Australis Oh 2 Glow Light Diffusing Foundation

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Australis Oh 2 Glow Light Diffusing Foundation is an illuminating foundation with light-diffusing properties that smooths skin, evens the complexion and disguises imperfections. The formula contains vitamin A, C and E, and aloe vera, and offers buildable sheer to full coverage.

Available in six shades.


Australis Oh 2 Glow Light Diffusing Foundation


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As someone with skin on the drier side I’m always on the lookout for foundations that promise a dewy, natural finish. Considering this foundation has the word ‘glow’ in the name and states ‘light-diffusing properties’ on the bottle it sounded like a winner. The foundation comes in a sturdy frosted glass bottle with a plastic pump applicator and contains 28ml of product. The bottle states that it’s not tested on animals and is vegan friendly. It contains moisturising ingredients such as aloe vera and vitamin E and claims to be anti-ageing. Unfortunately for me this foundation didn’t live up to its promises. It definitely doesn’t have a glowy finish on my skin and it more a demi-matte finish. As such, it tends to settle in my fine lines which exacerbates them terribly, leaving me looking like a hot mess. I’ve tried this product many different ways to try to get it to work better. I’ve tried it with both silicone and water based primers (and no primer at all). I’ve even tried adding a drop of jojoba oil for extra moisture (a method that works well with so many foundations for me) but it still looks terrible on me. If you’re someone with oily skin this may work for you but if you have dry skin I’d recommend steering well clear.
I really wanted to love this foundation, but unfortunately, it just didn't work for me. I tried applying it with beauty blenders, foundation brushes, stippling brushes, even my fingers, and I just could not get it to build to an even coverage. I did persevere with it on a couple of occasions, and both times it oxidised on my skin within a couple of hours. I was hoping that it would be similar to the Maybelline Fit Me Dewy + Smooth, however it just didn't work out that way.
This foundation has a really pretty bottle and an expensive look to it, but for me it doesn't fulfill its purpose properly. Yes, it is lightweight, but I have a lot of blemishes on my face and I bought it wpbecuase it said it was a high coverage foundation. However it barely covers them, and I find my Coles home brand foundation works better! I can't tell that it has a glowy effect really, it honestly just looks like ordinary foundstion to me. I think for someone on a budget, yes this might be good, and for if you want a lightweight, light-mefium coverage foundation it would be great, but uf you are looking for something with fuller coverage, mayvpbe try something else.
I loved this foundation so much and forgot about it until I saw it here. It is lightweight and doesn't feel like I'm wearing foundation. It is full coverage and stays all day. It leaves your skin semi dewy and looks highlighted! When on sale it's so cheap too