COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Luminous Natural Glow Foundation

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COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Luminous Natural Glow Foundation is a lightweight and luminous foundation with a vitamin-infused formula to help reduce the appearance of imperfections while evening skin tone and enhancing radiance all day long.

Available in five shades.


COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Luminous Natural Glow Foundation


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I had high hopes for this foundation. It looked great in the bottle, but unfortunately after testing it out I was disappointed. The foundation has very light coverage, so if you're looking for all day wear, this isn't the foundation for you. Even when used in conjunction with the primer, I found the foundation just slid off a couple of hours after putting it on. On another note, I found the foundation was really hard to blend and looked quite patchy on my skin, especially on my cheeks. I found that it emphasised the dry spots on my face which is a concern for those with dry skin. I was surprised that even with the use of the primer, the finish wasn't flawless - considering the primer is usually the hero product! The packaging was good with the pump dispenser - it's much cleaner to have a pump rather than using your fingers. However, the glass bottle wouldn't make it travel friendly and isn't shatter proof. Overall, I was expecting more from this foundation, but unfortunately it didn't deliver.
I've used this foundation a few times and each time, I'm not sure how I really feel about the product, whether to like it or not. It's definitely gives out that luminous look as it claims and I think this is my problem why I can't decide because my t-zone generally can be quite oily so I when I looked at my face in the mirror during the day, it looks shiny/glowy (maybe this is a good thing?) especially my t-zone area and I've wondered whether that luminous is actually from the luminosity of the product or from my oily skin issues. Nevertheless, I like how it is a pump bottle because it just make a lot easier and neater to get the product out. It has a nice fine texture, thus it applies nicely and smooth on the skin and it feels light on the skin. It doesn't give out any chemical smell, actually it doesn't smell anything so a big plus for me. I don't see myself using it as everyday go to foundation. I think I will use this product based on my moods for the day.
This foundation glides on like a dream, the pump bottle is so easy to use and it blends in beautifully, its quick and easy to apply and gives a nice light coverage, disguising imperfections and blemishes, it feels matte so is great for my oily T zone, a great product I would highly recommend buying
I got this CoverGirl Outlast Foundation, after a recent skin change. For years I've had oily skin, but with age, it's definitely getting drier. I'm actually glad, because I no longer resemble an oil slick on a daily basis AND I get to try a host of new products, like this Stay Luminous foundation. I picked up my shade Classic Ivory and proceeded to get excited; I was ready for that J.Lo glow! Well I'm happy to say this product does live up to its 'natural glow' claim! After application, I indeed had a healthy, dewy complexion, but not SO luminous that I looked greasy, thank goodness! CoverGirl Stay Luminous applies like an absolute dream! It's almost like putting on a nice moisturiser, that's how easily this baby blends into the skin.I would describe this as a medium coverage foundation, that is buildable. The finish is dewy and thus very flattering, and because this isn't a heavy foundation, it's perfect for Summer! It's comfortable to wear and the pump dispenser means it's hygienic, so you won't be contaminating the product by continually putting your fingers in it. Overall, CoverGirl Outlast Stay Luminous Natural Glow Foundation is a winner for me! I'd highly recommend it and hope that others love it as much as I do.
The COVERGIRL Outlast Stay Luminous Natural Glow Foundation promised a radiant glowing finish. That grabbed my attention and I had to try the foundation.   Packaging: glass container with plastic lid and pump. Application: easy to apply. Only a couple of pumps of the foundation needs. Blends quickly and easy. Looks: looks and very natural. It is light to medium coverage. Leaves a very subtle glow on the skin, while looking like there is no makeup at all.   Pros: - good price. - good coverage with a bit of glow.   - feels good on the skin.   Cons: - not full coverage. - may wear off towards the end of the day.