Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum

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Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum is an oil-treatment enriched with peptides that work while you sleep to boost the production of collagen, while hyaluronic acid moisturise skin deeply, to help give it a fresh, dewy appearance. The night serum contains vitamin C, rosehip seed oil and rose retinoid to reduce signs of ageing while botanical oils soothe and repair skin.


Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum


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Dermalogica Overnight Repair Serum is an expensive investment but my skin can't live without it now. I have dry skin and gets a bit sensitive during winter and this serum is very nourishing without blocking pores or make my skin congested. It healed my dry patches on my face and definitely made my skin hydrated and reduced blemishes. Very expensive product but a 2 drops is enough for my whole face so a little goes a long way.
I love this serum. For me it has overnight success. I can see a difference in my skin even after one night of use, but it is fantastic obviously after more nights of use. You can definitely smell this serum on your skin as it has quite a strong fragrance, with what seems like a floral scent to me, which is quite nice. I find it very moisturising but not in a pore clogging oily way, but it gives the skin a soft moisturised suppleness. I even put this serum on my hands when they were extremely dry and chapped from the constant washing and dryness of winter and woke up with them in a restored condition. I love that it contains lots of different natural oils and that it has peptides. I would recommend this product to someone that suffers from dry skin and is looking for a serum full of restorative properties to put under their moisturiser.
I am always hesitant to try new skin care products due to my sensitive combination skin and so I generally stick to the same products each day..My skin had however, been feeling a little dryer than usual thanks to the summer heat and I had a few sample sachets of this stored away so  I took them out to see if they would help. I was quite surprised when I read the ingredients list of the serum to see many natural ingredients that I already currently use including Vitamin C, rosehip oil,rose retinoid and an array of essential oils . The product itself is an oily,yet runny light golden liquid.The scent is a very natural and earthy blend. I wasn't a fan of the scent at all to begin with but have since grown to love the very floral Jasmine with a hint of ylang ylang smell. I applied 3 to 4 drops as opposed to the recommended 4-6 on my cleansed face as that seemed sufficient enough for me. It absorbed surprisingly fast and left my skin feeling silky and hydrated instantly and was very light with no oily residue. I was secretly hoping not to love this product as it is quite expensive and I was fairly content with my current skin care routine.However, after waking up and touching my face just after the one use-I could actually FEEL the difference it had made to my skin overnight. My skin felt so much softer,smoothed and all the dryness had gone. After a few weeks of use I can say my skin definitely looks more luminous,fine lines are reduced and my skin just feels so soft! This product is recommended for more mature and dryer skin but I have found it works great as a preventative skin care serum for under 30s also (just reduce the amount applied).  It is non irritating,doesn't clog pores and when you wake you can really feel the difference in your skin each morning! Fantastic product. Wish I had tried it sooner!
I've tried about half of the Dermalogica Age Smart range so far and found it to be a range that consistently delivers!  Of all the products, the Overnight Repair Serum is my favourite by far.  Something that's really worth pointing out is that some people use "serum" and "facial oil" interchangeably, even though many people have very different ideas about what each of these products should be.  Serums tend to be thought of as more watery, fluid products and oils... Well, that's a much clearer term.  This product is more like a facial oil, which is important to note considering it's a somewhat pricey item.  If you're expecting one idea of a serum, you could be in for an unpleasant surprise to discover that you've shelled out some big bucks for an oil, so heads up on that.  I happen to love oils though and this one is fantastic!  It smells incredible and is supremely hydrating as well as youth boosting.  I love how bright and radiant this makes my skin look.  A life changing tip when trying a facial oil is to spritz a fine mist of toner, rose water, or even just thermal water over your face before applying your oil.  It really helps the oil blend into your skin and absorb much better than if you apply to dry skin.  I thought I hated facial oils until I discovered that little trick, but once I started using the spritz/oil combo, oils have been my bff!  Or alternatively, a couple of drops of this aadded to your regular face cream is also a wonder way to apply and an excellent way to boost hydration for winter or times when your skin might be feeling especially parched.
Background: I don't own much expensive, high end skin care and since I have always had oily skin, I was initially really worried about using a serum, let alone a serum that has quite a high content of essential oils. True to it’s name, the Dermalogica's AGE Smart Overnight Repair Serum is best used overnight as it works it's magic while you're sleeping. And we all love to wake up in the morning looking pretty don’t we?   My main skin concerns are: -       Congested skin -       Uneven skin tone and acne scarring -       Oily/combination skin with dry patches   Packaging: This comes in a 15ml glass bottle, but still is quite expensive. Despite being an oily serum, it doesn’t come with a standard eye dropper applicator. Instead, to dispense the serum remove the lid, turn the bottle upside down into your palm and tap or shake a few times to release drops of product, much like an essential oil bottle.   Formula: Rich in peptides and Vitamin C, this serum helps to combat free radicals and protect your skin from daily environmental damage. It has a whole range of different essential oils like rosehip seed oil, geranium, jasmine, ylang ylang and neroli. Because of this, this product is a very rich oil based serum. If you love your essential oils, you will fall for this hard. It also contains Hyaluronic Acid - if you're in the know with skin care you would be well aware that this is arguably the best ingredient for restoring and maintaining hydration in your skin. For these reasons it makes an awesome serum for me to use in the Winter - for Summer I like to use a less rich serum that is less oily. The smell is really quite beautiful, screams aromatherapy and is delicately floral and botanical, yet it’s not overly perfumed. It smells like I’m drinking a floral tea before getting a facial in a day spa! Application: I use this before bed after cleansing and toning my skin. I currently have this on rotation with some of my other skin care to try and conserve the product yet still take advantage of its benefits – the longer I use it, the better it gets! Directions say to use 4-6 drops, but my skin only requires 2-3 drops given its more on the oily side. It applies oily at first but melts into the skin and feels lightweight despite its richness. It does take a while to absorb, but after a few minutes there is no residual oil on my skin. It’s rich and hydrating and makes me feel as though I do not need to apply a moisturiser. Oily skin sufferers like me need not worry - Dermalogica hasn't included any congesting or skin irritating ingredients like lanolin, mineral oils (rather they use essential oils), artificial fragrances or SD alcohols that can aggravate the skin and potentially lead to more congested and oilier skin. Results: For a product that isn't specifically targeted for my combination skin concerns, it does a perfect job at addressing my skin's needs and respects it properties. In the morning, I am noticing my skin is becoming gradually brighter, more even, hydrated, smooth and dewy. The longer I use it the bigger the improvement in my skin tone, luminosity and texture. My dry patches are softening and I have a more radiant glow. It really is a super charged all rounder treatment! While I am under 30, one of my main priorities is preventative skin care, so having an anti-aging serum that works for my needs is a big success.
For a serum, I found this to be oddly named, given that it's quite oily. I used this as part of my night time routine, over the eye cream, but under my moisturiser. I found the scent to be quite calming and pretty, and definitely not overpowering. It's a relatively light oil that git absorbed quite easily (and quickly), and it left my skin feeling more supple. Dermalogica surprises me with their offerings, and this is another example of how good their products can be. Light, hydrating and effective.
I received this product with a free agesmart set with another dermalogica purchase. I was initially worried it would make my skin very oily, but I am pleasantly surprised. It feels like I'm giving my skin an overnight feed and my skin is thanking me for it. I either add a couple of drops to my normal overnight moisturiser or I concentrate a drop or 2 in a couple of areas. The product  smells lovely (my hubby had even commented how nice I smell when I come to bed).  My only complaint would be the packaging. The test size dropper bottle isn't always consistent with how many  'drops' come out. I will buy this again when it runs out. Better than any other rosehip type oils I have tried before.  At 36 I am starting to notice a few lines developing and I think this serum has been helping.