Australis Walk The Line – Eyebrow & Eyeliner Brush

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Australis Walk The Line – Eyebrow & Eyeliner Brush is a makeup brush for applying precise lines. The angled and firm bristles allow you to apply eyeliner or easily define your eyebrows, while the soft touch handle allows you to hold the brush with ease.


Australis Walk The Line – Eyebrow & Eyeliner Brush


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I've own this brush and an older version of it from 2009. Both are similar in build and quality and I'm glad that Australis sells good quality brushes that can last several years.  In terms of actually using this brush I don't use it for my brows as I personally find it too big and the hairs too long for that. I use this brush for gel, creme eyeliners as well as using with black eyeshadows for a smokier looking eyeline. This works quite well to get those sharp lines and and angled wings and I don't see a need to get a more expensive brush for that purpose.
I’ve alternated between many different brow products over the past few years - pencils, powders, creams, and most recently, pomade. With the pomade I need a strong angled brush with rigid yet soft bristles to effectively apply it to my brows whilst maintaining a natural look. I love this brow brush as it is smooth to use and the bristles stay in place even after constant use. A great quality brow brush, would recommend
This is such a great brush for applying eyeliner or my brow products. It's great with wax or brow powders and it fills in my sparse brows with ease for a really natural finish. It also does a great eyeliner as the firm angled bristles mean getting a precise line is a breeze, and we all know liquid eyeliner can be tricky. One of the things I love most about this brush is the price, at $16.00 it's great value for money as it's really high quality, the bristles don't shed and it gives the sale result as a much more expensive brand. I absolutely love this brush and highly recommend it.
Perfect brush to apply my brow powder or wax with ease!  I have found this brush to be the perfect tool to fill in my brows because it's a comfortable length and thickness which allows me to apply product without expert training! Australis is a brand i trust and love, time and time again they deliver the goods and with prices that don't break the bank, the Australis Walk The Line brush is no exception!
Best brush I've ever used for precise eyelining and filling in brows. I'm horrible with liquid eyeliner pens so this is the perfect alternative!