Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque

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Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque is a treatment that helps treat acne-prone skin. Kaolin and bentonite clays to help to deeply purify skin, while salicylic acid works to unclogs pores and prevent future breakouts. A special active clearing complex helps to control sebum production, kill pimple-causing bacteria and leave skin soothed. Suitable for use all over face, or as a targeted treatment on pimples only.


Dermalogica Sebum Clearing Masque


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This is more than I'd usually spend on a product  but after trying a few samples I was quite impressed and purchased the full size. This is quite a thick paste-like mask and needs to be applied fairly quick before it dries out and is hard to spread. I apply this on my t-zones only as they are the parts I need oil control with. Once applied this mask has an icy  sort of tingly feel and you can really feel it working to purify and clear your skin. My skin feels so clean,soft and any bumps I had feel smaller after rinsing and drying my face. The ingredients  in this work to heal,soothe ,kill bacteria  and clear sebum. I find it definitely does work for all this. I'd  recommend  this to anyone suffering  excess oil or acne prone skin. It may be pricey  but it actually works! Personally I'm happy to part ways with my money for clear skin from a quality  product :)
The Sebum clearing masque comes in a white tube with a grey flip-tab lid. The masque has a kaolin bentonite clay base with salicylic acid to help clean out sebum and dirt from deep in the pores. I usually use this masque twice a week to help balance out the oils and to keep my pores from getting congested. If I feel a breakout coming on, I apply this masque on the spot and leave it on overnight for an intense treatment.  Even though this is a clay masque it doesn't make my skin feel tight or dry like other clay masks do. Its a lovely masque and I apply it for about 10-15 minutes before washing it off. The masque washes off revealing smoother more supple looking skin. It temporary balances out sebum in my t zones and keeps my skin more even toned. I love popping this masque on before a big night to refresh and renew my skin. A lovely masque that I will continue to use and will recommend to anybody who has combo to oily skin type and especially for acne prone and congested skin. 
Massive fan of this product! I have been using it for about 7 months now and it has helped greatly with clearing up my skin. To put things in context; I am someone who has normal skin, however I suffer from congestion. This mask has really helped in not only combating that congestion but also preventing/controlling future break outs that i get around the cheek area.  The product has a thin clay like texture and has a very mild and refreshing scent. It also has a very refreshing/cooling feel once applied and after removal and doesn't make your face feel like it can't move as its drying on the skin like some other clay based face masks. It is definitely not harsh or abrasive. I personally have seen an improvement in my skin after using this product. If you are someone who is prone to break outs/black heads/congestion this product will probably give you results too, however, I would highly recommend finding someone who does the Dermalogica Face Mapping to make sure that it is definitely the right product for you and your skin type. :)
This product leaves my skin feeling and looking amazing. always had problem skin - shiny and oily - this has helped the issue heaps. I use 3/4 times a week and its working amazingly!!