CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation SPF 25/ Pa++

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CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation SPF 25/ Pa++ is a foundation that provides a natural glow to the skin in lightweight formula that allows for easy application with fingertips.

Available in eight shades.


CHANEL Les Beiges Healthy Glow Foundation SPF 25/ Pa++


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This is amazing at smoothing out your face. My face looks so much heathier. People have commented on my skin. I suffer with acne and have very large pores everywhere and no foundation has hidden them like this one. Its so light too. Like a moussey cream its not runny. I used to use perfection lumiere velvet which was also for its pore refining effect and I didnt think i could get any better til i tried this! That is a bit heavier for reference so has better coverage. I bought this one for the spf 25 initially but now i will use it all the time it looks too pretty.  The only problem is this foundation is being marketed as healthy glow so the wrong people are buying it. Its not a glowy illuminating kind of foundation at all! Its matte on my oily skin and i dont use powder until midday. This powdery demi-matte finish means it does highlight dryness so i use a serum beforehand to stop this and im done. If you want a glowy foundation this isnt for you. If you have big pores acne pitting you will love it.  Its a great summer foundation, light with high spf, not shiny.  You have to be careful what you wear underneath , less is better.
As much as I love Chanel, this foundation is their worst in my opinion. I have no idea where all of these good reviews come from, do we have different products or what? Maybe my skin is not the greatest match for this foundation, I don't know, I have combination skin as in the past I had no problems with Chanel foundations. I will start with the positive aspects as there are some: - great packaging, a sleek bottle with a pump, the best way to present any foundation to a customer - SPF 25 which is just great - beautiful scent - nice light shades - an ok formula Now let me focus on the things that I don't like and that immediately make this foundation a no no for me - the formula isn't the easiest to apply, - it streaks - it accentuates dry skin patches - it makes skin texture and at the same time all the blemishes very visible ( where is the smooth effect?) - it makes my large pores look even larger - it makes my skin look dull ( instead of promised radiance) and sick I am not sure whether The shade is wrong for me or something but my face look terrible when I wear this foundation. Wanted to give it a few goes, with different primers, without primers, with different skincare... the effect is always the same: dull skin with its texture accentuated.  I was so excited to get this product as soon as it was launched last year but I was so disappointed too. Now to use up an 80$ worth of not so exciting foundation I try to mix it with other foundations etc. I just regret spending that much money on something so bad. I still love Chanel though, everybody makes mistakes.
Five Stars + Okay One more if I had a choice,  Give me a C, Give me a H, Give me a A, Give me a N, Give me a E and Give me a L what does that spell - CHANEL. This is what makeup is premium, the royalty of all foundations, sexy, elegant, popular, expensive - WHOOPS - there goes my money, worth it, matches skin effortless is a dream to use.
Fantastic light-to-medium coverage foundation which looks very natural on the skin. Since its launch it has become my favourite Chanel foundation and that is a big call. Does not dry nor cake and the application can last 10 hours when finished off with a translucent powder. Con: pricey but the pigment is fantastic so the bottle lasts a long time. 
I received this foundation as a gift with purchase, and I was very excited to be finally trying a Chanel foundation. I was sold straight away by the healthy glow name, as some days I need all the help I can get.  After applying primer and waiting a few minutes for it to sink in to my freshly exfoliated skin, I dabbed some on forehead, nose, chin and cheeks and buffed in with my fingers and then a brush. The colour was just about perfect for me, which is always a good thing as I have the most white and pale skin you can imagine, it covered everything I needed it to while still letting my real skin show through and they call it healthy glow for a good reason, I looked as if I had a facial and juice cleanse all at once. All in all I thought it was one of the nicer foundations I had tried, it lasted until my nightly cleanse, I continued to glow all day but still stayed covered and shine free and a little drop goes a very long way. But it only gets four stars as I really hate a bottle where you have to dip your fingers in, it's so unhygienic and inconvenient, I much prefer a pump or tube, and it is a little pricey and will not replace my beloved yves saint laurent ink foundation, which I happily pay over $80 for.