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Braun Face Spa is a facial epilator that works to remove facial hairs from the root, delivering up to four weeks of smooth skin. The epilator features a detachable cleansing brush that works to deeply clean the skin, removing dirt, oil and impurities.


Braun Face Spa


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I was very curious to try the Braun Face Spa, as it is both a facial epilator and cleansing brush. Multi use products are great.   First off, the Braun Face Spa comes with a cute little white bag with a mirror. When you open the packaging there is the facial epilator already set up, and it also comes with the facial brush, and a cleansing brush. The design is sleek and small so if you need to travel with the Braun Face Spa it will not take up too much space or be too heavy.   The epilator brush can be removed, and then to use the cleansing brush, you simply put on the facial brush. It is super easy to set up and use.   To use the epilator, I pulled my skin tightly in the area, and ran the epilator over the top to remove the hair. The epilator removes super small hairs on my face, that not even waxing or threading was able to remove. The first few times I used the epilator on my face it really hurt! But you do get used to the pain.   After I had finished epilating, I then used the cleansing brush. I wet the brush head and applied some cleanser, and then used the facial brush on my face. The bristles were gentle and it’s similar to other cleansing brushes if you have used them. An added bonus with this product is that its water proof so you can use the cleansing brush in the shower. I found the cleansing brush worked really well to cleanse my face and it removes all of my makeup gently.   Overall, this has been a great product to use. Thank you Beauty Crew and Braun!      
I was so excited to be chosen to trial the Braun Face Spa, and I'm happy to say that it did not disappoint.  It's a great looking little device. Very sleek and compact. Easy to hold, and convenient to store.  I loved the cleansing brush attachment. My skin felt so soft and clean and had a lovely glow after every use. I also found that my moisturiser was able to absorb into my skin better. I was extremely impressed with the epilator attachment. The head is very precise and it was able to remove the finest hairs around my chin and upper lip without any irritation or pain at all.  I will definitely continue using the Braun Face Spa and have already happily recommended it to several people already.
The Braun face spa was a bit of a hit and miss for me. I loved the facial brush, It gave my skin a great deep clean when used with my normal face wash and made it easy to get all my makeup off quickly but I wasn't a fan of the epilator as I have very sensitive skin and it did hurt a bit.
I'm lucky that my hair is red and therefore not as obvious on my face but I'm still conscious of it. I use an epilator on my legs so I was expecting a bit of pain on my face (doesn't help that red hair is very course and hard to remove) but there was not much pain at all and it seemed to remove it all too. I love it and am so incredibly lucky to be trialling it for BC! I'm going to buy one for my Mum too!  I gave it 4 stars because I felt that the cleanser wasn't as good as my Clairosonic but still did a good job. 
I used this for a week, I found the facial brush lacked power enough to do the job it was intended to do. I also feel as though it was too soft. I did feel a difference after but not so much. The epilation head itself was good, but I feel because its still a decent size attachment I couldn't use it how I'd hoped on my brow line. Which was a letdown. I can't say is personally go and buy one (if I hadn't received one) but overall it was ok. A firmer brush head and more power would be great!!
I was so excited & grateful that I got to trial this product, however I wasn't as excited after using it! Firstly the product itself looks great. Sleek, compact & all pieces can be stored in the cute carry bag. A + for that. Secondly, the cleansing brush really lacks grunt. It didn't feel like it was cleansing my face much at all. I've used another popular brand in the past which cleanses 100 times better then this one. Lastly, the epilator did nothing, I don't feel like it removed hardly any hair at all. Yes I could feel it, no it didn't hurt & no it didn't make me go very red considering I am prone to redness after hair removal BUT at the end of the day I don't think this is a very good product. For me, it did nothing it claimed to do. I wouldn't recommend. 
I have been using this product for a few weeks now and love it, it is the perfect size, nice and compact so you can take it away with you on weekends away and holidays. When using the face cleaning brush with my normal cleanser I found my skin felt so much softer and it really got a deep clean. The hair removal side is also amazing, works great and doesn't hurt as much as other epilator style tools I have used before. Would definitely recommend this to friends and family!
Absolutely loved the Braun Face Spa.  The face cleanser brush when used with my cleanser, gave me fabulous results.  My skin has more of a natural glow, and is cleaner; as well as feeling softer.  I feel it just makes it easier after cleansing and toning, for my moisturiser, to absorb into my skin. The  epilator is great too, it hurts a little, a lot less painful than other facial epilators.  I also have no pimples after using it on the skin above my top lip.  It is easy to use, and I just cannot recommend this product highly enough. 
Lucky enough to trial this product from Beauty Crew team. Loved the multi purpose aspect, really compact and a great little pouch makes a no brainer to travel with. It's very well designed and functions can be seamlessly changed out. I've never used an epilator before and previously just used wax, but definitely thought it did a fantastic job and wasn't painful at all, nor had any irritation. I have used a facial cleanser brush before and I have to say I didn't find it as effective as the Clarisonic for my skin, it seemed to be a bit too soft. Overall I will keep using it for easy and effective hair removal, but probably only use the brush when I'm wearing more makeup than usual and need extra help! 
I have been in two minds for quite a number of years now regarding the effectiveness of the Braun Silk Epil method of hair removal. I was so excited to be given the opportunity to trial the new Braun Face Spa.  Upon opening the box, it is evident that Braun produces a quality product! The styling and quality are way above competitors in the market. It is sleek, easy to use and well thought out ergonomically. It is such a great feature to have one appliance that serves 2 purposes. the kit comes with easy to use attachments. The instructions are clear and makes the first time use a breeze!! Comes with a cute bag and mirror and brush. This product is high quality and has the feel and handle of a better end product . I travel a lot for work and it is perfect for this use! Now I don't have to take my magnifying mirror and battle with tweezers in hotel room lighting!! Hallelujah!!!! I was really, really impressed with the Mini Epilator! Given this was my first experience with an epilator, I am sold!!! It picked up all the hairs including fine hairs efficiently and painlessly considering it was pulling hairs out! The attachment was a good size ...small enough for precision but big enough to do a thorough "mow" ;-)) I have already been raving about this product with my friends and family....and I was a skeptic!!  The cleansing brush is great because it can be used in the shower! This is a big plus for me as it encourages me to give my skin a thorough cleanse while I am showering. I have tried a cheaper similar product ...while I liked the concept, the product did not last long (a week) and was disappointing due to lack of quality. After using The Braun, I have been inspired to, once again, include this type of cleaning to my daily routine. The quality of the Braun Facial Cleanser is obvious...the power of the oscillations, the softness of the brush head and it is easy to use. I suffer from open pores and I have found that this has improved considerably after only a few weeks!!! My skin feels smoother and my moisturiser and serums soak in so much more beautifully than they ever have.  I highly recommend this product and think it is superb value for money!!! I am that impressed with it that I am intending on adding to my Braun Family with one of the Silk Epil Range for my legs!!!  Thank you Beauty Crew for introducing me to a fabulous product that I have always turned a blind eye to!! It is almost liberating to not be battling with tweezers and oversized mirrors and having scary moments in the sunlight!!!!          
As a lucky recipient of an invitation to trial the Braun Facespa I was ready and waiting to put it through its paces due to having just returned from a 5 week trip to Europe sporting a tan and a moustache! Luckily I have blonde hair!! I don't really suffer from a moustache, but I do sport some persistent unwanted hairs that sprout on my chin and at the top of my lip. Usually I pluck the offending hairs with the aid of a magnifying mirror but when on holiday I can't see them so they have a chance to grow. I was slightly horrified on my return to see 5 weeks of growth, but also secretly happy as I had a challenge for the new Braun Facespa/ epilator. I have had experience using an epilator on my legs, but have never used one on my face. I usually use a combination of tweezing, waxing and shaving to remove my unwanted facial hair so I was a bit nervous on my first try. I needn't have worried as it was relatively painless. The epilator removed most of the tougher offending hairs but I struggled a little with the pain when doing the finer ones on my jawline. I believe this was due to the length as these were a bit longer than my upper lip and chin hair. I have subsequently tried it on shorter hair and it was less painful so suggest you consider doing the same if you can't tolerate the pain. The inclusion of a lighted magnifying mirror is brilliant as it made it very easy to locate any rogue hairs that I had accidentally missed. This is also going to be brilliant to include in my travel bag for our next trip and will help ensure I don't ever come home from a holiday with a beard! The Braun Facespa is not only an epilator, but a facial cleansing brush. This is achieved by removing the epilator head and attaching a facial brush to the motorised wand. As a regular user of a facial brush I was interested to see how this would compare to my dedicated facial brush. I was impressed with it but not blown away by it. I found the brush a little harsh on my skin and it took a while for me to get the pressure just right on my skin. It cleansed my skin well but I did find my skin was a little irritated when I finished using it. My skin was cleansed well so that was definitely a positive. Overall I was impressed with this unit but feel there are a couple of issues which have forced me to not give it 5 stars. I would have liked the brush to have come with a cover to protect it from contamination as it is potentially a breeding ground for bacteria if not treated correctly. I would also like the epilator to be able to remove shorter hairs as there were a couple of pesky hairs that would not come out with the epilator no matter how often I went over them. I had to resort to tweezers and the aid of the illuminated mirror. Thank you Braun and Beauty Crew for the opportunity to trial the Facespa.
I was super excited to try this device and I have to say I'm a bit underwhelmed with it. The cleanser part of it did nothing at all for me, it did not feel like it was giving my skin much of a cleanse at all. I feel like it just buzzes around on the surface and doesn't really do much. However what I do like about it (and the reason I still gave it 3 stars) is that it is a multi-use device and has the detachable head which then changes over to a face epilator. I think the epilator on this is great and I will continue using it with the epilator attachment. I think for the price, it is good value for those who do benefit from using it as both a cleansing brush and an epilator. Also, I like the neat little bag that it comes with, to store all the bits and pieces it comes with.
Such an easy tool to use! Hair removal has now been made so easy & convenient, just the right size to use for upper lip & above my brow. Didn't experience the usual irritation after hair removal. Loved the cleansing brush, gentle but efficient. Big plus to be able to use in the shower!!!!
I love the cleanser. Removes the last traces of my make up and my face feels so soft and smooth and clean. I am not a fan of the epilator. I still prefer waxing as it is quicker and less painful. I am going to try the other brushes that you can buy separately especially the exfoliate brush and sensitive skin brush head.
A big thanks to Braun and Beauty Crew for letting me trial this 5 star product. I've always known Braun to make reliable and well thought out products and this is no exception. From a design perspective this is one clever and stylish device. It is super easy to change from the epilation head to the cleansing head. The cleansing brush also ejects easily to clean and dry after use. And with a range of brushes to try, there really should be something for everyone! There is a beautiful rose gold cover for the epilation head so need to risk damage. A brush is also included for cleaning, and a magnifying mirror with light to see right up close. Everything fits perfectly into a stylish carry case, so easy for storage or travel.  The cleansing brush is slow and gentle. Unlike other brushes I've used it doesn't irritate my skin or make me feel like I've just scrubbed the floor. It leaves my skin feeling fresh and soft. The epilation head is small and precise. Initially I read the instructions about 10 times to figure out which way the head needed to turn, but in practice if it's going the wrong way it just doesn't work so well. Easy. My eyebrows are looking so much neater thanks to this. My upper lid is also looking better, though the first time I used the product I had a massive outbreak on my upper lip. After the second use, there was only a minor break out. And after the third use, nothing at all. So it is worth persevering. I find using the device on my upper lip is eye-wateringly painful, but it is also improving (slowly!) over time.
I received the Braun Face Spa to trial and absolutely love it! It is a two in one device with a face eplilator head and a face cleaning brush head which clip alternately onto one battery operated handle. The epilator head is compact, making it easy to use between the eyebrows and on the top lip. I have used epilators before on my face and have always had pimples afterwards but I didnt experience this with the Braun so a big thumbs up! I also didnt find it as painful to use either which is great. The brush head is nice and soft but does clean the face thoroughly and left my skin feeling lovely and soft. A fantastic product which I would be happy to recommend!
The Braun face spa has been a real treat. It arrives very well packaged with a neat zip case. One of the best additionals was the compact mirror with a light which shines o a light on all those areas in need of a bit of love or in this case epilation/exfoliation. The stick had two removable  heads one for exfoliation and other for epilation so it feels like you get a lot from one product. The exfoliation tool feels rather slow/soft when In action but actually delivers a great result and you come away feeling refreshed and very clean without being too harsh on the skin.  The epilation is quick and relatively pain free, I think once you get over the mind games you realise it's not that bad. Plus the more you epilate the less hair there is so the less it hurts.  I recommend this product as it really feels like value and I like the multi head system. Thumbs up from me
I really enjoyed using this. It was simple to use and easy to incorporate it into my routine. My skin felt cleaner and smooth. The epilator didn't really hurt either which I wasn't expecting. i had braced myself for some pain and was pleasantly surprised. Overall, I really enjoyed trialing this product.
Loved it! The facial epilator easily removed all hairs in its path while the brush attachment helped to really clean out my pores! It's crazy what you usually don't get! The machine it self is so easy to use as well! Highly recommend this product as a substitute for other super expensive products which only do half the amount of work as this!
I just love it!  I love how it comes in a chic little bag and it was very easy to use. The facial cleansing brush felt soft on my skin and cleaned my skin thoroughly, leaving a clean and fresh feeling. The facial epilation was great, it removed lip hair well and did not hurt very much at all. Over all, the results were fantastic and this is a product I would definitely recommend.  Thank you Braun for such an amazing product!