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Burt’s Bees Lipstick is a full coverage and long-lasting lipstick that contains natural moisturising ingredients. The formula works to provide eight hours of hydration, while softening and conditioning lips. 

Available in 14 shades.


Burt’s Bees Lipstick


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I have Sunset Cruise and Nile Nude, both of which are my go-to lipsticks to wear to work because they have a very natural sheen and are comfortable and no-fuss. These lipsticks are softer than non-natural counterparts and I find they are really hydrating and light to wear. I'd say that they feel very much like a tinted lipbalm but with a lot more colour payoff. The packaging is also too cute with the honeycomb design, but maybe a tad bulky. As others have noted, they aren't long lasting which is why I see them as more of a tinted balm, so will require reapplication throughout the day.
I loved the colour and ingredients of this lipstick, however it had a terrible texture once I got to about half way through :( I would put it on my lips and there would be little balls of more product that I would have to pick off. It was so annoying! It is also very transferable - it wipes off very easily. I do however like that it has so many nice natural products in there.
I bought this on a whim in the shades Sunset Cruise and Blushing Basin as part of the Priceline 50% off cosmetics sale. I am so glad I did because these are a beautiful, multi purpose lipstick.  I reference the Priceline sale to drive home how budget friendly these are - there is always a chance to snatch them at half price at some point.  The lipstick itself comes in a sturdy plastic packaging with an embossment similar to a bee hive which is on theme with the brand. The product is a standard amount and is moisturising and moderately pigmented. The colour wore well on my lips for about 2-3 hours which is quite good considering I am continuously drinking water in the office. I also found that it did not excessively dry my lips out but it also was not so 'slippy' that it fell away during the day.  The moderate pigment is great because it is buildable on the lips. The pigment and the hydrating formula also make this a great cream blush! This is what I mean by a great multi tasking product. It blends out well on the skin and dries to a soft velvet finish on there. Set with a bit of powder and you are good to go. 
If you haven't tried the Burts Bees lipstick I highly recommend then you are missing out! Not only is it 100% natural, it's super affordable, it's got a huge range of colours that suits every skin tone, it's highly pigmented and it's incredibly moisturising! I purchased this in the colour "blushing basin" which is a pinkish/nude colour that would be suitable for all skin colours as it has both warm and cool tones and is a safe colour for any occasion.  Even though it's a lipstick I find that's more like a lipstick and lip balm in one because it's so nourishing.  When you apply it onto your lips it glides like butter and coats your lips in wonderful ingredients like Moringa and Raspberry seed oil, vitamin E and beeswax which gives your lips moisture.  Sometimes I would even wear this in place of my lip balm because I found it to be more hydrating and it had the added benefit of giving my lips gorgeous colour that would last all day.  With one swipe you get pigmented colour with a beautiful satin finish.  Some lipsticks can feel caked on and I have found that some have made my lips tingle and burn.  I didn't have any issues with this lipstick.  It felt great on my lips and I was comfortable wearing it all day.  I only had to apply once as the colour stayed on really well.  Even without lining my lips or using a lip primer the lipstick stayed in place, didn't bleed and didn't fade.
I used to wear mostly  lip balms or lip glosses until I found I had a love for lipsticks.  The range of lippies out these days are so gorgeous.  I've used the Burt Bees lip balms for a few years and when I saw these lipsticks, I had to buy 2.  I bought Glossy Nude Mist (503) and Pink Pool (517).  I absolutely love them both.    Love the packaging and I love that the lid clicks with a secure click.  I just throw these into my handbags and they have never come apart.  
As someone who only wears lipstick on occasions or a rare night out I didn't think I'd fall in love with this, but I think I'm becoming a lipstick lover.  I purchased the colour Blush Basin, it's a soft rose colour perfect for my dark haired complexion. The beehive packaging is quirky and cute. The tip is perfectly tapered to your lips making it effortless to apply and staying in the lines has never been easier. It's a very creamy consistency that hydrates your lips as your wearing it. My lips felt beautiful, moist and soft all day, with none of the dryness or flakiness I often associate with lipsticks.  I like the fact that the lipstick is matte but being such a natural colour doesn't make your lips look smaller or thinner, just nicely finished. I think this would be great layered with a gloss if that's the look you prefer but certainly not needed for hydration.
The lipstick goes on smoothly, it’s not a matte lipstick more so a buttery consistency when applied. The pigment is phenomenal, with little application you can achieve ample colour pay off. The lipstick is not longerwearing but if you don’t eat or drink for a few hours the colour will remain intake. The lipstick is not drying and is so nourishing and moisterising, a pleasure to wear. A fantastic shade range too. The packaging is ok in terms of displaying the lipstick it’s longer then traditional bullets so this may not be ideal for those storing lipsticks on display etc unless you have a few of the same product.
One of the better products from Burt's Bees - these lipsticks pack a punch in terms of pigment and I like that it moisturises lips while on so your lips don't feel shrivelled once it wears off like other lipsticks. Longevity wise, it's not super long lasting and will have to be reapplied throughout the day. The shade range is gorgeous, and there's a colour for everyone. The packaging is really cute too. However, it's not something that is holy grail for me, so it's nice just owning one of them to experience the formula, but I'll be venturing on to try other new lipsticks too.
I tend to be a bit of a lipstick addict and have accumulate so many different kinds throughout the years.  With all the different colours, textures and finishes out there it's so hard to choose and you always need certain ones for specific occasions, hence my huge collection.  I was always under the impression that natural and organic products weren't on the same level, quality wise, as more high end products but I'll just blame that on my ignorance! It wasn't until I came across the Burts Bees section that I decided to try their lipsticks and realised how amazing they were, without even realising that they were natural products!  Not to mention that natural products are SO much better for you and your body considering we absorb everything we put on our skin.  The less toxic chemicals the better and more consumers seem to be hopping onto that "clean beauty" train.  I had decided to go with the colour suede splash which is a warm nude that would work well with my tan complexion.  I would say that it was probably the most gorgeous nude colour I had tried! It didn't make me look washed out at all, it wasn't too dark yet not too light either so it would make a bit of a statement without being too obvious.  I thought the packaging of the lipstick was also quite cute with the honeycomb look on the cap being a nice touch.  I was actually quite surprised by the large selection of colours they had.  I had started off by just purchasing one but I have managed to purchase several other colours as well! I put the lipstick onto my lips and instantly I could feel how soft and creamy it was.  I liked that it didn't feel too thick on my lips.  I could rub the colour in easily and yet the colour was still pigmented.  My lips felt super super moisturised.  It was as though I had put on lip balm because it would glide so easily.  Not once have I ever worn this lipstick and felt as though my lips were dry or drying out.  On the contrary, my lips had never felt more soft and hydrated.  It had the wonder benefits of a lip balm with the colour payoff of a lipstick.  Because of its buttery texture I found that two coats of the lipstick would look much better and would be more pigmented.  Although not necessary it worked well for me.  It has a nice shiny finish but not lip gloss shiny.  Due to its formula it would transfer and fade a lot faster than a matte lipstick which meant that I would have to reapply if I started eating or drinking.  The lipstick thankfully didn't bleed but I would recommend using a lip liner to keep the lipstick in place. The price point was also very affordable being that it is a natural brand.  It has lasted me for months and I'm still not even halfway through it.  I find it to be suitable for everyday such as work, casual coffee dates or shopping and even more formal events like weddings, going out for drinks, parties..etc.  There is a colour for every occasion and with the amazing range, great price point, natural ingredients and superb hydration you would be crazy not to try it out!  Tip:  Make it a dual purpose product by adding a bit of it onto your cheeks as a cream blush! 
100% Natural Lip Crayon  Burt’s Bees have released six moisture-rich wear matte lip crayon shades both natural and vibrant. A creamy, modern crayon offering full coverage infused with Shea Butter, Kendi Oil, and Jojoba Oil. With no added flavourings or fragrances like comparable brands, making this a great option to crayon lovers.  The lip crayon offers a compact option for a precise application without hassles and messes associated with sharpening earlier lip crayons. With a removable cap it features a twist barrel bottom to apply the product to your lips. I found the crayon to moisturise my lips, some products I have tried in the past can be quite dry. The Shea Butter really helps to hydrate and moisturise dry lips leaving them feeling soft. The Sedona Sands Crayon matched my pale completion perfectly and last a few hours.  Recommended for everyday wear either alone or layered under a Lip Gloss or Lip Shine for a little extra gloss.  Overall: The Lip Crayon really made my lips feel moist, hydrated and smooth.
This is a very creamy natural lipstick. I have the shade “Juniper Water” which is a deep burgundy with dark brown undertones in the tube, but when you put it on your lips it’s a flattering two shades deeper than your natural lips look. I give it 4 stars for its creamy consistency and lovely colour but I take one star off from 5, as it doesn’t last that long.
I got the shade suede splash and I find myself using this everyday to work. It is such a natural color, it is not a tint and gives full on colour but suede splash color is so subtle and yet there, you could wear this shade everyday. The packaging is very sturdy with the rectangle look and sharp edges. , although I find it a little too big than other standard normal lipsticks. Besides the color, I love how moisturising this lipstick is, it does not last long specially if you eat and drink and is easily transferred. However, it still moisturises your lips with a great color while it lasts. You need to retouch a couple of times with this. But I would still recommend this to anyone who is looking for a lipstick that does not dry out your lips.
I purchased the colour 514 Brimming berry. My initial impressions were good as the packaging was of high quality and the ingredients within the lipstick (being 100% natural) were also of high quality. The shade of pink I chose was beautiful and it looks and feels like a tinted lip balm. Since it is marketed as a lipstick this isn't the best as it was very glossy and transferred easily. It never quite set, which has its benefits of hydration but the con of not being long lasting.
I was in David Jones and came across the Burt's Bees Lipstick and thought how fabulous do these look.   The colour I bought is 501 Blush Basin, which is a  lovely pink shade, which is a very natural pink, like you are blushing and looking naturally beautiful and radiant.    I absolutely love the packaging of this lipstick, it is both sleek and slim, but also cute as the top of the lipstick case is like a block of real honey, engraved in the colour of your chosen lipstick.   The lipstick is very easy to open and wind up, and is super easy to apply.  The texture is delightful, so rich, creamy and hydrating.  First off, my lips are quite dry, so I apply some Bur'ts Bee lip balm first, then some days I just pop the lipstick on, other days if I have some time, I will apply a little concealer, followed by some lip liner, and then the lipstick.    Either way, the results are stunning, your lips will be soft and moisturised, all day long.    The lipstick is rich and luscious, and you can keep reapplying it during the day, it feels so comfortable.     I don't mind reapplying my lipstick after I have eaten or drunk my cup of coffee, the lipstick is not a stay on all day one, but I like this much better, as it is so moisturising.    My lips soaked this up, and stayed hydrated and feeling soft all day. PRO's Beautiful colours, there is a shade to suit everyone Great value at under $20 Very hydrating, will keep your lips moisturised all day Provides hours of nourishing colour Easy to wind up and will last you for months Great for touch ups Fits easily into any bag because of it's slim compact case CON If you want a lipstick to stay put all day, then this one is not for you.  If you want a lipstick that is a beautiful colour and will nourish, hydrate and keep your lips conditioned all day, then lipstick is perfect for you, you will not be disappointed. I recommend this lipstick to anyone who wants a natural lipstick, in beautiful shades and will nourish your lips for hours.    This lipstick will suit everyone, as it so lovely and keeps your lips in excellent condition all day,  If you suffer dry lips like I do, then this is the lipstick for you and you must try it, you will not be disappointed.  Give it a try, and regain the natural, soft lips you were born with.
I have tried many Burt's Bees products and found them to be exceptional quality, so I decided recently to try their Lipstick range. Very glad I did, I am truly in love with my new lipstick. There are a number of fabulous qualities with this lip product. First, the formula is all natural.  I'm very aware that what I put on my lips is partially ingested. So I want only safe, natural ingredients in my lip products. The formula is simply divine, it is very creamy, moisturising, and so comfortable to wear. It lasts a moderate time i.e. I need to touch up after eating and drinking but other than that, wear time is very good. My shade is a lovely soft natural shade that is all.ost the perfect nude. I can wear it with anything and everything. Price is modest and I notice there is a good range of shades.  I will definitely be buying more colours, this is very highly recommended
I recently bought Nile Nude and it is the perfect shade of nude. The girls at work also purchased this shade and as we all have different skin tones I couldn't believe how well this looked on everyone! There is a great colour range, so everyone can find something that suits them! It is great to see that Burt's use natural ingredients in their products. Will be purchasing some more shades!
I picked up the Burts Bee's lipstick in Blushing Basin a few weeks ago from Priceline on a treat yourself moment. I have to say I personally love the formula, finish and lasting power of these lipsticks however I do admit they may not be for everyone. FORMULA/FINISH: If you enjoy a matte, super long lasting lipstick and you are still on the matte liquid-lipstick bandwagon, this may not be the product for you. This product genuinely knocked me off the wagon and placed me solely back into the hydrating cream lipstick camp. This lipstick is a traditional creamy lipstick, and I find it is very hydrating on my lips and when I remove it at the end of the day I find my lips feel soft and supple not dry. This lipstick has a sheen-like finish- not as intense as a gloss but still quite shiny. I enjoy the formula, it is very lightweight on the lips, and I find that because it is so moisturising it does not cling to dry patches or collect and patch up like some matte  lipsticks tend to do. I've found that you can blot the lipstick or do the old blotting paper then powder trick to help take down the shine if that is not your cup of tea. LASTING POWER: Unfortunately, due to the hydrating nature of this lipstick I find that it does not last extremely well on the lips. I find that after 3-4 hours it is no longer as pigmented and he colours has worn off. It does depend on your personal preference however positively I can tell you that the lipstick does layer nicely without any weird clumping when you reapply throughout the day. Also, the lipstick does wear off quite evenly, leaving more of a stain. TIP: I find that if you layer the lipstick and blot using a thin blotting paper or tissue between layers, you can a more long lasting finish.   PIGMENTATION: I think this lipstick is very rich in pigment and provides full coverage on the lips. I have only tried the one lipstick from the range, however I swatched the rest of the colours instore and they appeared to be just as pigmented.     COLOUR SELECTION: The colour range is lovely, there are lots of nudes but lets be honest that's what most people wear must regularly so its not a negative as such. Blushing Basin is a rich mauvey-purpley colour which works well with my medium skin tone. I find that some nudes can tend to wash me out and have a concealer lips effect (the worst!) but the nudes in the range are quite warm and go reasonably dark so I can see these shades working for a wide variety of skin tones from light to deep. Hopefully they bring out some bolder colours next! PACKAGING: I like the packaging, it is quite sturdy and well made. It does not feel extremely luxurious as it is plastic but it does not carry the high price tag of say a YSL lippie. The lid has a magnetic closure which as well as being extremely practical so that the top does not come off when floating around your bag, it is also extremely satisfying (believe me you'll sit there playing with it every time). Overall, I think this a terrific affordable lipstick for anyone looking for a decent nude everyday, hydrating lipstick with a lovely sheen.
I recently bought a few more lip products in the Burts Bees range and this is definitely one of my favourites. As I have quite small lips I tend to prefer more natural tones for my everyday wear rather than a bold, bright lip.  The packaging is cute yet simple and resembles a honeycomb pattern on part of the lid. It is made from a durable lightweight plastic which makes it the perfect lipstick to take anywhere and everywhere.  The first time I used it my lips felt moisturised and nourished with a beautiful Matte colour. There is no stickiness or greasy feel about this lipstick. It is the perfect combination of moisturising and soothing. One quick coat and my lips look beautiful and feel naturally soft. The thing that I love the most about this lipstick is the stunning range of colours from soft pastels to brighter earthy tones.  There are multiple shades in this range to suit everyone! Pros * Very affordable $ *Nourishing ingredients that soften your lips *Substantial variety of shades  *Lightweight and cute packaging  *Glides on smoothly for EVERY application *Subtle sweet scent  *Matte colour with a pop of shine  *Looks ands feels luxuriously soft on your lips *Excellent for everyday wear CONS *may not fit into a small purse/clutch as it is a little larger than the average lipstick. *packaging is practical rather than posh *Didn't last 8 hours after eating/drinking so would definitely need a touch up during the day but it's such a pleasure to use this wasn't a problem for me personally. A beautiful lightweight lipstick that glides on smoothly leaving your lips conditioned and pout perfect. I highly recommend this lipstick for anyone wanting a range of matte lipsticks that are affordable and high quality.  Do your lips a favour and get these in your cosmetic collection asap. 
I own two shades from the Burts Bees range: Nike Nude and Basin Blush, both on the nude spectrum. I have owned (and loved) many a Burts Bees lip balm in my time and therefore jumped at the chance to own a lipstick from this company.  The natural aspect of these lipsticks is appealing to me given the horrifying statistics of how much lipstick the average woman consumes in her lifetime.  These lipsticks are infused with various oils and are moisturing on the lips. They are comfortable to wear, however due to the moisturing benefits, I don't find they are incredibly long lasting. I find the colour tends to disappear from the centre of my lips, leaving behind a ring of colour. Because of this I have avoided venturing into any of the darker colours in the range. They do, however, offer a lovely range of colours. Overall, this is a nice everyday lipstick that is kind to your lips, if you don't mind a few touch ups throughout the day.
This lipstick feels so luxurious on my lips. It moisturises my lips better than anything else I have EVER used. You can really smell the subtle aroma of beeswax. I love the packaging: I can not only identify it quickly amongst my stash by the honeycomb shapes on the sides of the lid, but also the colour at a glance because the colour of the lipstick is viewable behind the honeycomb-shaped cutouts. Very clever. You'll find it hard to purchase another brand after trying Burt's Bees. 5/5