Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips Charcoal

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Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips Charcoal are pore strips that work like a magnet, instantly locking onto and drawing out deep-down dirt and oil that can cause blackheads. Infused with natural charcoal, these innovative pore strips draw out excess oil for the deepest clean. In just 10 minutes, the pore strips help to remove weeks' worth of build-up and see three times less oil.


Bioré Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips Charcoal


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Works really well!!!

I’ve been loving Biore ever since I’ve followed a blogger. I started using this last year. I believe it was around the time it was launched here in Australia too. This nose strips really work! In a few minutes, I can feel it tightening and working wonders on my nose. Since it’s black or charcoal, I love that I can see all the impurities it removed clearly. This is so satisfying to use. It is very gentle on skin and I really recommend if you want a nose strip. The packaging is very catchy and the amount if strips inside is good for a month.
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Novice freindly!

Before receiving the Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips I had never considered using a product of this nature and was always a bit hesitant as to whether it would irritate my skin. To my surprise, I was really impressed with how my skin felt after using it and I have almost finished the entire box. I will admit, my skin was ever so slightly more sensitive after the first use however since continuing use I have noticed visibly clearer and smoother skin. They were also much easier to use than expected and I was super impressed how easy a novice like myself could use the strips to draw out the built up dirt and blackheads around my nose.
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Amazing product

Biore deep cleansing charcoal pore strips are really an amazing product to use on blackheads! I use this on my nose and find these really easy to use and it works wonders on my nose and blackheads. Beautiful product and very easy to use ! These strips are very convenient and comes in a pack of six ! I will definitely recommend these if you are facing blackheads issues over your nose ! I was lucky to be a part of trial team for these blackheads removal strips and have been loving using them whenever I need them !
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Staple product

Biore strips are a bit of a staple for me, I would say I use them at least once a month and have since I was a teenager! The addition of charcoal in these new strips was exciting to try and see how they differ from the standard version. For first timers of nose strips, be sure to follow the directions carefully, including having a wet nose! You want your nose to have enough water for the strip to stick, but don't add water to the top of the strip once it is on, as this causes them to disintegrate a little. Be sure to place the bottom of the trip towards the very tip of your nose, as this keeps the top of the strip further away from the sensitive skin under your eyes. Removing them isn't exceptionally painful, similar to a bandaid, though I would recommend starting slowly from under the eyes. The Charcoal strips are meant to be perfect for oily skin, and I have a very oily T zone that is prone to blackheads. I found the Charcoal strips removed just as much gunk as the regular ones, though I found these to be gentler on the skin overall and improved the overall look of my pores. The downside to the Charcoal strips is they do leave a bit of a dark residue around the edges. This is easily removed with cleanser or micellar. Overall, I remain a huge fam of Biore strips, and would definitely look to repurchase these Charcoal ones over the standard strips.
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Deep Cleanse The Pores

These do what they claim and deep cleanse the skin - a very handy product for keeping the pores clear of excessive sebum and hence blackheads caused by too much sebum that then has oxidised at the surface of the skin making the head of the pore look black. Great for areas at the nose area which is what these are specifically made for. They are easy to use - and very effective. They make the skin look and feel cleaner and I like that Biore has diverted from the ordinary original strips to add charcoal which is scientifically great for purfication and cleansing. The only thing it's harder to see the evidence on the black strip whereas the white strip it was easy to see the stuff that had been taken away from the clogged pore. Nevertheless, my skin is proof enough itself because the area felt cleaner, looked cleaner and felt nice and smooth too. The charcoal does seem to have an after effect on the skin to product less oil for a time after using them too. I like that these have an after effect. I can recommend these for deep cleansing the pores, as promised on the front of the box.
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Nice clean pores

I’ve previously used the Bioré Original Pore Strips and found them effective so I was keen to try the Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips to see if there was any noticeable difference. I don’t really need pore strips and only use them when given to me to trial but I do find them interesting and satisfying to use. The strips come in a pack of 6. As always with a product such as this I like to carefully follow the instructions so I don’t damage my skin. So after cleansing my face, wetting my nose and applying the strip I waited 15 minutes for the strip to dry and harden. Then came the hardest part for me – carefully peeling off the strip – but by ensuring I started at the edges and pulled slowly towards the centre I had no trouble at all. Okay, I couldn’t really see any gunk but my nose was incredibly smooth and my pores were almost invisible. So, obviously using the pore strip did something and I’ll continue to use these every so often. I don’t think these are any different to the other Bioré pore strips I have used.
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Effective Blackhead Removal

I received the Biore Deep Cleansing Charcoal Pore Strips as part of a recent Beauty Crew VIP Box. I have to admit, nose strips have never been part of my regular skincare routine but after using these, I think I will be adding them from now on. They are simple to use & so effective. I couldn't believe how much gunk was stuck to the strip when I peeled it off. Being black, it was very evident how many blackheads it removed along with all the dry, dead skin. My nose was left feeling and looking smooth & clean. The only down side is that you can clearly see where the strip was & makes me wish the strips were bigger so they covered more surface area.
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A little nose detox!

Honestly, there's nothing quite as satisfying as using one of these to clear your nose pores of the build up of sebum and blackheads! Make sure that your skin is damp, but not too wet, prior to placing this on your nose, and leave it there for about 15 minutes prior to peeling it off. When you do, make sure that you lift a corner and slowly move it away from the skin. This way, you can ensure that you are actually remove the sebum etc, and unclogging your pores. For someone who has a great skincare routine, it's gratifying to know that that I don't have much hiding in my pores, but sadly, it's not very satisfying for me. That said, though, my other half certainly doesn't have the skincare routine that I do, and let me tell you, that definitely removes from his pores! It's very satisfying to look at, and I'm definitely keeping a stash in the house as a regular thing!
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This was fun!

I was very excited to try this product! I have seen these types of products around however I have never used anything like this before. The strips are very easy to use and the instructions are very clear. I found them quite comfortable to put on and wear for the instructed time limit. When it was time to peel off, I did peel off quite quickly so next time I will probably just peel it off slowly for better results. I am not sure how good these are for your skin so I will probably use these for special events or going out at night! I probably wouldn't use these every day or week. I have an oilier t zone and have sebaceous filaments and when using these strips they became visibly reduced. I did enjoy using these and will definitely repurchase to have in the cupboard!

Peel off slowly for best results

First of all, this product depends on each person. The depth of your blackheads, how many you have etc. But the one tip to try and get the most out of it is to keep it on for 5 minutes longer and peel off the strip very very slowly! The biggest hack that it doesn't tell you, when you rip it off fast the blackheads can't get pulled out, they'll just release from the strip and stay where they were. Make sure your whole nose and surrounding is wet. If you have a lot of blackheads this is for you and I recommend to trial one box first, sometimes I find that they pull out a lot of gunk and blackheads from my nose area, but sometimes barely anything comes out, even when peeled very slowly. As for the discomfort, it may make your eyes water and be slightly painful on the first uses, however honestly I'm so used to it that it doesn't bother me anymore. It's also strangely satisfying when it does pull out a good bit