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Bondi Sands Everyday Skincare - Fountain of Youth Bakuchiol Serum

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Take a one way trip to our favourite destination, the Fountain of Youth. This Vitamin A alternative resurfaces your skin and helps to fight against the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Bondi Sands Fountain of Youth is enriched with Bakuchiol, Sunflower Seed and Rosella Extract to hydrate, fade pigmentation and soften your skin. How to use: STEP 1: Apply 2-3 drops of Bondi Sands Fountain of Youth Bakuchiol Serum to clean, dry skin. STEP 2: Once absorbed, follow with other serums or oils and finish with moisturiser. STEP 3: For best results, leave on skin overnight.


Bondi Sands Everyday Skincare - Fountain of Youth Bakuchiol Serum


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Plumps skin, reduces lines

But neither sands is a great brand and this is a great serum. I was more aware of Bondi sands sun are range but for anyone who hasn’t tried it their skincare range is great too. This is a light anti ageing serum that gives great results. I apply this at night and it’s light and comfortable to wear with a silky consistency that sinks straight in to skin. It has visibly reduced pigmentation spots on my skin that have come with age and it’s great to reduce fine lines which is a big skin concern for me. I find it’s quite hydrating and licks in moisture, I follow up with a good quality moisturiser and it plumps my skin and leaves it nourishes and visibly smoother which is great. I have sensitive skin and this product never irritates my skin. I love that it’s all natural, vegan and cruelty free and contains no parabens. This is a really good anti ageing product that suits mature skin and I would recommend it