Swisspers® Baby Cleansing Pads

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Swisspers® Baby Cleansing Pads are made with 100% Certified Organic cotton to be extra gentle on baby’s delicate skin. Triple combed to create a highly absorbent and cushiony-soft pad with stitched edges to hold them together even when very wet. Our generous size makes them suitable for all baby care needs of the face, body and ideal for bottom cleansing. Highly absorbent & extra soft cotton pads.


- Dermatologically tested.
- Sustainable Cotton.
- GMO Free Cotton
- Vegan friendly
- Australian owned
- Recyclable packaging


Swisspers® Baby Cleansing Pads


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Handy for when bathing a baby

I haven't used these in a little while but I have used them. I used them for many years and when my son was a baby. I always had these at hand when bathing him because they're gentle, soft and clean around the babies eyes, ears and belly button. I just soaked them in his warm bath water and then squeezed the excess water off before wiping the areas that needed wiping. They have stitching around the edges so that they don't fall apart when they're soaked in water. They stay together without leaving behind any cotton bits. They're also really great for cleaning in-between babies tiny little toes that can get fluff and lint stuck between them from their onsies and fluffy socks. As for the size of these, they are like a larger cotton pad but a square/rectangular shape.