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Designer Brands Natural Ground Minerals Foundation

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Designer Brands Natural Ground Minerals Foundation delivers a flawless finish using natural ingredients like brightening pomegranate extract, antibacterial green tea extract, and vitamins C and E to reduce the signs of ageing. Free from talc, bismuth, fragrance and parabens, this mineral foundation has a built-in grinder, which shaves the pressed powder into loose powder.

Available in three shades.


Designer Brands Natural Ground Minerals Foundation


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This is an excellent product for the price.  The design quality of the product is fantastic - as you swivel the body of the container it release the freshly ground mineral powder foundation through the holes so it's ready to use.  There is a cute little classy black applicator puff that sits inside ready to use and also helps to keep the ground powder from getting away if some is left in the container.  There is a mirror in the lid too and the lid clicks closed so you know it's shut properly.   I have this in the colour Dark because I have strong medium skin tones and it looks great for summer.   This Dark colour can also be used as a bronzer for winter when I use a slightly lighter colour foundation.  There is not really any scent to this and the product can be built upon by adding more on the face but I find it quite pigmented so I don't need to use a lot to get a beautiful foundation result.  So this can give a range of coverage results depending on how much you want to put on.   I can highly recommend it to those who love mineral foundations.  It gives impressive results and I'm finding it hard to not give it five stars really!