CHANEL Vitalumiére Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup

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CHANEL Vitalumiére Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup is an ultra-fine fluid foundation that provides light coverage, leaving skin even and glowing. Its formula combines UVB sun filters and mineral sunscreen to protect skin from sun damage.

Available in seven shades.


CHANEL Vitalumiére Aqua Ultra-Light Skin Perfecting Makeup


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It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all

This was the first high end foundation I ever purchased and completely used up. It has travel friendly packaging that still manages to look and feel luxe. The shade range is dismal, which is disappointing and it is pricey.... However, it really does look and feel beautiful on the skin. It has a light to medium coverage with a natural finish, not too dewy or shiny, and it's buildable without ever really feeling like you're wearing anything at all. My skin is normal to oily and it never looked too shiny in my t-zone and held up surprisingly well throughout the day in terms of not breaking down or making me look like a greasy hot dog. You have to shake it prior to dispensing it, which I always found very satisfying. I think this would work on people of all ages and skin types, there's just not enough shades in the range.
This is my go to light weight foundation for a sheer natural everyday look. Colour matches my skin perfectly smoothing out the skin and giving it a beautiful finish. Recommend applying with a brush or your fingers as it quite a thin consistency. Not one that you can build up, but you could add a powder layer to increase the coverage as needed. Wears beautifully through the day. Highly recommend!
It surprised me quite how much I loved this foundation. I wanted to try it for years due to blogger/YouTuber Fleur De Force’s love for it. It took me a while given the price and the somewhat mixed reviews but I’m so glad I did. As others have, I would describe it as a light coverage that is buildable to a medium coverage. The finish is not quite matte but more “skin-like” and almost lit from within appearance. It’s hard to describe - it’s not dewy at all, but it isn’t matte or satin either. Just trust me, it’s lovely.  I have dehydrated, combo skin with a history of acne. This makes finding a good foundation a minefield.  I find this works incredibly well for me in that even without a primer (I always moisturise at least five minutes before applying any base), this doesn’t sit on dry patches or leave me an oil slick half way through the day.  This isn’t a 12 - 16 hour wear foundation, but I find after a long work day, even though it’s started to wear off after 10 or more hours, it isn’t separating and looking gross. I would much rather this than have a super matte, long-wear foundation drying my skin out or separating by the end of the day!  All in all, I would say this is a step up from my Nars Tinted Moisturiser and my favourite day-time foundation for when the tinted moisturiser isn’t going to cut it.
If you're looking for a ultra-lightweight foundation that makes your skin looks perfect for those no-makeup makeup days, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua is the answer The texture: Quite thin if you don't mix it properly. When mixed properly it is a slightly thicker liquid with nice slip for easy blending. Works very with my combination/oil skin since its not creamy. It comes in a shaker bottle with a ball bearing in it. I was watching a guy review this on youtube, who works at Chanel, and he said the correct way to shake is too rock it back and forth until you can't hear the shaker ball. Apparently if you shake it up and down really fast, it will prematurely damage the formula. The coverage: The formula is light, buildable to light-medium coverage - perfect for a sheer, natural skin but better looking. It won't cover big blemishes or pigmentation, but will provide just enough to even out skin tones that are within one shade of difference. Has a semi matte finish. Personally, I apply this foundation all over my face and use concealer to touch up on the areas/spots still peaking through. The overall effect looks super natural people don't even notice I wear foundation! The longevity: I bought this and used it regularly in a hot and humid area and find this foundation wears beautifully for up to 10 hours. Seriously, I wore it for a full 12 hours once and I was amazed when I came home to see that I still look pretty decent. Of course, you are not going to look fresh-faced at the end of the night but your skin still looks quite dewy and natural after that 10+ hours! I only had to reapplied my concealer throughout the day but the foundation stayed. The shades: seven shades only so a bit hard to find the perfect match. I was lucky to match with Beige 50, but saw that the shade range was either very pink or yellow so skin tones out of this range may not find a match. The scent: A powdery/floral scent that is not too overpowering or chemical-like. No allergic reaction to date. Packaging: Not glass, but plastic so very lightweight, easy to squeeze out and less prone to breaking if you drop it. Also it's flat (rather than squarish and bulky like most foundation bottles) so great for travel. Would I buy this again? Yes. I think this will become a staple foundation in my collection as I reach for this when I'm having a good-skin day and want to really nail the no-makeup look. Great for: those looking for sheer coverage, skin within minor imperfections Not great for: those wanting full or moderate coverage.
I got this foundation a few weeks ago and i adore it, smells fresh like linen with a perfumed scent. I need to shake this before use and pros are it has a little ball bearing inside so i know its shaken. I apply this with my fingers and that is a first for me as other foundations usually go streaky, but this beauty blends into my skin with ease. It erases most of my dots and spots but you cant tell i have foundation on which is great. When i run out one day even though the price is quite high i will have to repurchase.
love love love this foundation, it gives a nice light even coverage and really makes my skin look amazing, it doesn't feel like I am wearing makeup and looks natural, giving my skin a youthful glow. It is pricey but well worth the investment as you dont need to use very much so it lasts for ages. The reults are amazing, my skin looks so much better, it evens out skin tone and I always get compliments wearing it. The luxe chanel packaging always feels like I am spoiling myself, its a real treat if you want a special foundation. I would absolutely buy this every time over any other brand.
I have been using this foundation for about a year now, and find it to be consistently good.  It goes on smooth, and stays on for most of the day.  I only apply a little bit in the morning after my moisteriser, and I find this goes a long way.  However, I've found I need a touch up if I am going out after work, as the foundation will fade away after a day (this might be because I only apply a tiny bit in the morning).   It provides good coverage, however probably would not be enough to cover heavy pigmentation on the skin alone. Pros: - Lightweight, easy to use foundation that stays on for most of the day. - It's not sticky or dense, and I often forget I am wearing foundation it feels that good on the skin! Cons: - It's quite expensive for a foundation and you may need touch-ups if going from a day to night look.
My favourite celebrity makeup artist Lisa Eldridge often uses this foundation in her YouTube tutorials and I was lusting after it for the longest time. I finally picked it up from my local Chanel counter and it has become part of my daily makeup routine. The light texture and light/medium coverage is perfect for work day makeup. It blends easily with fingers or a brush, and evens skin tone. It is also great for my oily skin and doesn't require touch ups during the day. On it's own the coverage probably wouldn't be enough for someone who wanted to cover blemishes or pigmentation, but used in conjunction with a good concealer it would be a good base for normal, combo and oily skin types. It is one of the more expensive foundations that I like, but you only need a small amount that a bottle lasts for ages and it is just so comfortable to wear that I think it's worth it.
The Vitalumiere Aqua Foundation is a lovely lightweight foundation, I love it for days where I want a light even coverage. I'm in the shade "petale " for it being a light weight coverage I do find it long lasting and I don't find I need to do any touch ups . It does come in a plastic bottle, and does seem to have a ball bearing in it that moves around the product when you shake it.  The big con that doesn't give this a 5 star is the packaging.  For the price point of this foundation the nozzle on this is disappointing, I like that not too much product comes out as a little goes along way, but when you near the end of the bottle you do find it does get hard to get he last bit out, and for the price I do like to get every drop out of this. Aside from this con it is a great summer coverage well worth the money