Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel

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Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel is a medicated treatment gel that helps clear skin and prevent future breakouts. The potent spot treatment contains two per cent salicylic acid and anti-microbial agents to help unclog pores, fight pimple-causing bacteria and regulate sebum production.


Dermalogica Overnight Clearing Gel


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Loving this gel, I use it once a week to smoother on my face in order to prevent pimples. It's helped to clear the congestion on my face and now I still use it for maintenance and also if there is a break out i can concentrate on that area with the gel to clear it up faster.
Love this product!! Works so well on cystic acne and also on zits! The way I use this is, I first double cleanse, tone and then moisturise. I wait about 20 minutes then I spot treat all the areas with this gel. It’s a nozzle tip, so a controlled amount will squeeze out and just apply it on your areas. I massage ever so gently first to really get in there and a thin layer on top is all you need. So long as you cover the whole bump of the pimple. Doesn’t smell chemically or anything, it smells nice. Yes it’s expenisve but it works and the bottle will last you a really long time! All dermalogica products have samples so if your not sure, try a sample pack and you won’t regret it!!
I must say that I expected much more from this product, I have no idea why, probably because of the salicylic acid inclusion in the gel I was just hoping it would get rid of blackheads. But after reading the description of the product I must say it does what it promises to do. First of all, the packaging is simple, the bottle mess-free. The formula of the gel is beautiful, a thick clear gel smells a tiny bit of herbs but otherwise I would say it is fragrance free. The gel is not sticky, doesn't make the skin feel tight and in my opinion is tolerated well by sensitive skin. I don't know why I believed that it would help me fight blackheads, it doesn't. However, this gel is marvelous at preventing and healing/diminishing pimples. Yes, it is a SPOT treatment and works wonders against blemishes. Those nasty period ones disappear overnight. I am serious. They look less inflamed, less swollen, not as red. You'll find this gel very helpful and useful if blemishes appear on your face from time to time. I use it mainly for my back as I hardly ever ( well, once a month) get a pimple on my face. The beautiful ingredients ( salicylic acid, niacinamide) in the gel make sure the skin is well cared for, they don't dry t out either. The surface of my back is much smoother and less bumpy.I have noticed a significantly smaller number of blemishes there. I just wish it would work better against blackheads, then it would become my hero product. Otherwise, a terrific SPOT treatment.