Swisspers® Baby Cotton Tips

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Swisspers® Baby Cotton Tips are made with 100% pure cotton and are specially designed to safely and gently clean around baby’s outer ears, eyes and navel. The unique shape is extra soft and extra wide for safety. The paper stems are made from a mix of sustainably grown wood and recycled paper.


- With eco-friendly paper stems.
- Extra soft & extra safe baby cotton tips.
- Dermatologically tested.
- Mindfully created without plastic stem
-Vegan friendly
-Australian owned
-Recyclable packaging


Swisspers® Baby Cotton Tips


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Love the paper stems but could be sturdier

These are great cotton buds for use in all kinds of situations! I have used them for the usual ear cleaning, but they are also great for fixing liquid eyeliner boo-boos, tidying up a home-done manicure, and they are particularly good for removing scale from indoor plants, when dipped in rubbing alcohol! The tip allowed precision targeting :-) My only complaint would be that the stems anre pretty good, but not as sturdy as the old plastic stems, but happy to forgo that for the environmental impact.

The Best & Safest Cotton Tips

I first purchased these when my babies were little they are 5 and 6 now and I still buy them for our family. I never thought about purchasing this before kids it’s funny that we will do whatever it takes to provide the best we can for them and that included ear care. Like all great quality swisspers products these too are made from 100% cotton, they are shapes so that are safe enough to go around the ears, eyes and naval without pushing to hard or causing any discomfort or damage. I now use them on myself as with regular cotton tips I tend to go in too far and end up pushing the wax further in. I love that the stems are now made from paper and it amazes me that they feel just as sturdy if not more than the plastic ones. Highly recommend!

For safety ear cleaning

I remember using these Swisspers Baby Cotton Tips when my children were babies and toddlers which wasn't too long ago. The shape of them stops them from going too far into the ear accidentally. I find this to be an excellent safety feature. I really like how the box is resealable for hygiene purposes too. I also like to clean around the edges of my own ears with these because I don't like using the normal ones in my ears as much. I prefer these because they have a stopper so they don't go too far and cause any damage or push the ear wax further back into the ear canal. I highly recommend these for their softness, quality and shape for both babies and adults. Any age really.