lasts for hours without needing to be touched up and would be great for work or any excuse to use it. When I apply it my skin feels and looks really nice, soft and super smooth. It gives a light coverage that is in between matte and dewy but isn't completely either. It doesn't dry the skin or break me out at all. It's great to finish my look in the cooler months and helps from getting too shiny in the warmer months. My skin can also be temperamental but I didn't have any reactions or issues with my sensitivity. I normally use a light dusting over a liquid foundation but it also works really well over a BB/ CC cream. I personally have only ever used it on it's own once but I think it worked just fine. On it's own it is a fairly light coverage which is buildable. I do have to say that if you get too heavy handed with the powder that it does tend to sit in all the fine lines and creases which for me makes me look aged which isn't ideal. Less is more. I have had this foundation in my collection for about 18 years. I first purchased it when the packaging was silver and have seen a few packaging changes since then. I do prefer the ones that have the mirror in the top of the compact but it's not a big deal. It just means you slide the mirror/ brush compartment out from under where the powder sits. The compact is a great size to put in your handbag or even in a small clutch. It's a great everyday product and does leave you looking "Fresh and Flawless". There is a reason this product has stood the test of time for and that's because it's great. It is light enough to be used all year round and helps control shine through the beautiful Aussie summer. It's incredibly affordable and lasts for a really long time. The shades are mainly for the fairer skin tones but you might get lucky. I have normal/ slightly dry in patches. I think it would work pretty well for most skin types and even those prone to breakouts as it helps to cover them but doesn't create more spots or make existing ones worse. It's also great for those with sensitive skin so there's no reason not to add it to your beauty bag/ handbag/ car/ work desk or anywhere you may need it.
Australis Fresh and Flawless Powder is something I stumbled across by accident as I had forgotten my usual mineral makeup and wanted a cheaper version of a mineral powder for a few days on holidays as my usual one is ordered online.  The packaging is basic but easy to use and compact. It comes with a mirror and a sponge but I've never used the sponge as I prefer to use a kabuki brush for my powders.  Upon application I was more than surprised, I was impressed! It felt super light and the coverage was quite good (natural looking but pigmented enough to disguise minor imperfections). It didn't cake on or clog my skin at all. The range of shades is sufficient and I found one that suited my skin perfectly. The finish was quite impressive and I have continued to keep a compact on hand in my gym bag/work bag for day touch ups. It's a great all rounder but probably better for day wear for a natural Flawless look. A cheap little gem I'm so glad I found!  It looks and feels great on my skin every time I use it and doesn't clog pores at all.  I would recommend this for anyone with problem prone skin looking for an affordable foundation/pressed powder with medium coverage.  PROS -affordable - good for problem skin -medium buildable coverage  -mirror inside -feels and looks amazingly natural -daily use didn't cause breakouts but calmed skin instead CONS -sponge is more suited to liquid foundations -quite powdery so can make a mess if using a brush -may go through product quickly if wanting more coverage you will use more product (me!)
This is one of my favourite powders for setting my face and to also add a bit of coverage. any shade I can work with and it's affordable. Love!
I have been raving about this product for years and with good reason! This is easily the best drugstore pressed powder in the market because of its amazing coverage, longevity and affordability! I set my face with this powder using a brush every single day and it provides just that extra amount of coverage to help cover any redness or pigmentation that my foundation failed to completely conceal. The powder provides a matte finish to the skin, which is particularly great for people prone to oily skin. Unlike other pressed powders, this doesn’t turn orange on my face over time, never looks cakey or flakes off from my dry patches after a couple of hours and simply manages to keep me looking flawless for hours on end!  
This is a fantastic pressed powder.  It suits a range of skin types which is great and also adds extra coverage.  I have normal- dry skin and it sets my foundation without making my face look cakey or clinging to any dry patches.  It does kick up a bit when using a powder brush but I don't really worry about this as the price is so affordable.  I find that it lasts all day but that could be because I have normal-dry skin.  One of the main cons I would say is that there is not a large range of shades, which is unfortunately common for Australis, so some people may not be able to find a shade that suits them,  Overall I would encourage anyone to give it a try.