Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant

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Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant works to smooth skin and improve its texture. Featuring lactic acid and hydroxy acid, the gentle cream formula helps lift away dead skin cells and renew skin for a brighter and smoother-looking complexion. Fragrance-free, colour-free.


Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant


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I bought this after watching a video with Lisa Eldridge who praised it as being a gentle exfoliant that is good for maintenance and a pick me up.  It lives up to that exact description.  This contains lactic acid which is one of the more gentle forms of AHA (alpha hydrozy acids) which eat away the dead skin cells on the surface layer of your skin. The product itself is a creamy white mask which you apply in a thin layer and leave on for 10 or so minutes. When I wash this off, my skin feels so smooth and slick - your hands just glide across that's how smooth it is. I find it helps keep some closed comedones at bay and can help, in conjunction with other products, brighten the skin. Lately, it has been a bit strong for me and causes a mild sting and flushing. This is fine, it might just not be good for my skin anymore or my skin may be a bit sensitized at the moment! Monitor your skin when using products like this
WOW! This product is truly amazing, I received a sample sachet which had enough for one use. It was THAT good that I went and purchased the full size after only using it once. Don't get confused that it says it is an exfoliant, it is actually a mask you leave on and then cleanse your face with a face towel and water. You apply this to cream to a freshly cleansed face (make sure your skin is not wet) and then wait for it to harden and dry. I then get some lukewarm water and work in circular motions with my finger tips to work the exfoliating features of the mask. Then I grab a face towel that is wet and get rid of the residue. My face is left feeling like a baby's bottom!! I have combination skin and this worked wonders. I use it fortnightly. I would recommend this to anyone who needs a good scrub/exfoliant/mask in their life.
Hey there all you fellow beauty enthusiasts, it's a bright and beautiful day, and I'm back with yet another great review on another brilliant product, from the fabulous Australian brand that is Dermalogica.  You probably all know by now just how important my twice daily skin care routine is to me. I have super sensitive skin as well as adult acne, great combination right. To keep all that under control, or as much as I can, I double cleanse, apply serum, oils and moisturiser and a mask once or twice a week. Also maybe once or twice a week, I will exfoliate, but my problem is finding an exfoliater that will remove dead, dull skin and add softness and radiance as well as not irritating my already sensitive skin. Hard thing to ask for in one little exfoliater, or is it? Enter Dermalogica gentle cream exfoliater. This is the exfoliating, smoothing, gentle, creamy and radiance boosting little baby I have been waiting for. Everything I wanted plus more, it was like my wishes had very much come true. The next morning, after double cleansing with Garnier micellar water and Modelco gentle cream cleanser, I applied a small amount of the cream exfoliater onto damp skin, and massaged in small, gentle circles all over my face then rinsed thoroughly and applied serum and moisturiser onto my now very smooth, soft skin. Yes, the results were simply and instantly amazing. It really was so gentle and creamy, just like it said on the bottle. I've tried many exfoliaters that claimed to be both gentle and creamy and they just so were not. Instead they were too rough and grainy and left my skin red, sore and irritated. Dermalogica really lived up to its promise. My serum and moisturiser sank in quickly and beautifully, and as for my face afterwards? Smooth, soft, hydrated, even and of course, radiant and glowing with beauty.  I use it once a week, as gentle as it is, my skin just won't tolerate any more exfoliation than that. But the results are definitely there and obvious, my skin continues to be soft, smooth, even and radiant, with no hint of redness or irritation. The serum, oil and moisturiser I apply after sink in better and work much better too. My skin, whether I wear makeup or not, is always so smooth and dewy and glowing with good health and beauty, 9 hours of sleep or not. Dermalogica is a brilliant Australian brand for a very good reason, the products work, if they say they are gentle, then they will be. My skin is beautiful and radiant thanks to this once a week exfoliating and pampering experience. If you have sensitive skin that most exfoliaters are too harsh for, then try this one, see the beautiful results for yourself and week in, week out, watch your skin glow and radiate with beauty, confidence and pure happiness.
I do like this product, it does amazing things.  My only problem is I have super sensitive skin and find that I can't use it more than once a fortnight and can't leave it on for any longer than 7-8 minutes as I come out looking like a lobster.  I would still recommend people get it but make sure you do what's right for you.
I started using this after hearing that Lisa Eldridge uses it as her exfoliant (and her skin is incredible!). This is a great exfoliant if you're looking at moving away from harsh physical exfoliants. I tend to use it once or twice a week, and find that my skin is less prone to breakouts and looks a lot brighter! Especially great to use before a big event, when you want to get rid of any dry, flaky skin so that you have a smooth, fresh base to apply makeup to!
I can't even begin to tell you how much I love and rate this product! I've been struggling with drier skin this colder season and not only does gentle cream exfoliant leave my skin feeling smooth and soft, it leaves me looking and feeling so fresh and bright! If I could use it every night, I would! Love love LOVE!!!