COVERGIRL Clean Liquid Makeup

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COVERGIRL Clean Liquid Makeup is an oil-free, water-based foundation that blends easily into the skin, concealing imperfections and evening skin tone. The formula contains Noxzema to care for the skin and ensure that pores remain unclogged.

Available in four shades.


COVERGIRL Clean Liquid Makeup


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This foundation is nothing special. It applies well and has lighter coverage. It can be built up a certain amount, but starts to look cakey before it's built up to full coverage. It starts to look worse the longer I wear it, as my oily skin starts to show through it. It fades in patches, and rubs off when you touch your face. I'm in between shades so this is just too inconvinient to buy again. If you have dryer skin, and find a shade match I think you might enjoy this.
I highly recommend this product. It looks cheap however, it has such good coverage and has a tea tree scent to it. it would be good if it had a pump this product would last longer. it's cheap and does the job.
Very disappointed with this foundation. I would say a tinted moisturiser gives you better coverage than this does. By far the worst foundation I have ever tried
Having oily, blemish-prone skin, this foundation seems like it would be perfectly suited to my skin, however it is actually one of the worst foundations I've ever used (and I've tried so so many). For an oil-free formula, it was amazing how it managed to make my skin look even oilier than usual, it didn't stay on very long, and generally just did not agree with or perform well on my skin. It was a real shame, as good foundations for oily skin in this price range are so hard to come by.
This is a great foundation for oily skin, especially the T-zone area as it is not greasy and feels light and natural. A few hours after applying foundation I find my skin looks shiny, but with this foundation this did not happen. It is priced well so is great value for money for a product that really works and it covers imperfections and small blemishes beautifully for a photo ready complexion. I would recommend buying this
COVERGIRL Clean Liquid Makeup is a favourite foundation of mine and has been for many years now.  Infact I wore this foundation on my wedding day. The foundation is very light, and is very easy to blend.  It really evens out your skin tone, covers redness and marks on your face, and provides long lasting coverage all day. What I love about this foundation is how it helps with problem skin.  It contains Noxcema, and this means any problems like shiny skin, pores and pimples  are treated.    When I wear this foundation, I notice how my T-Zone is much more controlled and my skin is not as oily.  My pores  look less clogged.  Redness from pimples is minimised.    The skin really does feel cleaner, and this is one foundation you can wear everyday, without having to worry about your skin becoming worse due to regular use. PRO's Very well priced, and the product will last for ages. Very light texture, fantastic for oilier skins, and wonderful in the warmer and humid weather. Provides medium coverage and does not clog pores or your skin Very easy to blend, the light texture is very fine Great for problem skin, will not make your skin worse I recommend this product for anyone who has oilier skin tones, and problem areas like pores and oily t zones.   It is very light and suitable for all ages.  What I love about this foundation, is how light and wonderful my skin feels and look when I use it.  It doesn't dry the skin out, the product is light and blends superbly, resulting in clear, even and radiant skin, which we all desire.  A true gem of a product, it has been around for years, and is one I will use often and keep coming back to.