Dermalogica Breakout Control

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Dermalogica Breakout Control is a treatment for adult acne that contains benzoyl peroxide to kill pimple-causing bacteria, help unclog pores and absorb excess sebum. The formula helps treat blemishes before they become infected and soothe inflammation of skin during flare-ups and breakouts.


Dermalogica Breakout Control


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I suffer from hormonal adult acne. There aren’t any topical creams or serums that are going to fix my hormones, so no, the Dermalogica Breakout Control has not cured my acne. But my acne is most definitely much worse without it. I’ve experimented, so I’m sure. So this product is always the first step in my skincare routine now, and for a small bottle, it lasts a very long time. I’m still on my first bottle and it’s been going for months. But I have my backup bottle ready and waiting. 
I've been using this product for four months and I've found it works well. It is not an instant cure for any breakouts but I do find that it helps control my breakouts by having them disappear quicker than they normally would. I always use it before I go to bed and some times during the day if I have a particular bad break out. It sits well underneath make up as long as you only use a think layer and rub it into your skin. I would recommend this for those who have a few break out spots but not if you are really having trouble with break outs.
I bought this product on the recommendation of my beautician. Personally I don't always find the product to be as effective as I would hope. It reduces the appearance of a spot, however only minimally (sometimes not at all). I'm unsure if this product just doesn't work for me or isn't particularly effective generally.