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Designer Brands 7 Piece Make Me Up Pro Brush Set

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Conveniently stored in a roll-up makeup case, Designer Brands’ 7 Piece Make Me Up Pro Brush Set contains seven high quality synthetic brushes including a foundation brush, large powder/blush brush, angled contour brush, dual-ended brow brush, eyeshadow brush, blending brush and a liner brush.


Designer Brands 7 Piece Make Me Up Pro Brush Set


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I've had this Designer Brands 7 Piece Brush Set for some time now. I  will give a quick run through of each brush in the kit. The brush set consists of a foundation/buffing brush which is soft yet densely packed making it perfect for applying and blending out foundation. The dome shaped powder brush not only is good for finishing powder, but applies blush nicely, too. There is an angled contour brush that I use to apply bronzer. Being angled means I can easily follow the contour of my face. I also like that it's not too dense, so amount of product applied is better controlled and can be built up of needed. The liner brush is fine and slanted, great for creating a wing. The eye shadow brush is flat so packs eye shadow onto the lid nicely. I mostly use it for cream eye shadow because it is firm enough to smooth product onto my lids. This brush can also be used for concealer. There is also a dual ended brow brush, complete with spoolie at one end to tame those brows and angled brush at the other end to apply brow product to fill in. My favourote and most used brush of the set would have to be the eye shadow blending brush. It buffs out and blends eye shadow like a breeze. Each brush has a black handle with silver ferrules. I love that each brush is also labelled with its intended use. The kit also comes with a handy black pleather brush roll. The brushes only consist of synthetic bristles so the kit is cruelty free. I much prefer synthetic brushes to natural hair, I just find that they work better for me. This Designer Brands 7 Piece Brush Set is a definite win for me. I'd highly recommend it to anyone and everyone looking for a brush kit that contains tools that meets almost every need when applying a full face of makeup.
I bought this set to replace my old brushes and I adore them! I especially love the foundation buffing brush! It blends foundation in beautifully with the bulk of the product used on your face rather than absorbed in the brush. The price is amazing as well. It's a good quality set under $30 which is amazing. They brushes aren't scratchy they are super soft and luscious. The contouring brush is fabulous too. The angled brush really helps with blending and no patchiness. I would highly recommend these brushes to anyone and everyone looking to replace their current set.
The set comes with seven quality brushes ranging from foundation, eye and lipstick brushes. The brushes come incased in a black protector which opens up and clips to protect brushes. It looks so professional & luxurious. The brushes are easy to hold. The bristles are soft and feel gentle on the skin. The brushes apply and pick up makeup perfectly. They deliver make up softly and smoothly onto the skin. Bonus- If your confused which brush to use- its written on the side of each brush. My personal favorites - I love the contour brush - its perfect for delivering the right amount to cheeks and is slanted for curve formation. Im also a huge fan of the foundation brush as it delivers great coverage and leaves a fresh brilliant result. Ive had mine for over a year and the brushes are still in amazing condition. The brushes are easy to clean and don't loose any bristles while doing so. Also brilliant that db dont test on animals A super affordable set that is truely great quality. Ideal For...:  Anyone new to makeup brushes or wants a affordable selection of brushes.
This great pack from designer brands has every brush I need to get a professional looking makeup job and is such a bargain. At $25.00 I couldn't believe the price as most quality brushes can be really expensive and that's just for one. These brushes are great quality and do a great job, I love them. They come in a handy black clutch bag and all 7 brushes serve a purpose. Each brush is labelled so I don't get confused, the foundation brush blends cream or mousse foundation really well, it leaves no streaks and creates a flawless professional looking finish, the large powder/blush brush deposits just the right amount of product to highlight and spread a finishing powder, so easy to use. The angled contour brush is ideal for contouring and colour correcting and also blends blush beautifully, also easy to use. The duel ended brow brush creates gorgeous brows with ease, it fills in sparse brows, distributes colour precisely. The eyeshadow brush is firm enough to distribute colour evenly and blend perfectly for a smooth result. The liner brush does a great perfect winged eyeliner and the blending brush blends most products perfectly for a flawless finish. Such a handy brush pack I highly recommend it. Pros Great value Great quality Multi purpose all in one pack Everything I need for brushes Comes in a handy case Cons The brushes do shed a little, but this is minor
I had been looking for a good quality brush set for awhile, but I found that they were all way too far out of my price range. I found this DB brush set and ordered it straight away. It was a good set at an awesome price and contained every brush you need to do anything. To be honest, I was so surprised when I used them for the first time. The foundation brush is AMAZING, I've always used beauty blenders or sponges to apply liquid foundation and I am now a convert. Even with the low quality foundation I tried, the brush blended it so well and the outcome was completely different. I love the roll-up case it comes in, I no longer have single brushes rolling around my makeup bag mixing with each other. And unlike any other cheaper makeup brushes, there were no loose or stray hairs coming off during the application. I can't think of a single con for this set.
I'm finding the good quality of these brushes coupled with the bargain purchase price a winning combination for this brush set.  I've found them very useful and they stay all neat and organised in their easy-open pouch which has a place to hold each brush securely but they are also easy to get out and put back in, making the pouch very functional.  Also the pouch makes the whole kit travel-ready so when I'm packing this is the one complete brush set that is so easy to pack.  It covers every brush I need and I also feel secure knowing that if I lost it on my travels it wouldn't be a disaster because I could easily afford another one of these.  The price really is amazing and makes the kit extra great value.   I can highly recommend this kit as I am loving having it on hand.  It's great when my other brushes are needing a wash/drying from being washed, I can grab a suitable brush from this set.  It makes a perfect back-up set!
Heading off overseas I needed brushes and something to carry them in.  Saw this and was perfecto for my needs. A lovely black clutch bag that rolls and  folds over to hold 7 brushes.  Everything that I would need for my trip.  They are synthetic, vegan certified and are very easy as a first time brush for make-up beginners.  I do use other brushes but I found these exceptional for going away with.  They are very soft on your skin and I was a bit worried about having loose brush hairs on my face but no problem at all.  For a beginner getting to know what brush is used for what is made simple because the names of the brush are written on the side of the brush below.  This is great for knowing what each brush is used for.  The brushes come with a plastic over them which I actually kept on the brush as I was travelling and wanted to keep them intact.  It was easy after using the brush to just push up the plastic pouch over the tip of the brush.  The 7 brushes consist of Foundation/buffing blush, Large powder/Blush Brush, Angled Contour Brush, Eye Shadow/Blending Brush, Eye Shadow Brush, Liner Brush and an Ultimate Brow Brush.  Everything you need is right there, all handy to use.  I would highly recommend this product for travellers and especially for beginners of learning about brushes.  They were easy to clean while away also. 
I love these brushes! They are all surprisingly amazing quality and none of them have ever shed loose hairs. I have used these brushes to apply both liquid and loose powder products. They are soft on the skin and have maintained shape, even after washing. The bag is also very sleek and provides an easy and organised storage solution for the individual brushes too. The instructions provide great advice and tips on how to properly use each brush and correctly apply makeup.  Great for beginners, those on a badget, or anyone look for a brush kit inclusive of the essentials
I had been on the hunt for some new makeup brushes.  My arsenal consisted of old brushes that were shedding quite a bit and weren't performing that well.  I wanted something that had some of the basic essentials without being too expensive.  I came across the Designer Brands brush set, which included seven different brushes, for only $25.  It was probably the most affordable brush pack I had come across and figured it was worth it.  These are all brushes that I use on a daily basis and the quality was better than what I had anticipated.  The design of the brushes are simple yet aesthetically pleasing, with each brush being labelled so you never forget which is which. The bristles were soft on my skin and didn't cause any irritation.  The brushes held onto powder very well, allowing me to get the necessary amount of product I wanted.  Even with continued use I found that there wasn't any fallout.  The biggest problem I have with makeup brushes are that they tend to shed a lot, leaving it on my face and all over my bathroom floor.  Luckily I did not have that problem and the brushes have stayed in tact!  Foundation brush- This can be used for liquid, cream and mousse foundations.  It helps distribute the foundation evenly without leaving any lines or streaks for a seamless finish Powder brush- The large brush is great for adding loose powder to your face as foundation or on top of your foundation for setting.  It can also be used for blush on the apples of your cheeks Contour brush- The brush can also be used for blush but great for highlighting above your cheekbones as well as contouring (underneath your cheekbones/hollows of your cheeks) because of its precision.   Brow brush-  I use this for both my powder and pomade brow products as it is slanted and allows for light brush strokes, resembling our own brows.  It is firm and allows for great precision  Eyeshadow brush- As stated, it's used for eyeshadow, preferably powder form to create gorgeous eye looks like a smokey eye.  I even use it beneath my lower lash line for added colour Blending brush-  When you create different eye looks you don't want the lines visible so you use to blending brush to help blend the colours together so there aren't any harsh lines and make it look more professional Liner brush- This can be used in many different ways.  I dip it in my black eyeliner gel to create a winged eye look.  It can be used in powder for subtle liner on the top lid.  Or you can use it on the lower lash line for a nighttime look Pros: -Affordable -Great for all makeup users (Beginners to professionals) -No Shedding -Cruelty free -Soft bristles  -Contains a makeup case making it convenient for travelling 
I think it's a perfect set for my 1st brush set Was so excited when I saw these in the last Beautorium, I'd been wanting to get a set of brushes but was not sure where to start. They looked ok and only cost me my points and that was a big plus for me. When they were delivered I got them out to use straight away. I was supprised at how lux they seemed to be. I wasn't expecting them to be on the low quality side of things but they were anything but. They were sleek looking and were solidly put together. Each brush was soooo soft against the skin and no loose hairs which I have seen on some of the cheaper brands while still on shelf. Being a total beginner with brushes I like that they had the name/use of brush printed on Handel. I was a little nervous to use them thinking it was going to be a big learning curve and a few clown faces before I got use to them. So I jumped in to practice and found them so easy to use straight away. They felt comfortable in my hand easy to move them and get them to do what I wanted.