CHANEL Vitalumiére Compact Douceur Compact Makeup SPF 10

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CHANEL Vitalumiére Compact Douceur Compact Makeup SPF 10 is a compact foundation that helps even out skin texture, leaving a luminous and velvety finish. It contains peach pit extract, and is rich in fatty acids, which leaves skin hydrated and soft throughout the day.

Available in six shades.


CHANEL Vitalumiére Compact Douceur Compact Makeup SPF 10


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When one hears Chanel, one thinks of the world of luxury and high quality immediately. When buying any Chanel product we are sold a lovely fairy tale accompanied by amazing customer service and the packaging that is oh so divine. Chanel makes us feel a bit more special every time we visit the counter. I can't hide that I love Chanel, not only because of the history of the brand and its attitude to customers but also and foremost, because of the beautiful products they make. I didn't plan to buy Vitalumiere Compact Douceur but I got it on a whim, to make my sad face smile for a while. And that while has been quite a while I must say because for almost two years I have been using this face powder almost every day. It is terrific. The way it looks on the face, or I should say, the way it makes my face look is extraordinary. It was the first high end powder of mine and I am telling you, when you had a taste of these high end finely milled face powders, it is very hard to go back to usual drugstore powders. Apart from the lovely black rectangular packaging with the mirror that is good 8 cm wide, we get a beautiful velvety powder that feels light and creamy. I used it on its own, as a setting powder and as a powder to set the concealer. On its own it gives sherr to semi medium coverage, the skin looks very glowy and healthy, as lit from within. Those with combination or oily skin may not like to use it that way and will appreciate this product more as a setting powder, in which role it works perfectly well too. It creates a veil that gives a similar effect to real life photoshop. The skin is luminous, pores erased, it is indeed the gorgeous result. But what surprised me most about this product is the way it behaves when setting the concealer, it gives the best finish ever. It won't go into those fine lines, it will not dry out the delicate eye area. I really can't imagine my make up without this powder. What is more, as with all Chanel make up, the scent of the powder is just divine. I must take away one star as it is quite pricey and might make those with combination and oily skin shine a little but otherwise, something special.