Bioderma Sensibio H2O Soothing Micellar Water Cleanser with Reverse Pump

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BIODERMA Sensibio H2O Soothing Micellar Water Cleanser with Reverse Pump makes cleansing even simpler than before. It is a broad-spectrum, fragrance-free micellar solution that is specifically formulated to cleanse impurities and remove makeup for sensitive and intolerant skin, while also restoring the skin's natural purity. It has ultra gentle micelles that solubilise in water and capture fatty molecules, including dirt, sebum and makeup.

Price above is for 500mL. Also available in 850mL.


Bioderma Sensibio H2O Soothing Micellar Water Cleanser with Reverse Pump


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This is probably THE product anyone thinks of when the hear "micellar" or "cleansing water". For good reason - this has lived up to the hype for 99% of my makeup removal needs and I really do recommend it to everyone of any skin type and concerns. This comes in different sizes and is usually in a squeeze/ flip top bottle. I was lucky enough to snag a pump top bottle and do prefer that ever so slightly over the standard bottles due to less waste, more control and less chance of spillage.  It is a clear, close to odourless water which cleanses the skin gentle without stripping or irritating it. As with every single product, it very well may not suit your skintype so always patch test or try to find samples and testers if you are worried you'll be reactive to it.  I usually use this to remove the bulk of my makeup prior to going in with a second cleanser. I found that it removed almost 90% of my base makeup with very little effort - no need to soak the area, 'scrub' or pull /tug at the skin to get off the bulk of my makeup. For the eye area, I would take extra care and really soak the area - leave a cotton round over my eye for a good 30 seconds before gently rubbing so that it had time to break down all my eye makeup, and most importantly any mascara.  This product has only ever failed against my most waterproof mascaras which do need an oil to break them down fully.  Apart from that, this is an absolute staple for a lot of people for good reason. If you are prone to not taking your makeup off, I suggest you get this and a Face Halo and see how easy it is to do a decent job even when you are completely worn out! Also, this is great for cleaning up makeup mistake like a too blown out smokey eye or a wonky wing.  
This product has been by far my saving grace holy grail item. The product itself is easy to use, the bottles design ,makes it very convenient to travel with and I've had no issues with spills or leaks in my luggage. It doesn't have any kind of particular scent to it, it is gentle on sensitive skin and with one application able to remove the entire days makeup. I love this brand and product and have repurchased a few times. highly recommend others give this product a try.
Bioderma may not have been the first to bring us micellar water,but it was the one that had everyone sit up and take notice (and become a bit of a cult "must have"). Now i will be honest and say that i don't use any micellar water on it's own to cleanse (ewwww.I would forever be wanting to just get the harshest,grittiest cleanser out there and just tear my face off with it if i did that),BUT,as a product to swipe over my skin after a day of no makeup / no city trips or interactions with anything work related,i do use it just to feel like i have at least removed a little basic "day to day grime" OR i use it as a last step in a triple cleanse routine to feel really deep down clean....and this product is brilliant at leaving my skin cared for and cleansed in those circumstances. Bioderma Sensibio H2O Micelle Solution Reverse Pump Limited Edition is a fragrance-free micellar water that cleanses impurities and removes makeup (as mentioned,i have never tried as a full makeup remover,but my longwear lipstick and basic eyemakeup comes off like a dream),without disrupting the skin’s natural pH balance or irritating sensitive skin.But how does it feel,and does it really work to cleanse ? Well,the French are nothing if not innovators in skincare,and this is no exception...the clear,non fragranced liquid  delivers a good result for what i use it for,BUT had a little trouble in removing my waterproof mascara (a bit more rubbing than what i expected needed) and sunscreen (i had the need to actually cleanse with a proper cleanser to remove that),but i did find that no "residue" was left post use (no oily / greasy afterfeel or any dryness felt).And that "limited edition" top ? It is fantastic at getting a metered dose of product out (one pump = one application),and it means no spilling and wastage...but you need to get the hang of using it.A soft touch is all you need (lest you see your micellar water sprouting from the top like some pretty water feauture) and you need to hold a cotton round over the top when you press down so that the pad,and NOT your bathroom,get the product.I did love the huge bottle (MASSIVE at 500ml),so with the amount of use i give it,the $32 pricepoint will see me have this for about a year's worth of quick cleanses / ,makeup mishap fixes / final cleanse pumps). But is there a downside at all ? Well,yes....that ingenious top sits upon a very delicate plastic bottle that does not take to falling from your bathroom cabinet OR being dropped from any height onto any surface.I had mine fall from my cupboard onto tiles,and that resulted in me needing towels to mop up the mess,and don't even start with what happens when baggage handlers get to your luggage with this in it (not this size,of course,but a bottle of the same product all the same) be careful. So to finish,this French beauty is great for last stage cleansing / a quick lippy remover / bare faced,end of day freshening......but please don't be lazy with skincare and use this as the be all and end all for your visage. TIP:Doing a winged liner look and gone a bit off the rails ? Worry not....simply get a cotton tip,soak it in a little of the water and run over any mistakes for a razor sharp line that would otherwise take ages to achieve.
Let me be honest. When it comes to removing makeup at the end of the day. I'm lazy. Very. As in I'm already in my bed with cotton wool and my little basket of night time skincare goodies. This Bioderma wonder water is a staple for quick no water makeup removal when all I want to do is sleep. One application, and all makeup is gone and skin feels fresh, comfortable and ready for moisturiser (ha, if it's lucky). The reusable applicator is nifty too, as I can tend to spill too much onto my cotton wool (and on myself). Non irritating, no residue, no hassles. If you are wearing waterproof mascara, remove with an oil based remover first. Really, this product is perfect.
The best micellar I’ve used. I never actually like Miscellar waters before trying this one. It takes the last of the dirt and grime from the day off without making me break out. I actually think it’s helped to clear me skin, as it now feels properly clean. Love the easy to use bottle. Have purchased 3 times now and will continue to. Worth the higher price point to other similar products.
I’m obsessed with this packaging. It was already a staple in my routine, but the new dispenser is genius.  Anyway- this removes makeup, sebum and dirt easily. I use two cotton pads and 3 pumps, and swipe all over my face. I hold the pads (gently) over my eyes for a few moments and then wipe. All gone. If I’m lazy and don’t wash it off properly it never causes irritation for my sensitive and dry skin. It’s a lifesaver. 
Bioderma has been one of my go-to micellar lotions (in  fact, most of my favourites seem to be French brands for some reason!) and it has always been very effective in removing the majority of my make-up. I generally follow with a gel or cream cleanser, so it doesn't bother me if I don’t have a squeaky clean cotton pad after using Bioderma. I just prefer the cheaper, large size cleansing product to do the heavy lifting when it comes to cleansing make-up, leaving a gentler product to completely clean and freshen my skin. Most importantly Bioderma is quite gentle for a micellar water and I have never found that it leaves my already dry skin feeling tight and uncomfortable  as some others do. I have always used the large size at home, and even have the cutest little baby-sized  bottle for my travelling kit. Now the new pump-action bottle makes things even easier and quicker in the evening . The fact that it can be re-used is awesome and so economical. Just another reason to keep using this product!
Hands down this is the best Micellar water I’ve ever used.  First of all the pump on the bottle is a game changer I don’t even have to take it out of my cupboard, I just reach in with my cotton pad, pump a few times and clean my face. The micellar water doesn’t leave any residue on my face unlike most others and it cleans everything off first go, even my mascara.  My skin is sensitive and this does not irritate at all, and it leaves my skin nicely hydrated. HG product right here. 
Unfortunately this product does not remove my make up very well. I had to wipe rather forcibly and had to clean my face multiple times to remove all of the make up. It is quite gentle around the eyes and is fragrance free but unfortunately I will not be purchasing this product again.
Great product, but this pump pack is ineffective. This pump bottle is designed well, but in reality, whenever I use the pump, a lot of the product squirts out on the side and is wasted. This just didn't work for me. So I had to do light touch pumps to ensure I didn't accidentally squirt out the water. Otherwise, this is a fantastic classic and trustworthy Micellar water which cleans my eye makeup easily and keeps my skin feeling soft and clean.
This is my go to micellar water, it doesn’t sting my eyes at all and I feel safe using it for the whole face and around eyes/ lips. It cleans properly and my face doesn’t feel dry.  I use this mainly at night time to remove make up, I still clean my face with mild facial wash after that to make sure all residue is gone. Great brand and great price! 
So I’m incredibly late to the party but I’ve only recently tried this micellar water with the incredibly useful pump applicator, and what can I say, it’s love at first swipe. The only micellar water I’ve tried so far is the Garnier one, which is good but I was getting frustrated with the greasy residue left behind and how it was leaving way too much makeup behind. When I saw this new version of the original micellar water at Priceline, I just had to give it a go.  Later that night, I soaked a large cotton pad in the water and wiped over my entire face and neck and wow. Just wow. It was amazing from that very first use and got better and better every time after that. It left my skin soft, smooth and hydrated, left absolutely no residue or makeup behind, it’s quick on those cold mornings and nights and it’s been an absolute dream for my dry, sensitive and still acne prone skin. My skin isn’t left dry or irritated or red, it just glows with hydration and calmness and happiness. I’ve refilled the bottle already and will continue to refill it. It’s now my number one, not just micellar, but cleanser. I may have been late to the party trying the original and best micellar water but the party has truly started for me and I’m here to stay.
I was incredibly lucky and won a bottle of this limited edition pump pack some time ago. This is incredibly hard to say but I love the pump bottle better than the product! It simply doesn't remove my mascara as well as I would have hoped (and I don't even use waterproof)! What's going on?! Yes, it does a decent job of removing makeup (however I know for a fact a residual amount of makeup is left; I have to do a second cleanse). It seems a bit wasteful. Such a shame. You bet I will be repurposing this pump.