Dior Airflash Spray Foundation

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Dior Airflash Spray Foundation is a spray-on foundation that instantly smooths and evens out skin tone with long-wearing coverage. The lightweight mist features fresh natural oils that evaporate upon application for invisible texture, leaving skin radiant with a natural finish. 

Available in four shades.


Dior Airflash Spray Foundation


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I have fallen in love with this foundation. It is sheer, dewy and gorgeous on the skin. I love the packaging and I find it super easy to use. I tend to spare it onto my hand first, then use a brush or sponge to blend (however, the feeling of praying it directly on to your face is refreshing and kind of fun). If your looking for a youthful, fun and beautiful foundation- I'd give it a try
This foundation is the best colour match I've ever had in a foundation however the actual product is terrible. This foundation lasts around 2 hours if you're lucky coverage wise, has minimal coverage to begin with l, not to mention so much wastage of product. If only Dior sold the colour I got in this foundation for another foundation and we'd have a winner!
I love this airbrushing foundation. It gives a my face a beautiful natural finish and isn't too heavy. I do one of two types of application - spray it directly on to my face or spray into my hand and spread for a much lighter coverage. I will try using a brush next time. I find the spray can much more convenient and lighter when I travel. I have found a shade which suits my complexion. When I was unable to buy the Dior Airflash, I used one from Napoleon Perdis, however, I prefer the Dior Airflash. This is a must have in my makeup bag.
I absolutely love this foundation! Even though it's super expensive and not very practical in terms of application, it applies wonderfully and gives your skin a photo-shopped appearance! It can get quite messy and sets fairly quickly so it's best to work in sections - I spray a small amount onto my face and use a buffing brush to work it into the skin. Even though I get quite oily during the day, I find I don't need to use a setting powder with this foundation which is a plus! I thoroughly recommend it!
Airbrushing in a can this is a great foundation for those occasions where you know you are going to be photographed and want to look naturally flawless. I don’t spray it directly onto my face from the can (as it can get a bit messy), I prefer to spray it onto a stippling brush and then apply to my face. It also works brilliantly if you love to cream contour, I generally do that first, then use this foundation on a stippling brush to blend it out. The only downside is the limited range of shades available.