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Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque is a face treatment for all skin types that helps to detoxify and brighten skin. Featuring activated Japanese binchotan charcoal, the masque absorbs excess sebum, toxins and other impurities in the skin, while a combination of gentle chemical exfoliants work to increase cell renewal and collagen production. Anti-bacterial sulphur and Chilean wild mint calm and soothe skin.


Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque


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A good mask that eliminates toxins and helps clear skin. Great for oily skin types. I only leave it on for 7 mins as my skin is sensitive. When cleaned off it reveals really clean and soft skin and my blemishes seem to disappear within days of using this product.
I recently used a sachet of the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque. There was easily enough product for an application, so I feel I can confidently now give my thoughts on this product. Along with charcoal, this mask is packed with ingredients to detoxify the skin, drawing out impurities, whilst exfoliating. The mask is a rich charcoal colour with a mud consistency, not as thick as clay. The distinct sulfur scent is noticeable with the natural herbal smell. I can't say that I enjoy the scent, but I don't find it too overpowering. Just a thin layer is all that is needed for the face. It is easy to apply. As I smoothed across my skin, I could feel the gritty texture of the mask. The mask did set, but not to the point of being uncomfortable. After around 15 minutes, I removed the mask, making sure to massage to get the full exfoliating benefits. My skin was oh-so-smooth and looked radiant. Then within minutes I noticed that my face had become very red and felt quite warm. As someone that doesn't have sensitive skin, I was surprised to have this reaction. I did enjoy the results I got from the Dermalogica Charcoal Rescue Masque, but would not recommend it to those with sensitive skin. I was conflicted on what score to give, but once the flush passed, I was happy with how my skin looked, so decided on a 4 star rating.
I was recommended this product by a beautician due to its acne clearing benefits. I did not find that it cleared my acne but it definitely sped up the process. I loved the exfoliating feeling when removing the mask but it was probably a little too much for my sensitive skin. I would only spot use this or on my t-zone
Such a great mask for weekly use, I've found it to be gentle but super effective. Goes on lovely and thick and as it dries it starts to get tight but not that tight it becomes uncomfortable. I left it on for about 12-15 mins so only a few minutes extra then recommended and once washed off I was left with beautiful soft and smooth skin and my complexion looked more even after several uses of this mask.  One of the best parts of the mask is the very gentle exfoliation that occurs as you remove the mask, saves time too as you don't need to pre prep your face before application! Highly recommend 
I suffer a bit of rosacea and I find this mask is nourishing, hydrating but most of all, it leaves you with the same feeling that you get when you go and pay for a professional facial.  I find if I leave it on a bit longer than the recommended 10 minutes, the results are a bit more intense (for my anyway) and I find I get so many compliments - even from my 12 old son!
I love a good face mask. Especially ones in funky colours, that I forget I'm wearing. And answer the door with. This charcoal mask is quite thick and starts to feel tighter as it dries, but nothing uncomfortable. I wait the recommended 10 minutes and wash it off, where the grainy parts of the mask gently exfoliate my skin. I have oily / combination skin and I'm prone to congested pores across my nose and cheeks that looks huge. This mask seems to suck all that gunk out and tighten up those pores to almost seem airbrushed. And my skin. Talk about smooth! I couldn't stop touching it, which is bad I know.  My only gripe is the smell. It has a really strong chemical smell, kind of like paint. When I first opened this I actually thought it had gone off. But it's something I can put up with for such glowing skin.
This is most likely the best face mask I have ever used.  This masks thanks to the grainy texture helps gently exfoliate the skin ( gets rid of the dry patches), softens the skin ( it is extremely smooth and even after the use), soothes irritation. Definitely it leaves our skin clear ( through purifying pores and drawing out excess sebum). The skin is velvet to the touch and the pores are (temporarily) refined. The skin is bright and radiant. The mask is black, has got a thick consistency but it is easy to apply on the face. I notice some tingling sensation upon contact with the skin but this feeling disappears soon after. It dries out pretty quickly and after recommended 7-10minutes it completely dry to the touch. What is a little bit off-putting is the potent pungent smell. It smells of mud and sulphur, there are some citrus notes too, but the mud scent prevails. What is more this smell tends to linger on the skin after the mask has been washed off for quite a long time too, so I only tend to use it before I have a shower and wash my hair. I remember the first time I tried it  my reaction was_ God! It sinks!. In general, this mask is fabulous ( minus the smell). Great before a night out or as a weekly ( twice weekly ) treatment. Oily/ combination skin owners will definitely appreciate it.
I was having major issues with an oily t zone and clogged pores so a friend recommended Dermalogica's charcoal rescue masque. The masque smells of charcoal/clay and essential oils. The first time I tried the masque on I put a thick layer of the masque on my face and left it on for 10 minutes as per product instructions. My skin felt tight by the end of the 10 minutes and I rinsed the masque off with water. The masque sucked out pore clogging sebum and gunk from my pores; shrinking my pores and leaving my skin feeling soft and smooth.  Aside from charcoal and clay, the masque also contains chemical exfoliants to get rid of dull, dead skin. Chemical exfoliants are anti aging and anti acne so I really love getting an added benefit to using this masque.  I dab a bit of the masque onto my breakouts before bed and it seems to calm down and shrink blemishes overnight. I've been using this masque for a few months now and its great for balancing out my combination oily skin and keeping skin congestion in check.  My skin glows whenever I use this masque so I like to use this on Sunday nights to start the week right. This masque is also a great pick me up to prepare my skin for a night out with friends. A lovely product for anyone looking to balance out sebum, clear congestion and slough away dull, dead skin revealing baby soft, smooth and glowy skin. 
This mask is great for my oily/ combo skin! I find it really helps with drawing out the excess oils and drying out any blemishes. The best way to apply this, is over clean skin, apply a thin layer then leave for 10 minutes to dry. I then jump in the shower and slowly add water to my face and continue to work the product into my skin to create a gentle exfoliation. Once its all washed off my skin feels clean and needs some extra replenishment. Its essential to moisturiser after using this mask.
I bought this mask a few weeks ago after reading so many rave reviews, and I am so glad that I did! I very rarely have clear skin as I am always suffering from hormonal breakouts, especially on my chin.  The first 2 weeks I used this 3 times each week and now that I have seen a significant improvement in my skin I have reduced this to once a week. My skin is almost clear of breakouts and my skin has this beautiful clarity that I have never seen before.I love that this mask only takes 7-10 minutes to take effect, which makes it easy to use for those that are time poor. I have now gotten into the habit of washing his off I'm the shower as once it dries it feels quite dry and takes a lot of water to wash it off. When you do wash it off, it also doubles as an excellent exfoliator which gently buffs away dead skin when using gentle circular motions with the fingertips. Definitely recommend to those that want to improve their overall skin quality, as I have really seem improvement all round, including tone, reduced breakouts and texture. I am loving the Dermologica Charcoal Masque!
The Charcoal Rescue Masque comes in a squishy white tube with a screw-on, flip-tab grey cap. I like that the packaging is a tube and that the tube is opaque because it means light and air won’t easily get in and breakdown the masque, ensuring the product stays fresh till the last drop. The masque is a 2-in-1 product; it’s firstly a masque but also a scrub as the masque has tiny granules. The instructions say to apply the masque in a thick layer after cleansing skin. When ready to remove the masque, wet your hands with water and gently massage the face for a gentle exfoliation. The Charcoal Masque is thick, grey in colour and feels grainy. The masque smells strongly of sulfur and a bit medicinal which I think comes from the tea tree and eucalyptus oil listed as two of the masque ingredients. I understand that there’s some research that tea tree oil is antibacterial and anti acne but I'm not a fan of either oil as the fragrance can be irritating for sensitive skin types. I have to work quickly to spread the masque in a thick layer over my face because I want all the areas of my face to dry together. The thickness of this masque makes it hard to spread but this is expected of all clay/charcoal masques. As soon as I put the masque on, I feel my skin feeling tight and taut. The masque turns light grey in colour as it dries up following application. I prefer chemical exfoliants over physical ones but still like to give my nose area a gentle massage with damp fingers as I have a bit of congestion there before washing off the masque. If you like to scrub be very gentle as the gritty texture can easily make your skin feel raw. Washing the masque off is a bit tough but this is expected with clay/charcoal thicker textured masques. My skin looks poreless, and feels soft and supple after washing the masque off. The masque sucks up sebum and smooths out the pores so makeup goes on beautifully after moisturizing. I think this is a good masque if you want to smooth out your skin before an evening out or a weekly pick-me-up. The results are temporary but obvious enough to see a short-term difference. The masque contains exfoliating ingredients such as lactic and mandelic acid so scrubbing before washing the masque off isn't really necessary unless you really like scrubbing and don’t mind the gritty feeling. This masque is ideal for everyone except sensitive skin types due to the essential oils in the masque. I think oily and acne prone skin types will especially benefit from this masque for its anti acne and oil sucking properties. 
This mask is great -  a mask and exfoliant all in one! I now use this in place of the Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant about once a week. It is a mask with a consistency on the thicker side and a pleasant, fresh, mild fragrance. You has a tight feeling as it is drying on the skin - nothing horrible though. Once you have left it on for the 7-10 minutes, you simply splash a little bit of water on your face and the mask loosens up. You work the moistened product across the skin and the little grains will work to exfoliate any of the dead skin on your face, leaving you with a brighter and definitely smoother complexion.  As this is a product designed to also draw impurities out of the skin bare in mind a spot or two could come to the surface after use. Perfect for people who suffer from congestion like myself - would definitely recommend. Only con would be that your skin can sometimes be very slightly red after use.
This is a weekly mask I use to keep my skin feeling and looking great. It is easy to use, dries within a few minutes and washes off in the shower. It keeps my skin refreshed and feeling squeaky clean. A very good weekly mask!
My absolute favourite face mask! It is quite a thick consistency, but I find most charcoal face masks tend to be, all the ones I've tried are anyway, and one you put it on your face it does set quickly and quite tight. I do find that if I wear it longer than 15 minutes or so the tightness can get uncomfortable, but as soon as you wet your face it loses that tightness. My biggest love about this face masks is the gentle exfoliation that takes place when you remove the face mask! The mask it self has little grains in it, so when you remove it, if you gentle massage it into your skin, you will notice a gentle exfoliation taking place. I think this is great for those people who don't have time to exfoliate AND mask, because it is basically 2 in 1. My skin is always left soft and clear after using this mask. I can visibly see my skin looking brighter after removal as well. It always helps reduce my blemishes and clear any angry spots I have up.
This is a great choice for a weekly treatment mask, particularly if you have oily or acne-prone skin.  My skin feels so clear and bright afterwards and if I have blemishes (which I tend to have about once a month), this greatly reduces the appearance of them.  It requires a lot of water and a gentle touch to remove because it can become quite dry, but it's worth the effort for the result.