Aveeno Daily Moisturising Creamy Oil Lotion

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Aveeno Daily Moisturising Creamy Oil Lotion is a creamy lotion formulated to moisturise, soothe and nourish normal to dry skin. It combines oats and sweet almond oil to lock in moisture. Clinically proven to soften and smooth skin, non-greasy and fast absorbing, and moisturises for 24 hours.

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Aveeno Daily Moisturising Creamy Oil Lotion


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Super hydrating for dry skin

I loved this aveeno creamy oil lotion, it’s super hydrating and I love the addition of oatmeal and sweet almond oil, so nourishing. The lotion has a lovely creamy consistency and sinks straight in with a lovely scent. It doesn’t irritate sensitive skin and it’s great for really dry skin, which my legs and heels have been during winter. My skin looks so much smoother and less dry and it feels really soft and smooth since I have been using it. The pump is handy, easy to use and means no mess and it’s a great price and lasts for ages so it’s great value for money. A great moisturiser I highly recommend
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This product is definitely ahead of its competitors. I have never had a moisturiser that has made my skin feel so soft and moisturised with so little cream and effort. Firstly it is in a pump bottle which is super convenient. Also it doesn’t look like an oil. It is white and more like a lotion consistency. But it spreads like an oil meaning a little goes a long way I am impressed with how well it soaks into my skin and also acts as a type of barrier cream, forming a protective layer on top of my skin so that when I wash my hands after using Aveeno they still feel soft, and always still moisturised. My skin can be extremely dry, especially on my legs and feet. This relieved any itchy ness and flaky skin basically overnight. I used every day on damp skin after my shower and even on my kids too. Really really impressed. I would definitely recommend this body lotion to anyone who would like an affordable yet luxurious feeling body lotion.
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Totally loved it

I have been using Aveeno products for years and this one is such a delight! I love how the gentle almond scent goes really well with the overall experience. The scent is very gentle that it feels so satisfying as you put the lotion on. I just loved it. I have eczema and so I use various Aveeno products because of the oatmeal content. And this one definitely did not disappoint. It has quite a different feel from the other Aveeno lotions, but in a good way. It feels a bit more rich but still does the same job of keeping the skin moisturised. I don't know how else to say that I really liked this product and how I could recommend it more.
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I love Aveeno

I love Aveeno, they already make my favourite moisturisers. Their non-greasy formulas is what does it for me, I don't like the feeling of moisturizer but this absorbs quickly. The cream left my legs nice, soft and smooth. The almond scent isn't my favourite (but it never is mine) but it is subtle and I don't notice it after awhile, I know alot if people like the scent. I like the natural ingredients in the product, the oatmeal is so moisturizing for the skin as well as the sweet almond oil. I love all the added benefits it brings. I will definitely add this to make daily routine.
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Nice Aroma and Hydrating

Loved this moisturiser, kept my skin feeling smooth and hydrated all day. Even after showering my skin was still feeling very hydrated. I felt like I didnt need to use this product every day, just every second day. Kids tried it too and thought it smelt nice and left skin feeling soft. Didn't take too long to soak in to my skin and didn't leave my skin feeling greasy at all. I will be buying this Aveeno moisturiser when I do my supermarket shopping and I would recommend it to others. Great moisturiser for a mid price range.
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Light on skin and smells amazing!

I was lucky enough to to receive this product and can I just say this aveeno product is now one of my favourite products and a must have from aveeno .I struggle with dermatis/ezecema and this product has not disrupted it at all and actually seems to be working when substiting for my other daily moisturiser.This product also has such a nice sweet pleasant smell to it and so light on the skin but also super moisturising and hydrating.Do yourself a favour and buy this priduct because I certainly will .
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Deliciously rich

A deliciously creamy lotion that’s perfect for bedtime. The light almond scent reminds me of Italian Amaretto liqueur; soft, subtle and relaxing. The texture is rich and moisturising and, once fully absorbed, leaves my skin feeling soft and plump. While it doesn’t take too long to apply and absorb, I do prefer using this product in the evening after a shower before bedtime, rather than when rushing to dress for work and get out door of a morning. The thicker consistency means I find myself using more product than I would a more runny lotion. Still, I won’t hesitate to buy a replacement when I reach the end of the bottle. I’m a big fan of Aveeno products — particularly the Dermexa Balm which I use for hands and lips — and am pleased to add the Aveeno Creamy Oil to my vanity cabinet.
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Aveeno Daily Moisturising Creamy Oil Lotion review

The Aveeno Daily Moisturising Creamy Oil Lotion is a pretty good moisturiser, not the most amazing moisturiser I have ever used, but still a solid choice. It feels nice on the skin, not super greasy and it leaves the skin looking kind of dewy and glowing. The moisturiser packaged in a bottle with a pump, which I like. It smells like sweet almond and the scent is noticeable on the skin after the moisturiser is applied. If you are sensitive to scents (especially nutty scents) I would recommend not using this moisturiser, same if you have very sensitive skin that reacts to skincare with added fragrances. Overall a solid choice for a body moisturiser.
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Soothe that winter itch

Had the opportunity to try this lotion just at the right time, during the middle of winter when my skin is dry, itchy and flaky. At first when picturing oil, I was expecting a clear and greasy lotion, however was pleasantly surprised by a creamy, nice smelling lotion. I just needed a couple of pumps for each leg and about the same for my arms, shoulders etc. I apply in the morning and evening after showering when my skin soaks in the moisture. Texture was nice and instantly felt hydration on my skin without feeling heavy and greasy. It also was soothing and lasted all day stopping that winter itch! Would definitely recommend and would be ok to use in warmer months too.
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One of the Best!

The title describes this lotion. Its a moisturiser which is creamy without being oily. The lotion does not feel heavy at all.It comes in a pump bottle and is very convenient when moisturising the body. For someone like me who always has dry skin, this moisturiser is god sent. Perfectly absorbed in the skin and with a soothing smell. The scent is not strong or powerful more like a pleasant massage oil. I have noticed with daily use that my skin is less dry than what it used to be. To see results like this, I am definitely sold and will be purchasing this in future.
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Moisture with a soft subtle scent

Aveeno Daily Moisturising Creamy Oil Lotion I was excited to be trying out the Aveeno Daily Moisturising Creamy Oil Lotion as my skin can get dry, especially around the forehead and cheeks during wintertime. However I have to be wary of some kinds of moisturising creams, especially ones with ‘oil’ in the name as they can overpower my skin and not absorb and just cause breakouts. Despite having ‘oil’ in the title, the lotion isn't too thick or greasy - but seems to put moisture back into my dry skin. My skin felt instantly plump and moisturised and I think it would be great for anyone with normal - dry skin. Anyone with oily skin might have to give it a miss, but for the vast majority of people it would work really nicely. The scent is really subtle and smells not overly fragranced. There is an almond-like scent to the lotion when you apply it to your skin but it is understated enough so that it wouldn’t react with perfume etc. I would definitely recommend!
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Really nice with the oil

I have always been a fan of Aveeno. With this product I really like the extra moisture this cream gives you because of the oil content. Its not too oily though. Doesn't feel oily in a yuk way that you think it's going to not absorb and get on your things. The pump is great, super handy, saves me having to pick up the bottle every time I want to use the moisturizer. It has a nice scent, it isn't too overpowering or obvious but personally I prefer products without fragrances in them. So an unscented or even an essential oil version would be a dream.
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Love the smell!

The first use I thought it smelt like cherry chapstick, but I got used to the real almond smell and fell in love with it. It didn’t stick around which I prefer because I don’t like perfumes or too strong smelling fragrances. It was natural and feels amazing on the skin, I’ve been using it on my bump and it is a very comforting moisturiser that soaks in perfectly, not keeping me feel oily or sticky at all. The packaging is easy use and bottle is a good size. I will be using this moisturiser again in the near future.
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Silky Smoothe

I really really liked how much it moisturised my skin and left me with such silky smooth feel. I wasn’t much of a fan of the smell, For me it weirdly smelt like Play-do. However that may just be how it smells to me! It’s definitely worth a try. I started to see results at about the 2 weeks mark (because I have such dry & sensitive skin) This would make a great all round body moisturiser. Always make sure to do a patch test. I do love that it is affordable & accessible. Plus a little goes a long way.
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Favourite moisturiser

Best moisturiser I have found yet! It applies really easily and you can feel it instantly moisturising your body. It is very light and smells divine, not too overpowering but a subtle scent. I have been using it for the last week and I feel extremely hydrated and overall very soft. I have very sensitive skin and didn't have any kind of reaction even after using it after shaving, over all I am very impressed and would recommend this moisturiser for anyone who wants beautiful skin without feeling heavy or sticky. I will continue using this forever!
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Smells delicious and isn't greasy

First I would like to say that I rarely use body moisturiser. I am extremely lazy and by the time I have done my face, I just can't be bothered with the rest of me. Not until my legs get a little scaly, do I actually moisturise. Since receiving this product to trial, I have moisturised myself every single day and absolutely loved doing it. The cream isn't gluggy or too greasy. It isn't too thick either. What I find with many moisturisers is they just run down my legs or are too thick to spread. This Aveno version just glides on and absorbs quickly. I notice immediately that the dry/rough texture of my skin disappeared as soon as I rubbed it in. Top top it off, the fragrance is delicious! It smells like sweet almond oil and is just so enjoyable. I will definitely purchase this once I run out.
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Great whole body moisturiser

I have sensitive skin and am always hesitant about what products I am putting on my skin. Aveeno has always been a wonderful brand in terms of caring for skin sensitivity and I have personally found it great for my skin. Being winter time, my skin has been dry. The creamy oil combination has felt wonderful on my skin and had been very nourishing. The smell, texture and feeling on my skin is pleasant and non-irritating. I found that it was was too oily on my face and did cause me to break out a little but again, I have sensitive skin. Overall, this product is a great body lotion and would use again.
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Aveeno Daily Moisturising

The Aveeno Daily Moisturising Creamy Oil softens Normal to dry skin. This moisturiser is suitable for people with sensitive skin I have tried many different moisturisers and have very dry sensitive skin the formula felt non greasy easy to apply and smelt like almond.My skin felt healthy and looked well balanced I used the product Mornings and night after a shower very easy to apply with the pump bottle. Would highly recommend this product to all people as a daily moisturiser in the morning routines it has a rich,Non greasy texture with a almond oil that moisturisers for 24hours it helps to nourish and protect dry skin.
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Love this product

I would definitely recommend this product for people with dry skin. I’ve been having trouble with my skin this winter, especially with wearing masks all the time. I love this product, i usually cleanse first then I apply the moisturiser. The texture is nice silky and smooth, it’s not oily at all. Like some other products they turn out really greasy after applying. The moisture from this product lasts for the whole day, keeps my face moisturised. It’s perfect to apply before applying makeup as it keeps your skin hydrated and soft
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Divine smell, great night time moisturiser

The smell of this is divine, but not overpowering. I use this at night just after drying off from my shower. The moisturiser sinks in and hydrates during the night, and scaly legs are now a thing of the past, especially in winter. I find it’s a better winter option as it gives better hydration and is a bit heavier than the usual lotions out there. I would recommend this as a night body moisturiser just so it’s scent doesn’t compete with my preferred perfume. I also love the pump dispenser. Makes it so easy to dispense and no risk of spills.