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Australis Match Maker Shade Adjusting Drops are colour adjusting drops added to foundation to help create the prefect match for your complexion. Available in two shades to lighten or darken your foundation.


Australis Match Maker Shade Adjusting Drops


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As with many of the other reviewcrewers, I had issues with this product due to undertones. The drops are messy to disperse, but mix surprisingly well with the different foundations I have tried them with, they just don't match my skin tone. I'm currently using the darkening drops as a liquid bronzer, which I don't mind the look of, but I wouldn't repurchase.
I bought the Lightening Drops since I am always having problems with foundations in Australia being too dark for my preference. I prefer slightly brightened look and the Australis one seems affordable so I decided to try it. I have to say, I love it! I'm so happy because now, I don't need to worry about foundations being too dark or oxidising on me. Texture - A thick but liquidy texture that blends well with any foundations. If you are using a more cream-like foundation, the drops might make the texture slightly more liquidy or thickens the foundation slightly if you are using a more liquidy/watery foundation. However, it does not alter the texture and finish too much. Packaging - I did not like the packaging very much. It comes in a dropper but the opening of the dropper is too wide and the Lightening Drops are slightly thick but liquidy so it'll stick around the outside of the dropper and becomes a mess if you are in a rush. I think a pump might be a better solution. Price - Really affordable. I'm sure you'll get enough bang for your buck since only a few drops are needed at a time so a bottle will last a long time. Personally, I loved it! I think it works similarly to those tone-up creams in Kbeauty, except with much lighter and liquidy consistency. I don't think it caused my skin to become more oily over time either so I guess that's a plus. I do quite like products that lean more pink base since I like the brightening effect it gives, however, if you are not a fan then I'd say add less of the drops and it should still be ok. I didn't find it a huge problem for me but it might differ for you. Overall, I'd say get it if you are ok with the fiddly, messy packaging and the undertone. I've been using it to mix my foundations and I've loved it so far.
I had purchased the lightening adjuster drops as the foundations I own generally are just a shade or two darker. Australis did a solid job with this product as it didn't alter any of my foundations drastically in terms of formula. However, the lightening adjuster clearly has a pink undertone and this was initially a big concern for me as I have a yellow undertone to my skin. Thankfully, you only need 1-2 drops to lighten your foundation a shade or so, so the undertone wasn't noticeably changed. Pros: -didn't alter foundation formula drastically -lightened without oxidising foundation -A lot of product in one bottle. One drop goes a long way Cons: -Pink undertone. My skin is a yellow undertone -Messy packaging. Screw the lid on tight, it will leak -Dropper applicator/packaging is also messy. Over dosing on product very, very easy
I'm really happy that Australis made life a little bit easier for those of us on the corpsey side of the porcelain spectrum. It's the only real product of it's type in the chemist price range.  The product looks and acts like a pretty basic, run-of-the-mill liquid foundation. Not too matte, dewy, runny or dry - it's consistency is pretty close to the L'oreal True Match foundation. Because of this, I've found it does a great job blending with a number of different foundation brands and formulas. I've yet to find a liquid foundation this didn't get on with, which is great. It takes a bit of trial and error to work out how much you need to get your desired shade. As others have mentioned, the packaging is a joke. I'm not sure why they thought a pipette would be a good tool for this product, but it's a waste of time. I actually swapped this out for a spare foundation pump I had, which made life much easier, less messier, and meant more consistent product deployment. The best part of this product is that I've managed to save a heap of money by finally being able to adjust and use up lots of the foundations I have that just weren't the right shade, or weren't the right shade during winter.  I recommend it to anyone who has trouble getting a foundation shade to suit them. 
The Australis Shade Adjusting Drops are an amazing alternative to the pricier foundation customisers on the market. I'll admit I had my hesitations when I first try this product because I had read reviews about this product separating foundations. Although my wariness wasn't completely unfounded, I feel this product is quite effective in its intended purpose of altering your foundation. I bought the white shade to lighten my foundation in winter so I wouldn't have to waste money on purchasing another foundation. A couple of drops was all I needed to lighten my foundation by a couple of shades so it would better suit my skin tone.   It mixes in nicely into the foundation and doesn't effect the blendability of the original product. It isn't heavily pigmented, but actually quite thin and watery. It does dilute the foundation a bit and weakens the coverage. This can be a little annoying, especially with the lighter shade, because blemishes tend to show through, but I do believe this product is intended to only adjust the colour by a shade or two. If you are trying to drastically alter your foundation by adding a lot of the product, you will end up with a significantly watered down product with minimum coverage and an unnatural ghostly white colour. If you're looking to change your foundation by several shades, you are better off just saving your money and  purchasing a new foundation.  The pipette/dropper inside the lid is honestly kind of pointless and ineffective, especially when the bottle is full because the liquid just drops of the tip of the pipette without squeezing the top. If you do squeeze the top it is very easy to over do it and flood your foundation the new colour. It's better to just let the product drip off on its own or to wipe it onto your hand or a mixing tray and then add your foundation afterwards.   I haven't tried the darkening drops, so I can't comment on their effectiveness (I am curious to see how they would work to make your own contour shades), but if you looking for a slight colour alteration on a budget this is the product for you!
I bought the lightening drops as I have gotten lighter during winter way too quick and I didn't want to go through the burden of doing another foundation match. Using the drops the dropper didn't do a great a great job sucking it up having to constantly dip into the bottle repeatedly and I noticed that it has a bit of pink undertone in the drops which I was annoyed cause I have yellow undertones making my foundation look cooler.
I bought this product to lighten some foundations I have bought in the past when I was more tan. When I added one or two drops of the lightening product to lighten the foundations, I found that it made the foundations much more watery. It also seemed to leave a slight white cast on my skin when I put it on. I would only use this if I was very desperate to use a foundation that was too dark for me.
I have the lightening drops because I cannot buy any drugstore foundation off the shelf and have it fit my skin tone.  I have a neutral and very pale skin tone and nearly all pale shades have a pink lean which is quite annoying so I find I have to buy the second pales shade which usually has a yellow lean and then use shade adjusting drops to get a match to my skin.  I was very hopeful for this product as I am using a brand that is much more expensive and I have to send overseas for it.  Soon as I opened the bottle I was disappointed, it has a definite pink tone to it, it's not clear white like my previous brand.  It also has the silliest, messiest dispenser.  A pipette or eyedropper which cannot suck any product into it because it is so thick and there is no way to get it into your hand without either touching the dropper (and contaminating it) or flicking it and hoping enough comes off.  I have found that I need quite a high ratio of drops to foundation to move down just one shade, I am currently using 1/2 to 2/3 drops to foundation and it is changing the finish of my products.  I have several BBs and foundations that set and dry down matte and not transfer.  When I use the drops the finish does not dry down at all, it stays slightly sticky.  It has also caused some formulations to pill off.   I hope that this item is reformulated and repacked in due course because it could be good, but it needs some tweaking.
I bought the white version of this. As I have such pale skin most foundations at lightest shade are still a touch too dark. This literally works! I add the smallest amount and it creates a perfect shade for me. The only thing I don't like about it is it's so messy and sticky. the product sometimes doesn't suck up the tube first few goes. It's smells like paint a little and will take scrubbing to get the foundation off at the end of the day. It's great it stays on just hard to get off too.
These Australis shade adjusting darkening drops are a godsend for darker skin tones, especially when buying foundation from the supermarket just doesn't cater for my skin tone! I think the colour produced by the drops is a perfect tone for people with naturally more olive/brown skin tones, you can adjust how many drops you want to add each time to find your perfect shade! Of course in the summer time I love to add a couple of extras to match my darker skin.  This product (the darkening version), is spot on for people who have a foundation at home that either is just not dark enough/of just not the right tone. For people of Latino/ Meditteranean/ Middle Eastern backgrounds with tanner skin, this is the most ultimate flattering skin matcher ever! It will just give you a gorgeous natural looking glow, the undertones are very compatible for brown skin, which is super hard to find as most products are designed for lighter skin. So for anyone struggling to found a foundation that really matches their skin, this is a must have! I think the bottle is amazing value too, when used correctly a little can go a long way as it blends really well into any liquid foundation. My little bottle has lasted quite a long time, and that's with almost everyday use! I usually only need a couple of drops and bam my foundation is darkened, has a beautiful glow and matches my skin tone perfectly.I love conveniant this shade adjusting product is to use, the packaging is a bit tricky at first, but with practise are very precise and I never make a mess which is great! So much easier than mixing two liquid foundations into one. The drops mix with any foundation with ease, making my foundation look even, smooth and perfect. The drops have no effect on the quality of the foundation which is great, I love that it doesn't make it more liquidy or greasy! Australis you have saved me! I was really worried that if I would spill the drops they would stain, but they don't luckily! So no matter how clumsy you are, your clothes, furniture and skin are protected. I think Australis could alter the packaging to make it a little less messy as I'm sure it may throw off a lot of beginners. My advise is too keep practising and it will get better! At such an affordable price, you will not regret it! I just hands out commend Australis for thinking of individuals like myself who struggle to find the right shade, so for my darker skin girls this product IS great for you! I have to say though, I probably wouldn't recommend this product just to generally darken your foundation, it may not be suitable for people with lighter skin tones as it may make your foundation a different (and not compatible) tone! Another tip I can say is don't use this product to try and full on darken a very light foundation. It's not designed to totally make a foundation go from white to brown, that would honestly waste a lot of the product. It's great for when you need to darken your foundation by a couple of shades and to change the tone to be more compatible for non-white skin. This is a amazing product for brown skin, I love it! For under $20 you get so much usage and at such a fine quality too, I have let my sister (who has darker skin than myself) use this product and she is obsessed too and finds her foundation just goes a more natural looking shade and she feels absolutely vibrant wen wearing it! Unless you go to a speciality makeup/foreign store it can be so so hard finding a perfect darker foundation, but this product just makes it so easy to get the perfect shade even from a supermarket.
I use the light shade adjusting drops everyday in my foundation. I have tried so many different foundations and I can never get a true colour match to my pale skin. These drops are a my holy grail beauty product! It doesn't change the consistency of durability of your foundation. For $19.95 you must have this product!!
I am so pale, I really struggle with base products at times, I have a drawer of the lightest product formulas which even in summer are too dark! In a last effort to resurrect some of these products I thought I'd give the Australis lightening drops a whirl. I picked these up on sale, firstly the packaging is a little fiddly  the dropper should work in theory however o found the formula a little too thick to be able to add a drops, it's more like using a stick to help the product out. The whitening drops also do run slightly on the pinkish side, which may present a problem for some people. I have found these useful, I have been able to use a CC Cream which was far too dark for me, I found about a 50/50 ratio was adequate. I would be wary of mixing up too much product, I made a few days worth and stored it in a sterilised sample jar, which unfortunately oxidised, not a fault of the whitening drops, more the base I used, it can be a little time consuming on a daily basis otherwise. Overall I have been satisfied with the product, despite the slight difficulties with the packaging, I still think the awkward dropper would be preferable over a pump as it is a little easier to control the amount of product. I would consider repurchasing.
I bought these shade adjusting drops from Australis very recently after I heard a beauty youtuber reviewing them (a rather mixed review!) so I was curious and decided to try them out for myself. I have the 'darkening' shade as I liked the idea of being able to make your foundation darker for the summer months so that you don't have to buy separate darker foundations! After using this product a number of times I have to admit there are some definite cons to the product but there are also some pros (but I've also learnt how to make this product work for you so I hope you find this review helpful!).  PRO'S: - FORMULA- Positively I find when the drops are mixed in with my foundation there is no separation between the two products and they blend seamlessly together. I also find that it does not change the feel of the foundation on my skin- it still feels lightweight.  - BLENDABILITY- I found that even though the drops are of quite a thick consistency, when mixed in with the foundation it still is easily blendable and sinks right into the skin and does not look cakey. From trying a variety of tools I have found that using a synthetic round flat topped blending brush works the best to apply the mix of foundation and drops onto my skin (I find it works better than flat paddle but it also comes down to personal preference!). It would also work with a sponge (i.e. a beauty blender) although obviously there will be less coverage.  - USE AS A CONTOUR- unfortuantly the colour doesn't work overly well (look to cons!) but I've found that the dark shade works perfectly as a liquid contour. I have a medium skin tone and the colour works well for me as a contour shade as it's rather ashy and not to orange toned! Because the formula is so thin it sits lovely on the skin and if you prefer more of a natural contour this is one for you! I just apply it on the perimeters of the face (in a 'three shape' around the forehead and hollows of the cheeks and the jawline) and I find it really gives my face some natural looking dimension.  CONS: - SHADE: I have tried to use this with a variety of different foundations for it's actual use (to make my foundation a shade or two darker), however I find that although it does make the foundation darker it also changes the undertone of it. I've found it can make the foundation a little more of an ashier tone (which is why it's works so well as a contour!) and I find it also tends to make the foundation more of a red-pink undertone as well. If you tend to wear yellow toned foundations like me you may want to give this one a miss or test it first as unfortuantly this one didn't work as well as I'd hoped!  - PACKAGING: After using this product numerous times I have found the packaging a little fiddly and messy! It comes in a pipette but as the product itself is rather thick it sticks and coats the pipette and easily ends up all over the mouth of the jar. I would prefer if it was in a squeezy tube- which would also be more hygienic as well!  - VALUE FOR MONEY: So this product is $19.99 and you get 18ml of product. Now for reference a normal foundation is 30ml. So when I use this product I find I use a ratio of 2:1 foundation to darkening drops (as the product isn't actually overly pigmented). So you end up using quite a lot of product to darken your foundation and for $20 I wonder if it's worth just buying your favourite foundation is another shade (not so much if it's a high end foundation but drugstore foundations tend to be around the $30 mark). I've heard The Body Shop darkening drops are more pigmented and I watched a tutorial of someone using them and not much product was used so if you want value for money perhaps consider looking into them as well? Overall I was not overly impressed with this product for the use of darkening foundations due to it's ability to change the undertone of the foundation making it look rather unflattering. However it does impress as a contour haha if you are looking for a lightweight natural liquid contour look no further! I am still curious to try out the lighter shade adjusting drops though.....