Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub

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Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub is a cleanser and exfoliant in one that helps give you a closer shave. Featuring micro-fine silica beads, the scrub helps remove oil and dead skin cells and lathers to give skin a deep clean with pores clear and minimise ingrown hairs. Fragrance-free and colour–free.


Dermalogica Daily Clean Scrub


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I will admit freely to stealing this from my hubby at times....but it is hard,as he hides it now (haha). I bought this,as hubby's skin was looking a bit "tired" from years of neglect,sun and sinning....and this has been a huge saviour,taking away signs of all the mentioned troubles.I also got it,as he has a dry skin and a quick growing stubble,so hubby shaves every day (leaving his skin drier,sore and red),and with ingrown hairs being an issue,i knew this would help....and it does.It gives a perfect clean,leaves his skin smoother,softer and polished and makes his moisturiser (yep,he uses one,and is quite fussy with what he uses) work better,all whilst helping to smooth fine lines.Only a tiny bit is needed,so the tube lasts it feels softening on his skin (as he stated) and the beads don't feel rough and scratch as others he has tried.A must for any man who wants to look his best (or just hates the look and feel of skin that is a bit over the razor).TIP:Use PRIOR to shaving to soften skin and whiskers for a closer,smoother shave....that feels / looks less irritated .