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Designer Brands Absolute Liquid Eye Liner Pen

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Designer Brands Absolute Liquid Eye Liner Pen features a pointy felt tip for easy application, while the intensely pigmented and smudge-proof formula keeps eyeliner looking sharp. 

Available in two shades.


Designer Brands Absolute Liquid Eye Liner Pen


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This eyeliner works very well for me because the formula is very smooth and pigmented. The applicator is very thin and comes out the right amount of product which allows me to glide across my eye lids and finish with a nice define wing. The colour stayed on for most of the day then it starts to fade a little when reaching to the seven hour mark which I can accept for a drugstore brand.
The pigmentation of this eyeliner is excellent and it is very easy to work with as it has a fine tip, however after about an hour of wearing this eyeliner it transferred onto my lids, which is unfortunate because it is such a great priced product with great pigmentation, however if you do not have a problem with oily eyelids or eyeliner transfer then this product may be good for you, however I would not recommend this to people with oily eyelids.
This eye liner glides on smoothly and allows me to draw precise and fine lines. It is easy to hold and I can create a thin line with ease. It is almost as smooth as a pencil liner although most times I prefer small strokes to create a natural line instead of a long line. It's easily removable with any eye makeup remover and doesn't smudge or make my eyes teary. The applicator is precise and goes on smoothly and gives me long lasting colour and detail to my eyes. It would be nice if there are some more colours in this liner.  I recommend this eyeliner for anyone who wants a well priced liner which doesn't smudge or irritate the eyes.