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CeraVe SA Smoothing Cream is a moisturising cream with an exfoliating, paraben-free formula used to soften and remove rough, scaly skin. This comfortable, fragrance-free moisturiser hydrates through the rich, non-sticky and non-greasy formula. Suitable for dry, red, rough and bumpy Skin. The Cerave range is designed with moisturising MultiVesicular Technology [MVE] 24 hour hydration. 


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CeraVe SA Smoothing Cream


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Fixed my bumpy arms

Over the past few months the back of my arms have become quite bumpy. After doing a quick internet search of Keratosis Pilaris, this cream came up so I thought I would give it a go. It is fairly pricey in my opinion for the size of the tube but it's well worth it because it has worked and my bumps started reducing in size and in number with in the first 2 weeks and now they are almost all gone. The cream is thick, rich and white. It is totally fragrance free. It takes a few minutes to absorb but once absorbed it doesn't leave my skin feeling greasy whatsoever. It definitely softens and smooths the skin you just have to be patient and use daily. I would recommend this for Keratosis Pilaris.

Rough and dry to smooth and hydrated skin.

My skin has been particularly dry and over the last few years I have noticed a build up of dry bumpy skin especially on the backs of my arms (Keratosis Piliaris), chest, upper tummy and back. After showering I have been using the CeraVe SA Smoothing Cream on these areas and after not even a full week noticed how much softer, smoother and more moisturised my skin felt. Love that the tube of cream stands on its lid makes it easy to squeeze out, the cream is medium to thick consistency, white in colour, no scent, it spreads really easily as goes its absorption which it does really well leaving no greasy feeling. After using this for a few weeks my skin feels a lot more smooth and hydrated and the rough patches and bumps are far less obvious, I can’t wait to see how my skin feels with prolonged use. 100% I recommend this fabulous cream.

Non greasy, absorbs quickly and no smell at all!

I was a little nervous to try this after reading the reviews here but gave it a go anyway and I’m so glad I did! It’s definitely not greasy and absorbed so quickly into my skin, my face is usually red after cleansing and moisturising, and my pores are enlarged, I also have dry patches around my nose and on my chin, but after applying this my skin wasn’t red at all and my pores appeared smaller, and my chin doesn’t feel dry either, I’m very impressed! There is a very slight tingling on the usually dryer parts of my face like around my nose, but otherwise no other issues. And also absolutely no smell! My skin just feels soft and smooth, I’d definitely recommend!


Oh my God this stuff feels horrid on the skin! I can't speak for its long term results as it's only very new in Australia and I've only used it a handful of times. But Jesus, this cream is the thickest and the most occlusive moisturizer I have ever used in my life. Having suffered from Keratosis Pilaris and sensitive skin prone to dermatitis and body acne since my early 20s (I'm 30 now) I have tried almost every chemically exfoliating product available to treat the above skin concerns, including Lanate, AmLactin (from the US), Paula's Choice; all of which felt nice on the skin but did not make a shred of difference to the look of my KP (my main concern). I was excited to try the Cerave SA range due to its praise and rave reviews online and YouTube. I myself think that Cerave is an amazing brand with no nonsense ingredients and is backed by science and proven to have incredible skin benefits - having been using their cleansers and moisturizing lotion for months now, with no adverse effects whatsoever. HOWEVER... THIS CREAM FELT LIKE SPREADING GLUE ALL OVER YOUR BODY. It must be due to the high concentration of Urea or other occlusive ingredients but this never sunk in! I had the most uncomfortably sticky nights sleep ever and could not wait to jump in the shower this morning. Once in the shower, you can definitely still feel a film on your skin that can't be washed away with regular water. I gave this 3 stars because even though this is probably the WORST FEELING moisturizer/chemical exfoliant I've ever used in my life, after my shower my skin did feel quite moisturized, perhaps due to the fact that it product was still sitting on top of my skin! Personally I hate ANY lotion, cream or serum that is overly occlusive as it makes me feel sticky, tacky, sweaty and cold depending on the weather. Overall, I feel that this would be PERFECT for someone with similar skin concerns to mine, but with extra dry skin, so that they can take advantage of its amazing ingredients and appreciate it's ultra emollient and moisturizing application.

Great for super dry skin!

Very thick moisturising cream that is perfect for use on your body! An essential for the winter months as it really delivers on putting back moisture into dry and flaky skin. This was great for my eczema spots and I also used it on my kids. Would recommend and re-purchase.
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Where has this been all my life?!?!

I suffer from dry skin year round however when it hits winter it is on another while level which is why I am so grateful to have been apart of this review crew. It is a beautiful thick lotion that once I apply to my skin it absorbs straight away!! With other moisturisers I find that I have to really spend time rubbing it in and that usually makes me dread having to moisturise however with CeraVe smoothing cream, my skin instantly drinks it up leaving no greasy residue and instantly moisturises. Over the past few weeks I have noticed my skin texture improve and not be so bumpy and rough. This is my new favourite moisturiser that I will be keeping in my bathroom for many years to come.
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Thick and heavy

I will continue to use to see if there is any change as it’s only been 6days. First impression didn’t really like how heavy and thick it felt on the skin. The smell is unpleasant which it doesn’t make you feel fresh after using it. My skin didn’t react to it so that was a good sign and it does feel smoother once washed off.
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Hydration for the whole body

I suffer from Keratosis pilaris on my arms and back of my thighs, so this product has now become a staple in my beauty routine. This moisturiser has quite a thick consistency which I found was not suitable for my face but worked wonders on the rest of my body. I noticed an improvement within 3-4 days while using this product. It doesn't feel greasy on the skin and absorbs well without leaving any residue. The smell of the product was different from others on the market, but I really enjoyed it as it was not overpowering. This cream is a great staple for my beauty routine during winter. Pairing this product with the cleanser created a complementing duo. A great bonus with this product is that the price point makes it an affordable product for everyday use and long-lasting. I will purchase this product once it runs out.
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Thick moisturiser and hard to rub in but hydrating

I was looking forward to testing out this smoothing cream from CeraVe but unfortunately for me, it didn't quite live up to expectations. This would be better as a foot cream than a facial moisturiser. It's just too thick for the face, and isn't easy to absorb. I felt like I was walking around with an extra layer of moisturiser on during the day. The fragrance-free scent is not really for me either, I do like a moisturiser to have a slight fragrance.
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Leaves a residue

The moisturiser is extremely thick and leaves a long lasting residue on the skin. This was great for flakiness but was uncomfortable when wearing my pajamas or even rubbing on my sheets as my skin stuck to the material. It did not help my keratosis st all but it was effective on my eczema. I wasnt bothered by the smell however I used it mainly on my legs.
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Hydrating, smooth and moisturising lotion

I love this lotion, it’s thick and keeps the moisture in my skin for much longer than other products I’ve used before. A little definitely goes a long with this cream.
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Lovely hydrating light cream

I’m really impressed with this cream. It feels really hydrating and is thick but at the same time it doesn’t feel suffocating and works really well with my skin which reacts to to a lot of products. This hasn’t irritated and has helped hydrate and smooth my dry skin. Definitely will purchase again.
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Smoothing Cream

This is a clever product. Quite often, there are multiple skin concerns and this product addresses multiple concerns. I am not too keen on the scent, I don't really like it but perhaps it is a sacrifice for smooth skin? It moisturises my skin and the rough bits does exfoliate. I feel like there should be a product for in between because exfoliating everyday can feel like a bit too much.
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Super absorbant

I found this product to go a really long with a very small amount as it is incredibly thick. It is incredibly hydrating without leaving that oily and sticky feeling for a thick cream. It was also Super absorbent which really helps my skin. I noticed my eczema on my face has definitely Descreased after using this
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Wow! Seriously. If you are suffering from dry skin, grab this bad boy because not only does it make your skin feel luscious, smooth and fresh, you only need the tiniest amount to achieve a nice glow all day long. I really enjoy using this product because once you realise you don't need much of it...I realise my savings plus throughout the winter months, I don't have to have dry ,dull looking skin halfway through the day because this cream makes my skin feel and look hydrated and health. It is so silky to apply and there's no oily residue. I put it under a primer most days and then put foundation on top and it worked a treat. I definitely would recommend to anyone that has dry skin or if your skin feels tight because this cream will rock your world.
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Great moisturizing cream

This cream is amazing. It's texture is quite thick, creamy and very moisturizing. It blended into my skin quite well. I tried it in the allergically area on my face and it clams the rashes down. Overtime, using this product helped my face feel a lot smoother. This is a great product for allergically skins and I would recommend this to others!
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Exciting new moisturiser

Firstly, I received this product to sample as part of the Review Crew. I've actually been using CeraVe for years and have consistently used their Moisturising Cream as my daily moisturiser for the past 2 years. When I was invited to trial this product which contains the ceramides and hyaulronic acid that their creams are known for, with the addition of Salylic Acid - a chemical exfoliant that smoothens out your skin and clears out your pores - I was very excited to be a aprt of it. I have always used SA as a separate serum or treatment product so having it incorporated into a daily moisturiser would be a gamechanger. I've been impressed with this product, it is no different to the CeraVe cream that I've been using for the past 2 years except there is a bit of a sticky residue which I have experienced with SA in the past. I will say, as this product is a chemical exfoliant, results do take time and I dn't think the trial period was enough to show a noticeable improvement in my skin. That being said, SA is a great product for preventing breakouts and clearing the surface of your skin and I have high hops as CeraVe's products have always impressed me with their formulas that have ingredients great for your skin.
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Great for body too!

Another great moisturizer from CeraVe. No stinging and no off putting scent. Its a bit thick though, I was using it at night time because it just felt too heavy through the day. I have been applying to my shoulders and neck after the shower as i still suffer body acne sometimes and its helping which is great!
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Hydrating for your body!

I use this for my body as I am particularly prone to dry skin during Winter. I love the thick consistency because this means it will absorb on your skin and stay hydrated for longer. Not so great on the face because it's a bit heavy for my liking but if you're after a thick moisturising cream for your face then a little will go a long way with this product.
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Thick moisturiser

This product was a very thick moisturiser. It worked wonders on the dry patches on my face and flaky forehead skin. I would recommend to anyone that gets extremely dry skin. I wasn’t a fan of the smell but it seemed to work on my skin so got past it. I will continue to use when my skin get extremely dry but wouldn’t recommend as an everyday face moisturiser.