Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub

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Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub works to exfoliate and polish skin with natural corn cob meal, while botanical extracts and aloe vera work to soothe skin. Arnica and cucumber extracts help skin feeling refreshed.


Dermalogica Skin Prep Scrub


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Effective and smells great! I have extremely sensitive skin and was a little dubious trying this scrub, but it's now one of my fave products! I love the texture and smell of this scrub, and I use it once a fortnight to help with congestion in my t-zone. The scrub is quite thick and gritty, and I often mix a little warm water with it to emulsify it.  After using it my skin is smooth and fresh, and the pores appear smaller. I like to follow with an intensive moisturiser as after using the scrub, products absorb beautifully.
I got a 22ml sample in a Meet Dermalogica skincare set. As a combination skin owner I must say this is the kind of a scrub I adore. Its thick, paste like consistency with the gritty texture massages my skin well and gets rid of all the debris and dead skin cells. My skin feels soft and smooth, it looks healthy and glowy and is prepared for all the beautiful serums and treatments I use on the daily basis. I suggest using this skin prep scrub twice or three times a week if you have a combination/oily skin, and if your skin is sensitive maybe once a week. Since the scrub is pretty powerful, I would suggest being extra delicate so no harsh exfoliation takes place. I am a fan of the gritty paste like scrubs. I use the acids and retinols and my skin is familiar with all the exfoliationg techniques and I guess this is what makes it look healthy and glowy. I highly recommend this product especially for those who battle blackheads.
When it comes to physical exfoliants (aka scrubs!) there is a fine balance between being not too harsh on skin and yet effective enough to remove the dirt and dead skin cells. Dermalogica's Skin Prep Scrub has achieved the perfect balance for my normal skin. The scrub comes in an easy-to-use inverted squeeze tube. The particles are very concentrated and only a small pea size is needed for the whole face and neck. It has a pleasant oatmeal smell and is slightly brownish in colour due to the plant-based scrub particles. I like to gently massage the scrub on clean, wet skin for a minute, but whenever I am in a rush I do it for a lesser time and it is just as effective. After rinsing the product off, my skin feels clean, fresh and smooth. Skincare products that I apply afterwards absorb a lot quicker and works more effectively. If I have time I would follow with a hydrating mask. I also found that makeup sits on my skin a lot better and lasts longer after using Skin Prep Scrub. I use this scrub once a week. I alternate this physical scrub with a chemical exfoliant (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) so I exfoliate a total of 2 times a week. However, for those who do not use a chemical exfoliant, the scrub can be used more often than once a week. I have been using this scrub for almost 10 years and I cannot be happier with the condition of my skin. I highly recommend this scrub to those who have normal, combination or oily skin. 
This product is excellent!  The particles are strong enough to do the job, but leaves your skin without that oily residue feeling and super clean. I use it in the shower approximately twice a week, easy and effective.
This product was sent from heaven! Perfect exfoliater, not to harsh on the skin but leaves you feeling refreshed and your skin glowing. Absolutely worth every cent, would highly recommend