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Cetaphil Moisturising Cream is a moisturising cream recommended by dermatologists for use on dry, sensitive skin. The formulation of humectants and emollients works to bind water to the skin, softening whilst helping to prevent moisture loss. This cream is lanolin, paraben and fragrance-free, and is non-comedogenic so it won’t block pores. It is suitable for use on both the face and body. It is suitable for use on the following skin types: Normal/sensitive and rosacea affected. Directions for use: Apply as often as required.


Cetaphil Moisturising Cream


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Great everyday moistursing cream

My skin has been extra dry lately, and this Cetaphil Moistursing Cream has definitely been one of the few creams I have been able to use to soften and smooth my skin. Therefore, I'm very pleased I was able to try it for the last few weeks to replenish my dry skin. The cream comes in a large 250g plastic tub, and it has a concentrated, thick texture. I find I only need a small amount each application, which definitely makes it great value. It can be used on both the face and body, and I have used it as a face cream and a hand cream to soften my dry, rough hands. It works well as an everyday day and night cream, to deeply nourish and soften dry skin. It leaves my cheeks feeling soft, smooth and very comfortable. It has a fairly rich texture, that takes a bit of time to absorb fully. It contains a few plant oils to repair and treat dry skin and is fragrance-free so it's ideal for more sensitive skin types. My only criticism is that it does contain petroleum as one of the primary ingredients, and my preference is usually for petroleum- free skincare products.
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Old School Favourite Moisturiser

I used to use this product in my teens when I needed a gentle moisturiser that would also help with dry skin, and don't know why I ever stopped! While this is a standard moisturiser with no fancy ingedrients such as ceramides, it really gets the job done. I love to use this on myself and my children after a shower, our skin feels so nourished. I have dry hands from constant house cleaning, and this moisturiser really helps with keeping them soft and moisturised. I don't use this on my face as I don't like using thick moisturisers on it, however I do use it for my children and their skin loves it. Cetaphil will always be an old school favourite that will definitely continue to be around for a long time coming. Definitely worth trying this moisturiser out if you have sensitive and/or dry skin.
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Suitable for my (and possibly your) sensitive skin

I have heard great things about cetaphil, especially for sensitive skin, so was excited to try this cream. I have sensitive skin which is typically dry, however recently I have noticed that my t-zone has become much oilier. The cream is thick, much thicker than my usual face moisturiser, but it applies really easily and absorbs quicker than I would have thought. My skin looks moisturised after use, and there is no unwanted residue left on the skin. I love how much product you get for the price, and my only complaint (if I had to find one) would be that I would prefer a pump/squeeze container instead of the jar. But for the price point I think it is a really nice moisturiser that doesn't irritate my easily sensitised skin.
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Super thick moisturiser that leaves skin soft

This product is a lovely, thick moisturiser that really locks in moisture and leaves skin feeling plump and nourished. For those with dry skin, I recommend applying a hydrating serum first before adding on the moisturiser as a final layer. This thick cream comes in a jar and absorbs quickly, leaving a moisturising residue. If you have very oily skin, you might find that it's too thick and suffocating in hot weather, but it's perfect for my dry skin. My favourite way to use it on my legs - it leaves them feeling super soft!!
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Cetaphil Moisturiser

Okay, so a big fan of the Cetaphil range, so similar to the cleanser, I have happy to trial the Moisturising Cream. I normally have fairly dry and sensitive skin and trust me I've tried alot of product! Like the cleanser, it's a dual cream but I haven't yet tried it on my face only coz I am happy with my face cream and a little reluctant to try something else. But for my body, I love it, I moisturise every night and I like how it just absorbs into my skin without leaving that residue or stickiness afterwards. I am a fan of the richer in texture creams as I feel like they are working more into my skin. A great handy product to have in your cupboard if you suffer from dry and sensitive skin like I do! Nice size tub, but still smaller enough not to take up too much room!
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Nourishing Everyday Moisturiser

The Cetaphil Moisturising Cream is suitable for dry, and sensitive skin. It is non-comedogenic, and both fragrance and lanolin free. The cream is a thick and intense formula, great for helping to lock in the hydration. The cream is easy to spread all over my skin, absorbing quickly and leaving my skin moisturised and hydrated. There is no sticky or greasy residue after applying it. My skin just feels soft and nourished. This comes in a tub, though I wished it was in a pump bottle. The cream is great for anyone with dry or sensitive skin, and looking for something that gives great moisturisation and hydration. Would recommend.
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Does what it says!

I suffer with dry and sensitive skin and have found a lot of moisturisers very irritating. This product did not irritate my skin and I’ve seen a marked improvement in terms of dryness. I like the product consistency and while being thick it is absorbed quickly and easily with no oily residue feeling. The tub makes it easy to find in the cupboard and easy to apply. I also like that there is no scent for the product. Overall I would recommend this product to those with sensitive skin and those suffering dryness.
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Locks in moisture

This is my first time using the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream as I tend go for a lighter moisturising lotion. I found it to be quite thick and rich when using it on my face and body after it has absorbed into the skin it felt soft and could hardly notice it. My skin has been feeling quite dry with the cold weather and using heating most days, this product helped my skin feel moisturised. My husband also used this on his face and it cleared up the dry skin leaving his face feeling and looking nourished. I love that I didn’t need to use much of the product to cover my face and body effectively. While this cream could be used by all skin types, I would recommend this cream for those with dry, sensitive skin.
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WOW !! SO hydrating and not sticky.

I am so impressed with this product. This is my first time trying it. A very generous size - good bang for buck and will last ages. The skin on my body is slightly dehydrated from over showering due to my work so I desperately needed to become better with body care. The product looks thick in texture but spreads beautifully over my body. There is no fragrance, it is not overly creamy and my skin doesn't feel sticky afterwards. This is something that I can actually commit to using this everyday after my shower and go straight to bed after/put on my clothes.
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A lovely everyday moisturiser

I have only ever used a Cetaphil product once in the past as it was recommended by a friend when I had a skin sensitivity - it might not be the fanciest of brands, but after trying their Gentle Skin Cleanser and Moisturising Cream I think the products are under-rated. They are low cost, sensible products that do what they say they will; all while caring for my sensitive skin. There aren't any anti-aging ingredients, but boy will it hydrate. The Moisturising Cream comes in a 250g tub. Personally I prefer bottles, tubes or pumps to avoid germs from having to put fingers into the tub to use it, but the cream is lovely and thick so I'm not sure if it would be too thick for the other options. The cream is thick enough to feel super hydrating, but doesn't feel heavy on the skin and it absorbed pretty quickly. I used it on my face and also my body and was really impressed. I have dry skin and after using it for a couple of days I could see a big improvement.
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Simple, effective

I get dry skin, particularly in winter when I am spending my time in drier, heated rooms. Coming out of winter this year my skin was particularly parched and in need of some TLC. Within a day or two of using this things were looking vastly better. This moisturiser is thick, but smooths on and spreads easily and evenly. It's not sticky or greasy, and the moisturising effects last. My body is loving me for it! My only negative comment is that it is dispensed in a tub. Personally I don't love dipping in with my fingers, so I use a beauty spatula to get enough out to use on my body, but that is a personal preference. Great price, great product. It's simple and does what it says without irritation or stickiness.
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Easily absorbed and hydrating

I loved using the Cetaphil Moisturising Cream! It was such a nice, light cream to use all over my body. Stepping out of the shower, I left my skin a little damp to ensure a fully absorbed application. I used the recommend 50 cent size and applied it on my legs and torso in circular motions. The fragrance-free range of Cetaphil is what I loved the most given that it is now Spring and I am prone to allergies. The consistency of this cream spread evenly all over my skin. My skin was left hydrated, it created a smooth barrier and my skin was nicely moisturised through the day. I would highly recommend using this cream following cleansing to enhance the moisture barrier and hydration, especially for sensitive skin.
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Staple cream for face and body

This is an all-rounder intense and enriching cream that works for both my face and body! I love using this fragrance free, thick and gentle moisturiser on my very dry body after the shower. It leaves my skin feeling so soft and nourished for the rest of the day. I also use this as a last step on my sensitive face which really locks in the serums and products I use before this. Haven't had any reactions which is great and I wake up with a glowy, well rested look! This will definitely be a staple for me and my partner and go to when you need moisture delivered to your skin asap!
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Dry skin no more

I used this cream after I used their Cetaphil cleanser as part of the ReviewCrew trial. Its a bit fiddly because I need to unscrew the lid and dip my fingers into into tub. I much prefer the pump kind of packaging for hygienic reasons as well. The cream itself is light yet moisturising, my dry and sensitive skin absorbs it very quickly. It's handy as you can apply to the face and body. I always had dry hands and elbows so it's nice to see this cream has worked. I also use this cream on my kids, both tend to have dry skin so it's easy to just pop them on their faces.
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Lovely moisturiser

I have heard great things about the Cetaphil range and so was really excited to try this one. This moisturiser has a lovely consistency, it isn't heavy and feels super lightweight to put onto your skin. It easily glides onto your face and neck and absorbs really quickly so you feel like you can carry on with your skincare routine or apply make up right away. I have sensitive skin and didnt encounter any issues it worked well with my skin. I liked this as a daily morning moisturiser as it is super lightweight and sinks in quickly but for the evening I prefer a heavier moisturiser.
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The new body butter

Once again I was looking for a product and this one came along at the right time! It’s like the body butter that keeps on giving- literally. The first time I used this product I dabbed a bit on my face and started to rub it in, I couldn’t believe how far it went! A little really goes a long way. I have had really dry skin lately and I’ve found this moisturiser has helped dramatically. It doesn’t smell, spreads easily and doesn’t leave the stickiness afterwards. I do prefer moisturisers in a pump bottle to avoid bacteria build up but using it with clean hands or a paddle can help alleviate this. I love the texture and the feeling of this, has really helped with dry spots on both face and body. Will definitely be buying again
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Like a tub of mousse that just glides on!

As someone who has gone through numerous products trying to find the one that best suits my skin (like most people I'm sure) I never thought the most simple would work the best. I was really impressed at how quickly this nourished and absorbed into my skin. It didn't leave a greasy residue that makes you not want to put on clothes for hours after moisturising and my skin stayed soft and supple long afterwards. I have been using for about a week now and am noticing that my elbows and knees are less dry and my skin feels softer in general. The other benefits I noticed were that it was really gentle on sensitive skin, and the fact it comes in a tub is even better because you can get the most out of the product and not have any go to waste compared to those in a bottle. As an all body moisturiser I would get this again and recommend to anyone who is looking for a lighter and more gentle product.
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Whipped deliciousness

Firstly, let me say thank you Cetaphil for giving us a face moisturiser in a large container! I don't know how many times I have gone to buy a face moisturiser and you get a tiny little bottle that you use through so quickly. Excellent value for money. I experience hormonal acne at certain times of the month and am therefore really scared to try new face products - BUT this product didn't break me out!! It was so gentle and smooth, it has a lovely whipped consistency which I loved. I also love that this product is in this packaging too because it allows me to get exactly how much moisturiser out I want. I did find that the product did feel a tiny bit oily after applying it, but it didn't feel gross. I would recommend trying this product!
Love this cream and packaging! It's so rare to be able to find a rich cream in a tub, so that you can get every bit of the product!  Great for sensitive skin and for the whole family, i use this on my kids who have sensitive and eczema prone skin, and my husband loves it too! A staple in our house!
Love Cetaphil!! I'm a swimming instructor so I get really dry skin and I get eczema in the winter, but this cream nourishes my skin and leaves me feeling moisturised. It helps manage eczema outbreaks and it's thick enough to to soothe my skin after hours in the pool. It doesn't smell strongly and absorbs fairly quickly, I warm it up in my hands first but spreads nicely. I definitely recommend this cream, particularly for those with sensitive/dry skin.