Dior Addict It-Line Liquid Eyeliner

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Dior Addict It-Line Liquid Eyeliner is a liquid eyeliner that dries instantly. The formula is vibrant and long-lasting with a gel-like shine. The precise tip makes application easy.


Dior Addict It-Line Liquid Eyeliner


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This is a great product which allows you to draw a sharp winged line! The best feature about this is the thin brush tip which can really get into every corner or space of your eyelid. It can be for parties, or everyday looks as it is very versatile in application. I recommend this for people who have already been using liners as it can be a bit difficult due to its smooth and watery consistency, however, I started off with this one and in no time I got used to it. So you can give it a go even if you are a beginner! Love it, and lasts a long time THIS DOES NOT SMUDGE. It is like SMUDGE PROOF once it dries. Love it.