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CK Be EDT is a refreshing, oriental woody fragrance for daytime wear. The unisex scent features a blend of musk, mandarin, magnolia, peach and sandalwood. 

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Like most Calvin Klein perfumes, CK Be is marketed as a unisex fragrance. To my nose, though, there's a definite masculine skew, and while I like it on me, I prefer it on men. I could be biased, however, as my brothers used this way before I did, hence the masculine association. The fresh woody fragrance is housed in a simple, minimalistic black bottle. The notes that I smell, no matter the wearer, are wood and grass and something powdery. On my brothers, the lavender, musk and cedar notes are more intense; on myself, it's more citrusy before drying down to a more clean vanilla scent, but very little musk. Regardless, Be always comes across as a clean, freshly-showered fragrance without any intense or heady scents, making this a great choice for when I don't want to stand out. I also like that this is one of the few fresh scents that don't immediately evoke the scents of "water" or "aqua"; those to me smell blue, whereas this smells white with black marble patterns, if that makes sense. It's a clean scent but not airy fairy. As much as I like the scent, the longevity is dreadful. It lasts a maximum of two hours, and that's if I bring my nose up to my skin. The sillage isn't the best, either, but for a fragrance like this, I actually think that's a positive.
My man is a tradie, meaning he works long hours out in the sun and comes home smelling like a ball of sweat. There's nothing I like more than buying him good quality fragrance that smells like sandalwood and musk. And it lives up to what an everyday fragrance should be. I highly recommend this product.
I love this fragrance. I bought it online when it was on sale, having never smelt it before... huge risk! It was definitely worth it though as it's now one of my favourites. The scent is a musky peach with elements of sandalwood, wearable by both men and women.  It's a fragrance that develops throughout the day on your skin, adapting to your natural scent. One spray in the morning is more than enough to get me through the day, as it lasts hours. The bottle is very simple, which is a nice difference from other perfumes that spend alot of their budget on fancy packaging. I would recommend this fragrance to anyone whose looking for a clean, light scent to wear daily.