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Designer Brands Flawless All In One Foundation Stick

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A multitasking product that doubles as a base and concealer, Designer Brands’ Flawless All In One Foundation Stick glides on easily thanks to the hydrating moisture core. Enriched with vitamins A and E and aloe vera, this semi-matte foundation provides buildable and even coverage.

Available in six shades.


Designer Brands Flawless All In One Foundation Stick


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Yet to find better

Works really well for my skin, given the right products under it and used with my beauty blender dupe it works amazing, looks flawless. I usually do nearly dry sponge with the Aqua Rich SPF as a primer. My skin is pretty neutral combination skin, not super oily and not dry at all, and it lasts fairly well over the course of the day. This is all considering I do a very natural small amount and don't layer it. Also looks pretty good with the Sunbum face stick, which is also a chemical sunscreen. I tend to focus it in the centre of my face which is the oiliest and it still works really well. I think the finish is sort of a satin cross dewy finish. Doesn't do much for raised pimples but almost healed ones that are just discoloured, covers nicely. I have quite the freckle face in summer and id say it covers them like 80-90% but still looks seamless.
Now that I’m in my fifties, I usually buy mid to high end foundations because they work better for my dry skin. I bought the Designer Brands Flawless All In One Foundation Stick (in Porcelain Ivory) because I liked using a foundation stick from another brand when I was younger and I wanted to see if a similar product would work for me now. The Flawless All in One Foundation Stick has a creamy consistency and it was easy to blend on my skin. I tried applying the foundation with and without a primer and with different application methods (sponge, fingers, brush), but I was never happy with the result. When I applied a light layer of the foundation so that it did not look cakey, it did not give me enough coverage and it sunk into the larger pores. When I applied a heavier layer, the foundation still sunk into the larger pores, but it also accentuated wrinkles and the result looked uneven.The foundation did not set, so I applied powder over it, but this resulted in a cakey appearance.  
I had high hopes with this All In One Foundation Stick because I love DB's liquid foundations. Unfortunately this foundation stick didn't work well with my skin as it was too dry and foundation dried up quickly which made it hard to blend out evenly. I recommend to blend out the foundation with fingers as the warmth of the fingers makes the foundation easier to blend.
I was shopping for a cheaper foundation that would suit a combination skin type, I went with this foundation as a recommendation from a friend, likes it’s easy to use and apply, great size for money value, comes in a easy to use tube, dislikes doesn’t suit every skin type my skin for instance it left a blotchy appearance and make my skin feel dry and not great at all, for the price I would recommend everyone to try it if your looking for a cheaper foundation but there is other foundations for a lessser price that i have found that work better for my skin type.
This is a great budget friendly foundation. Even though it’s a cheaper drugstore formula designer brands really does do a good product. The stick is quite creamy and smooth. It glides on easily and I simply blend with fingers. I love that it doubles as a concealer and also a foundation, it’s buildable and not at all drying. It feels nice and light to wear and didn’t go oily halfway through the day. I recommend using a good primer first for an even smoother finish. I love that this foundation contains aloe Vera and vitamins also. The stick means less mess and no spill which is a bonus and it comes in six shades so it’s easy to find a perfect match. At under $15.00 it’s great value for money, designer brands is a great budget friendly brand that is great quality and this stick is a great option if you don’t want to splurge on expensive foundations, I highly recommend this product.
I was shopping for a cheap foundation for a change when I stumbled across this one.  I like decent coverage and this delivered without feeling heavy or looking harsh.  I wasn't expecting such a great application from a cheaper product.  Went on nicely and stayed put.  I normally like to change up my products once I've finished with something but I'll be buying this one again