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Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque is a treatment for dehydrated skin that contains hyaluronic acid to help restore moisture, glasswort to improve cellular lipid production, tomato seed oil to strengthen skin’s natural protective barrier, and lysine to help plump skin.


Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Masque


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My skin leans toward dry.  Harsh cleansers and actives can really cause problems for me.  This masque is a great way to give my skin a quick hydration boost when I start to feel that tight, dry sensation, but I also like to use it as a preventative prior to actives - especially retinol.  It has a very mild scent that I quite enjoy.
This is a clear gel masque which is very lightweight. I was surprised how lightweight this is. I do find that usually when I need a hydrating masque I wanted something thicker than this. I have normal (sometimes combination oily) skin. I found that this masque also dries up if I apply too thinly. So I have to apply a thick layer if I want to leave this on for more than 10 or so minutes. Some other reviewers mentioned that they use this overnight. I haven't tried this but I don't think I would as I can see that it would dried up half way through my sleep. I would not recommend this product to people with dry and sensitive skin. If you would like to try this product, maybe do a patch test on a small part of the face and then apply all over the face when it is fine.
In winter when the weather really starts drying out my skin, I use this on my skin, lips and even eye area. It's an instant relief from the harsh, dry air. After washing off, it leaves a moisturizing barrier that prevents my skin from drying out. During winter I was having such bad rashes on my face (eczema), but after using the skin hydrating masque, it completely went away and I have been forever rash free since. No rashes this winter!
I feel like Dermalogica is such an underrated brand – they have been around for what seems like forever, their packaging isn’t super fancy or distracting, but their products are some of the most effective that I have used. And their Skin Hydrating Mask is no exception. As someone who has combination and dehydrated skin, it’shard to find a hydrating mask that isn’t too heavy for my skin (particularly in the warmer months). I’ve been using the Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Mask for a few months now and it’s the perfect mask for my skin type. The product is milky white, has a light, fresh scent, is oil-free and feels like a hybrid of a gel and a cream. Usually, I use this mask as directed and apply a small amount on cleansed skin and remove after 10-15 minutes, however, I have also started to use this mask in conjunction with other masks if areas of my face need different treatments (I believe this is called ‘multi-masking’?!). For example,if my t-zone is feeling congested, I will apply a clay mask to that area and the hydrating mask everywhere else. Regardless of the way I use it, my skin feels refreshed, smooth and hydrated, but without a heavy or greasy feeling. One of the mask’s key ingredients is hyaluronic acid which helps the skin retain and release moisture over time, and I do think this has made a significant improvement to the hydration levels and overall appearance of my skin. I have been advised that rather than removing it, you can also sleep with the mask on or use it as an undereye treatment, and I will try these methods when the weather is cooler and I need a more intensive treatment. Like most Dermalogica products, this mask doesn’t contain any artificial fragrance or colours which makes it a great option, especially for those with sensitive skin. Some would say that the mask is expensive at $61 for 75ml, but I feel this is standard for a good quality mask, and since you don’t need to use a lot of product per application, a tube will last for quite some time. I also like that this mask comes in a squeeze tube instead of a pot, which is much more hygienic. Highly recommend!
I was handed a sample of this masque walking past the train station on my way to work. Of course I was excited to rush home and try out this masque the same night. I cleanse, tone and apply the masque in an even, thin layer on my face and go to bed, sleeping on my back least I smear the masque on my pillow. The next morning I wake up and a gentle cleanse reveals soft, smooth, hydrating skin. Its love at first application!  The masque is clear, and has a silky gel texture. It smells a bit like melons but the scent it mild. It spreads easily and absorbs into the skin without leaving an oily residue. I especially like the inclusion of hyaluronic acid in this mask as its well known for its hydrating properties. The packaging says to leave the masque on for 10 minutes only but most hydrating masques can be left on the skin overnight, including this masque.  I have bought a tube of this masque, and recommended it to my mom and sister because we all suffer from dry skin. They have both been pleasantly surprised by how gorgeously hydrating this masque is. My mom says that shes got dad excited about this masque too and his a soap and water guy so it shows how good this masque really is.  Pro Hydrates  Leave on overnight for intensive treatment  Stable squishy tube  Con  High price point for some 
I was lucky enough to receive a sample sachet of Dermalogica's hydrating masque with a purchase. I tried it on and fell in love with this skincare staple. The masque is this clear off-white colour with a gel-like consistency. I always cleanse my face, tone to balance my skins pH and apply this masque. I love how silky and smooth this feels going on. A thin even layer is all it takes to inject an intense dose of hydration for my skin overnight. My skin type is on the drier side so I feel my skin just drinks up the extra hydration. My skin always feels so soft and supple the next morning and masking with this helps keep the dry patches at bay. Of course after trying on the sample satchet I have now bought a full size tube of this product. The tube is squeezy and opaque with a flip tab lid. I love how sturdy and strong the packaging is. This masque is a gorgeous skincare staple for me and I use it 3 times a week at night. I have referred my friends and family to this masque and highly recommend it to anyone interested in getting an intense does of hydration for their skin. 
I was on a sunny island holiday when I first tried this - where my skin was in the sun quite a bit.  It was a great mask to use in that environment because it put back what the sun seemed to take away:  moisture. I loved the way it makes my skin look so smooth and deeply hydrated.  It's especially great because I don't need to avoid the eye area with this mask - I can actually just slap it all over my face without having to avoid delicate areas like the skin around the lips and eyes.  I'm starting to get vertical lines on my upper lip and it's a favourite of mine because it helps to hydrate and plump that area right out.  I can even just use it on those especially drier areas that I have for a quick moisture re-boot.   It feels like a basic mask but it doesn't have a basic effect.  It's not at all oily so it's great for pimple-prone skin like mine.  There is no scent to this colourless formula.  It's gentle and perfect for even sensitive skin too - my daughter has since borrowed it and loved it for her sensitive skin and found it works beautifully for her as well.  I have a variety of skin types all over my face (combination skin) and it is wonderful to use all over my face.   It rinses off easily and is great to use before applying make-up for a special event as it makes my skin look hydrated, plumper and have a younger overall appearance with fine lines diminished and crepe-like skin gone.  This would be an excellent facial mask to plump skin up well before a wedding.  Using it several times a week for a fortnight before the wedding would be ideal to get skin into a perfect hydrated condition.   So it would great for brides-to-be but also wonderful for anyone looking to serioulsly improve the hydration levels in their skin.
I recently bought this product for the first time and I am in love. I use it however as a leave on moisturiser and not a mask and this has never caused my skin any irritation. I was looking for a really nourishing moisturiser and this is perfect both left on overnight and even under makeup as it gets absorbed deep into your skin leaving it feeling plump and silky and not at all greasy. In fact for a moisturising mask I did find it a much lighter weight consistency than I expected but this isn't a bad thing. Being a Dermalogica product it does have a higher price point but you know it's excellent quality. It contains Hyaluronic acid, tomatoe seed lipids and importantly does NOT contain parabens or artificial fragrances and colours. I do believe when you find the perfect product for your skin and you can see and feel the difference it's worth the higher price and as with most quality products a little goes a long way.
The Skin Hydrating Masque comes in a squishy white tube with a screw-on, flip-tab grey cap. I like that the packaging is a tube and that the tube is opaque because it means light and air won’t easily get in and breakdown the masque, ensuring the product stays fresh till the last drop. The masque feels silky with a clear lotion-like texture. It has a mild cucumber scent. I just take a 5 cent amount and smooth it over my face and jawline after cleansing and moisturising. When I apply the product the masque doesn't absorb into the skin right away. It takes a bit longer to sink in as is expected of a face masque. While the product instructions state to leave the masque on for 10 minutes and rinse off I leave it on overnight instead as a more intense treatment. I find the masque is hydrating and non-irritating when left on overnight. The next day my skin feels velvety smooth, soft and supple. I like the extra boost of hydration for my skin this masque provides. The masque has some anti-aging benefits from antioxidants that fight free radicals and hyaluronic acid which is naturally found in our skin and is what keeps the skin hydrated. The masque gives my skin temporary hydration but I need to reapply the masque frequently to get the benefits of this product. Pro: anti-aging; antioxidants that fight free radicals, hydrating; hyaluronic acid, fragrance free Con: Price point I think this masque is ideal for travelling when the airplane cabin air pressure is drying on the skin. I layer this over my moisturizer for an intense treatment. Post flight my skin feels hydrated and doesn’t peel or flake as it would if I didn’t put on this masque. It is also good in the wintertime when my skin is drier. This is a hydrating masque that is ideal for dry to dehydrated skin types or anyone looking for an extra boost of hydration for the skin. 
This has to be my favorite mask that Dermalogica make! It feels so luxurious on your skin! You just pop it on and let your skin soak up all of the hydration the mask has to offer! After you have washed whats left of the mask off you skin looks so refreshed and glowing!  The smell reminds me a little bit of fresh cucumbers! I have also used this mask a few times before on my Dad who has quite dry skin. He even loves it and the way it makes his skin look and feel after using it. He actually asked to borrow it the day of my Wedding! So it must have made quite the impression! An absolute must for anyone with dry skin or for people looking for a little more hydration in their skin care routine! 100% would recommend!