Bioré Daily Detox Exfoliator

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Bioré Daily Detox Exfoliator polishes for smooth, healthy-looking skin. Unlike many scrubs, this innovative formula is gentle enough for everyday use. In fact, daily use is a great way to gently dislodge skin-disturbing impurities that can lead to blemishes. Environmentally friendly, it’s crafted from naturally derived Jojoba Beads, which meet all current regulations regarding micro-beads. This creamy scrub detoxifies by gently exfoliating and lifting impurities. Skin is soft, nourished, and deeply cleaned.


Bioré Daily Detox Exfoliator


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Gentle daily exfoliator

I'm so use to only exfoliating my skin once or twice a week so to find a product that was gentle enough on my skin to be able to use on a daily basis I was so happy as the pores on my nose are quite blocked. Using this exfoliator on a daily basis makes sure my pores don't have the time to fill up and get block. They are swiped clean daily. I have been using this for around 3 weeks now and am just stating to notice my pores aren't looking as block and are also starting to look smaller. This was a big plus for me. I find that after using this Exfoliator my skin feels silky soft and smooth and my skin looks good. I'm excited to continue my journey of exfoliating daily.