COVERGIRL Perfect Blend Pencil

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COVERGIRL Perfect Blend Pencil is a creamy, water-resistant eyeliner that works to define the eyes. The pencil features a blender sponge tip that can be used to create a soft and smudged smoky eye. Ophthalmologist tested and safe for sensitive eyes.

Available in four shades.


COVERGIRL Perfect Blend Pencil


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I absolutely love COVERGIRL's Perfect Blend Pencil and use it everyday. Its creamy formula is great for blending and gives a nice clean line upon application. unlike a lot of other eyeliners of a simila price on the market, this one doesn't flake and doesn't sting my eyes. The blender sponge tip is great for creating a smokey eye look or to tidy up any lines. I can't recommend this enough.
I initially bought this because I thought the price was amazing and I needed a new liner but after seeing how amazing it makes my eyes look I've started using this as a quick fix. I carry this around with me because it's so easy to apply and just glides smoothly where I want it and it's so versatile meaning I can use it to create a cat eye, smudge it up a bit, or just a simple and clean line and the possibilities are endless. I don't need to carry around qtips and instead I just flip it around and use the other side to clean up my mistake (I also clean the blender so it doesn't get over-used).It doesn't irritate my eyes when I remove it and I just need some water and a tissue and it comes off but normally I would recommend using a makeup remover just because it's the best way to go. Little tip: start on the inside of your eye and work your way out and then use the blender to dab along the line and it creates a lovely smokey look and if you want you can clean it up here and there.
This is a perfect blend literally, a gorgeous creamy eyeliner pencil that blends with ease with the blender sponge tip option. This comes at a great price point and considering the quality of the pencil is great value for money. It is easy to get a precise line as the pencil is creamy and not too hard so the line does not drag across the eye. use the sponge applicator to get a great smokey eye or fix mistakes. This pencil is great for defining eyes and making them 'pop', great texture, easy to use, great price, great product. Highly recommended
This has to be one of my favourite eyeliners.  I love the texture, it doesn't smudge and stays put most of the day, it all makes eye 'pop' and the little sponge tip at the end is very soft and gentle and helps to create a lovely smokey eye.  Another bonus is the price, which is quite affordable. I think this is a classic and should be a staple in the beauty bag.
This has been my go-to budget eyeliner for a while now. I LOVE it! The pencil end is very creamy and goes on smoothly. The sponge is very handy for smudging to create a nice and easy smoky eye. This eyeliner can smudge rather easily if worn for a long time so I like to carefully prep the eye area with a good eye primer, before applying my liner.
This product is very well priced and is easy to apply. The rubber tip is easy to help spread over your eye . I
This is a beautiful smooth easy gliding eye liner pencil. It is creamy and applies in a fine line for exact precision. I love the soft rubber tip which makes blending easy and allows me to blend without any effort. The soft blending tip also can be used to create a smudged smoky liner look, which makes this pencil versatile and multi-tasking.  Pros: low priced, easy to use, easy to remove Cons: can smudge by evening if worn all day to work Tips: use the soft sponge applicator to gently blend the eye liner on your eyelid for a soft daytime look Recommendation: This is a great everyday use eyeliner which applies smoothly and makes my eyes stand out and look well defined. Highly recommended for users of all ages.