Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant™

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Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant™ is an active powder resurfacer formulated to smooth skin while combating the environmental pollution triggers known to accelerate skin ageing by causing brown spots, fine lines and uneven skin tone.

Size pictured is 57g. Also available in 13g for $29.


Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant™


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Excellent home exfoliator

I just love how easy Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant is to use. I love it in the shower, or at the basin, its both and simple. The grains are a very fine powder and gently exfoliate. It can be used daily it is that gentle. It's good for daily use if you like a non abrasive exfoliator, that is gentle and just is very nice and effective. Makeup always goes on smoothly after I have this . Its easy tp use, scoop out some into your palm and mix with wet hands only, i find it doesn't need any extra water. Massage all over your face and rinse, all done for the day! Excellent product and easy to use too.
This is such a great daily physical exfoliant! It is gentle enough for regular use but effectively gets rid of any flakiness on my skin, making it soft and smooth. Its environmental pollution protection is a bonus, particularly for those of us that live in the city, as pollution is correlated with accelerated skin ageing.
Dermalogica superfoliant changed my skin! I was so surprised at how amazing this product is because the price isn’t excessive. It’s quick and easy to use but makes a huge difference. It reduces texture, clears my congestion and evens out my scarred skin tone. This is not a product I want to run out of!
This exfoliant is the best!!! I’ve never found anything that comes close to it. It is a very fine powder that you mix with a little water to make a paste then massage gently over cleansed skin avoiding your eye area. This is gentle enough to use everyday and leaves my skin baby smooth soft. Whilst it’s a little pricey, it’s full worth the money and lasts a long time. The other great thing is it has no scent at all for those who don’t like overpowering scents.
I recieved a sample size of this product to use, I was interested in using this as I was a big fan of the original dermalogica daily microfoliant. It is a powder exfoliant that you dispense into your hand, and then you add water to activate it and make it into a paste, which you then massage on your skin. It foams up quite a lot which is a nice feeling on the skin. It’s a bit messy to use over the sink, but when I use it in the shower it’s fine. I found the age smart version a bit confusing as it made my skin feel really tight and dry, which generally is the opposite of what you want in an anti aging product. I like that dermalogica has started adding more trendy ingredients like charcoal, which in my eyes is THE skincare ingredient of 2017. Unfortunately I found that this didn’t allow me to get as good of a scrub in as the original microfoliant and I found this formula to be more gentle which isn’t really what I was after, by someone with sensitive skin might enjoy it more. However you can make it more gentle or harsher by the ratio of powder to water, ie less water - less gentle. I think because it is so gentle is why you are able to use it daily. One thing to note with both formulas is to not inhale sharply when dispensing the powder as you will probably have a coughing fit if you inhale this stuff lol. It has a really strong scent, I think the charcoal in it which makes it smell very earthy.
Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant was a new product in Age Smart range, I have already tried and liked Daily Microfoliant, I was so excited to try this. Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant was comes in an easy to use simple bottle very similar to Daily Microfoliant. The product is in  powder form and  it has light smell. The powder activates when comes into contact with water. It turns into a thin paste which is very easy to apply. It is non sticky and easily removes effortlessly with few splashes of water. Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant can be used every day but I used it three to four times a week. After regular use I have seen that instant and long term results are not much different.  It makes my skin silky soft and disappears dry skin patches. It also shrinks my pores and make black heads less noticeable. My skin feels smooth and hydrated after each use. I love the fact that it is very gentle, doesn’t dry or strip my skin.  I was so impressed with the results so I looked the ingredients. I have found that it contains powerful enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids AHA and Charcoal which help to  clean skin, absorbs impurities and remove dead skin.  As it is AHA product which means it is chemical exfoliant so I need to be careful not to use it with any other AHA, or BHA product to avoid over exfoliation.     This product also prepares my skin for makeup application, as after its use, my foundation glides smoothly on my skin. It is great for special occasion when you want to prepare your skin. It can be an instant fix for dull skin, as when I have bad skin day, I use it and my skin looks much better. This product is also great for dry winters when my skin is not behaving well, It instantly refresh and brighten my face. Overall, I like Dermalogica Daily superfoliant, it is great for everyone and more suitable for normal, dry  and mature skin beauties. The only down side is the price and availability, it is expensive and not available in my local stores. I wish it comes in Priceline, so we can buy it easily.
I have long been a fan of Dermalogica and the brilliant Daily Microfoliant.I love the effect that daily exfoliating has on my - ahem,"maturing" skin,now that it does not do as well on it;s own.So what happens when an already great product gets a turbo boost ? Skin sloughing supremacy,that's what. If you aren't familiar with the old microfoliant,it is a loose,slightly gritty powder that you mix with water to form a paste that gives a nice scrub without over scrubbing your skin.As you work onto your face,it starts to dissolve and become an almost "foamy" texture,so it’s very gentle,but somehow still amazingly effective...and this is where this version now becomes a stage above.This formula includes activated charcoal to absorb dirt and toxins from your skin (i don't need to tell you beauty mavens how great charcoal is for detoxing pores),it is also packed with other ingredients that help to detox your skin:niacinamide (reduces inflammation and prevents pollutants adhering to the skin),red algae (combats aging and protects the skin's natural barriers),rice bran extract (which exfoliates and reduces hyperpigmentation.Check out one particularly exxy brand from Japan that includes this ingredient,and you will note how great this stuff is) and tara fruit extract (soothing and nourishing),making the Daily Superfoliant an exfoliator to rival even some more "hard core" skincare procedures.It sloughs skin to help prevent premature signs of ageing due to environmental pollutants and acts as more of a resurfacer than it’s skin polishing and brightening whilst it may seem to be comparable,they are two worlds apart in results.Daily Superfoliant contains higher levels of more skin-resurfacing enzymes,alpha-hydroxy acids and anti-pollution ingredients (that charcoal addition) and to be honest,i have found my skin in much less need of covering up with concealer or powders etc.since getting this beauty (first found this as a sample giveaway on a popular magazine...BEST - SCORE - EVER). So,how often should you whip this out ? Well,i admit,i am an addict,so i do use daily,BUT...every second day is more than OK,and you will still be rewarded with amazingly soft,touchable,clear, ready for serum skin that glows ethereally.This is perfect for all skin types (yes,even you who claim sensitive to anything but water),and is fantastic for all those in the house (men and teens will adore this.Men will benefit post shave to prevent ingrown hairs,teens will love the deep clean this gives that may just help with breakouts). Now,i get that at around the $85 mark for a 75gm bottle this is a considered splurge,but seriously,this will last for MONTHS with 3 times a week use (you need only an amount to cover a teaspoon),so it does work out to be reasonable in the long run,and it multitasks as a cleanser (when you do a double cleanse...this would be the second cleanser you use).If you only splurge on one item for your skin this season,make it this...anything else you use will work so much better with less dead skin cells and debris,and your skin will thank you. TIP:Use at night,after cleansing and apply your favourite oil or serum straight will penetrate so much deeper and more effectively if you do,as they will not have the barrier of excess epidermal layers to contend with,leaving your expensive products to do the duty they were intended for.
I received a quite generous sample size of this with an online order not too long ago. As a huge fan of Dermalogica Microexfoliant (and the brand in general), I was super excited to give this a try without needing to purchase the full size first. The Dermalogica Superexfoliant came packaged in a little white plastic cylinder tub with a grey lid. To dispense you flip the grey lid back and sift a tiny amount through the holes inside. This is probably my least favorite thing about these exfoliants-it is very hard to dispense the correct amount as the powder is so fine. Over dispensing is all too easy if you aren't super careful.  The Superexfoliant is a similar talc like texture of the previous exfoliant-only this one is an ashy grey color due to the charcoal addition. It claims to be safe for daily use, but as someone who already has very sensitive skin I know that charcoal and me dont really mix too well -so I played it safe and used this every 2 or 3 days. To use you pour a little powder into hand and activate it by adding a little water to form a paste. You then smooth the paste over your face and gently massage in and rinse off. You can also leave on as a mask for a minute or two for further skin purifying benefits. The scent is not too nice but preferable over added chemicals to give an artificial scent. You can actually feel it working after you appy! Like its drawing out impurities and congestion but in a gentle, non abrasive way. After rinsing off my pores felt cleaner, my skin felt softer and my overall complexion just seemed more smoothed. There was no irritation at all. With regular use I found it to reduce my pores and just leave my skin brighter and more even. My skin is usually quite oily and this definitely helps balance my skin and make it even.  I find ,as with the Microexfoliant , this just makes the rest of my skin care work and absorb better,plus provides a nice even slate for make up application.  I enjoyed using this but as my skin is ultra sensitive, I will stick to the Microexfoliant.I had no bad reaction using this every 2nd day but using charcoal products too often usually ends up having a drying and irritable effect on my skin. Pros Clears Congestion and Impurities  Added charcoal  combats environmental pollution and its effects and draws out bacteria and dirt Brightens and smooths the skin Fragrance free Cons Charcoal can cause sensitivities in some so use every second or 3rd day if you get a mild reaction Hard to dispense the correct amount and holes may clog when exposed to water.  I'd recommend this for anyone prone to breakouts or oily skin. The charcoal is extra beneficial for those particular problems . If you however have sensitive skin,best to stick to the original Microexfoliant over this one.
Love this product!!! I use it in the shower - wet my face, sprinkle a little on my hand and gently massage my face to leave soft, smooth skin. The container lasts for ages. I have sensitive, mature skin and always get comments on how great my skin looks. Use it a couple of times each week. Fabulous Stuff!!
Where do I even start?! This. Powder. Exfoliant. Is. Incredible. I recently went off the contraceptive pill and my skin, which I'd never had a problem with, started throwing major outbreak tantrums. All of a sudden I had blackheads, my cheeks were getting bumpy with acne and to top it all off, I started having major reactions to my usual skincare routine of whatever cleanser/exfoliator was on sale at the supermarket. I was at my wit's end when a sponsored post on Facebook popped up. It must have been reading my mind (or stalking my Google history). It suggested Dermalogica Superfoliant, and praise be to the clever minds at Dermalogica and Mark Zuckerberg for creating Facebook, I was matched with this product because it WORKS MIRACLES. I was dubious and worried that something with such fancy ingredients might make my skin flare up after the sensitivity issues, but nope, after one use I was hooked. My skin now glows, I have fewer outbreaks and my blackheads have diminished significantly. My skin feels softer and it makes you feel fresh and hydrated. I was initially taken aback by the price point but it is so worth it and a little goes a LOOOONG way! I hope this may help other people who are having similar issues to me.
I absolutely love this product! I received a very generous sample of Daily Superfoliant with a magazine, and from the first use I was a fan. I have very sensitive combination skin, and it can be difficult to find products which do not cause my skin to react. This product not only didn't cause a reaction, it made my skin so smooth that I can't remember the last time it felt so good. I highly recommend it. I would suggest that you do stay out of the sun after using it (as suggested on the packaging) as I spent an afternoon gardening and did notice that my skin did get a bit pink, when it normally wouldn't in the winter.
I really loved dermalogica daily superfoliant and noticed a real difference in my skin after using it for a period of time. The super fine  powder exfoliates efficiently but is also gentle. My skin felt so clean, fresh and super smooth after use and looked more radiant and brighter. It also diminished fine lines which was a bonus.This product is great for sensitive skin like mine as it is super gentle, so easy to use just wet hands and face and sprinkle the powder in palms and rub hands together then allover the face, rubbing in gently, it rinses off really well to leave glowing soft skin that radiates health. This product also diminished my pores, another bonus, although a little pricey a little goes a long way so it lasts well, I highly recommend this product and will continue to use it for great results
I must say I was delighted to find a very generous sample of this product in Marie Claire magazine. I have used Daily Microfoliant before and I think it is one of the best Dermalogica products so I was curious how this one was going to compare. I must say I love the performance of this Superfoliant and how it makes my skin look smooth, clear and soft. The product comes in a bottle, is in the form of a grey powder. When it is in its dry form it does not smell much at all. We need to distribute a little onto the palm of the hand, mix it with a tiny amount of water ( it creates a paste) and massage it into our face. Since there are some tiny particles in it, it can also work as a some kind of scrub. When the powder is wet it smells a little and I must say I am not a fan of this scent as it reminds me some dirty toilet at the train station ( sorry for being too honest) but for the effects it gives I am ready to suffer. other than the smell, I can't really fault the product as it feels great on the skin when applied ( i tend to massage it a little into my skin, then I leave it on for a minute or two when I brush my teeth), it works really fast and you can see the results as soon as you wash it off. It leaves the skin clear, smooth and soft. If you have dry skin flaking somewhere, it is going to deal with it. It does resurface the surface of the skin, it definitely softens and smooths the skin. It is great to use Daily Superfoliant before applying make up as it prepares the skin extremely well. My verdict is : the product is beautiful but a bit pricey ( however it will last ages as we only need a tiny amount).
Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant is the best exfoliator you can use everyday.  It is a very fine ground up powder, slightly off white in colour and when mixed with a little warm water, becomes a fine paste that you use on your face,  It is a very gentle product, no harsh exfoliating here!  It smooths over your skin beautifully, and using circular motions, your skin will be exfoliated in around a minute.    My skin felt smooth and soft afterwards, it's hard to believe you have exfoliated so efficiently.    Your products will absorb in better and your makeup will go on nicer too.    After a week of daily use, my skin felt smooth and refined.  My pores were smaller, and my pimples had cleared up.  Fine lines looked softer and my skin looked really healthy and radiant.    PRO's So easy to use, simply mix a small amount with a little warm water to create  a paste Can be used daily Your makeup will go on much nicer - everyday I recommend this product to anyone who loves that exfoliation experience and wants to have soft, smooth and healthier looking skin, everyday.
I really love this product, I use it everyday. It feels my skin clean and smooth. It brighter and even my skin tone and the most I love about it, its not harsh. I highly recommend this to everyone especially to those who have a sensitive skin. I so love using this Daily Superfoliant Dermalogica.