Bioré Witch Hazel Pore Clarifying Toner

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Bioré Witch Hazel Pore Clarifying Toner casts a spell over oily, congested pores. Using the astringent properties of witch hazel, the toner tightens pores, controls oil and fights acne with salicylic acid, while the pore strips work to remove deep pore clogs. This light-weight toner with witch hazel helps restore skin’s balance as it deep cleans and removes residue a cleanser might have missed. Witch Hazel is known to tighten pores, while salicylic acid controls oil and treats blemishes.


Bioré Witch Hazel Pore Clarifying Toner


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Unclogs pores, gives a fresh ckean

I love witch hazel toner products and have been using them for years. This Biore one is great. I use it after cleansing and it’s simple to use, just just put a little on a cotton pad and wipe across my entire face. I can see the dirt that cleansing missed on the pad so I love that it’s giving me a super clean. It unclogs my pores and leaves my skin fresh and clear and prevents breakouts. It has a pleasant scent and is not too drying, though I recommend following up with a good moisturiser which is what I do. The witch hazel is really soothing and helps stop any redness and I have sensitive skin and have never had a problem with this product irritating it. I would recommend this for a really fresh clean and to minimise and clean pores