CHANEL NO°5 The Hair Mist

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CHANEL NO°5 The Hair Mist features notes of the NO°5 fragrance, and leaves hair subtly scented throughout the day.


CHANEL NO°5 The Hair Mist


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How I love this so much. Like all Chanel products you just come to expect them to be amazing and this hair scent does not disappoint. It’s not too strong that it’s over powering but at the same time you really can smell it in your hair and it also complements your perfume with the whole layering process.
Chanel No 5 addicts rejoice!!! This product is totally OTT but oh so fabulous! If you cannot step foot outside of the house without your favourite spritz of Chanel then you need this product to leave the soft, unmistakeable No 5 scent where ever you go! you simply spritz sparingly (we do want this product to last!) on your dry hair do and bam you are ready to go!