Dior Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation SPF 25

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Dior Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation SPF 25 is a liquid foundation with SPF 25 sun protection. The fluid formula is infused with exclusive skin-shaping Skincare Essence which hydrates and mattifies while melting into the skin to deliver a balanced, smooth and healthy appearance to the complexion. 

Available in seven shades.


Dior Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation SPF 25


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Dior foundations are beautiful, I’ve tried a few and I love all of them. The only reason that I’m not giving this foundation 5 stars is it doesn’t hide all the redness on my face, I can still see the tiny broken capillaries through this foundation when I wear it. What I do love about this foundation is it stays wonderfully matte the whole time your wearing it. It doesn’t at all look caked on, in fact,  I would give it full scores if it had a little more coverage. It also is not drying even though it gives a lasting matte finish. To me it has a pleasant sent that is similar to other Dior foundations but the scent is in no way overpowering. I have worn this foundation with a primer and without and I find it stays on just as well whichever way it’s worn. I would recommend this foundation to someone that doesn’t mind paying for a long lasting matte foundation that last the day and loves a slightly transparent finish.
These days on my current skin, I would probably only give it a 3.5 but I am being kind because it was a favourite of mine as a teenager. As a teen, I experienced full on acne that was hard to cover up - a necessity at the time to maintain any confidence in my appearance. At the time, my skin was definitely more oily.  So, if you have an oilier skin type, and like a higher coverage base - this could be the perfect product for you. Now, with a drier/combination skin type, it's just not for me. I find it drying, heavy and can cake up as the day gos on.  Who is it for? Those with an oilier skin type looking for a high coverage, long lasting foundation. This product is matte.  Who is it not for? Those with a dry or combination skin type (leaning towards the dry side), or for those who want a light weight foundation. Definitely not for those who want a glowy, satin or dewy finish.
Such an incredible foundation! Blends to my skin perfectly and lasts for hours - personally, I really can't say enough good things about this product! I love the feel and look on my skin as is, I am interested in the trend of adding illuminating sprays/drops to my makeup routine to add even more radiance! Would absolutely recommend! 
My absolute favourite foundation. So lucky I discovered it. It has a good spf rating so is perfect for everyday use and I never have to worry about putting extra sunscreen on my face.  I find the coverage is perfect - light to medium but covers all my blemishes evenly and smoothly. I have a lot of scars and also pigmentation spots. I find that only one or two squirts onto my finger tips is enough to cover my entire face. It has a lovely scent (only very light so not overpowering, but enough to feel as though you are using a luxurious product). With how well I good the coverage is, the actual product is very lightweight and not oily or greasy or heavy. It doesn’t stick to your hands (or your clothes for that matter!) The foundation has a matte finish which is perfect for oily skin. I find that the coverage lasts very well throughout the day. It doesn’t dry or change it’s appearance and complexion as the day progresses.  My skin feels healthy and like it’s breathing well through the foundation, it doesn’t dry out or break out. I have now been using this foundation daily for 3 years and have not found a better product yet. I love it!! 
This is a great foundation. Evens out skin tone without looking cakey or settling into fine lines or pores. Unfortunately the shade I was matched to oxidised on my skin, so had to buy the shade lighter and now works fine. Have found pairing with the Dior Forever primer the best match to prolong longevity. Keen to try the cushion version for lighter days or even touch ups! Beautiful foundation. Works great on my dry/combo skin.
I have combination skin which is more combination/oily in the hot, summer months and I am always on the lookout for long wearing foundations that don't smudge or slide off my face after a few hours. I decided to purchase this Diorskin Forever Foundation as it claims to be long wearing, and I chose the shade "Light Beige" which is still a bit dark for my complexion. This foundation costs more than the usual foundations I purchase. It comes in a beautiful glass bottle with a pump applicator, that dispenses the right amount of product each time. I had high hopes and expectations with this product as it sounded just like what I was looking for; long wearing and pore minimising. Plus it contains decent SPF protection and provides medium to full coverage. I apply this foundation with my BeautyBlender as I find it sets fairly quickly and can be somewhat drying and difficult to blend. I find the shade Light Beige does have yellow undertones, but some of the other lighter shades in the range did look a bit more orange on my skin, so overall I don't find the selection of shades are great or very natural looking. The coverage is definitely medium to full, but it can look a bit cakey if you apply too much. My pores do look less visible, and my skin looks more even as this foundation is quite pigmented. It does look and feel matte once applied, but I don't find it lasts the whole day for me and I do need to touch up with my powder mid afternoon. I find my complexion does look slightly orange too by the end of the day, so it does tend to oxidise to some extent.  I would recommend this foundation to anyone with oily skin who wants a matte finish. It can be a bit drying and may settle into fine lines if you have dry skin. This foundation is pretty expensive and I believe there are cheaper, better alternatives available. The choice of shades are a bit disappointing as I don't think the lighter shades are very flattering or natural looking. It does provide good coverage to conceal scars and blemishes, but can look a bit like a mask if you over do it! So I would definitely recommend using a good quality makeup sponge or foundation brush to create a more, subtle finish. Overall I don't think I will repurchase this foundation as I was hoping it would last longer on my complexion than it actually did. 
I have very oily to combination skin, textured and pimple prone but I love this foundation.  Positives: - Matte finish on my oily skin - Great coverage, covers all my redness - Looks great in photos, flawless look - Easy to spread, and buildable Negatives: - After a few hours can look a little cakey on my textured areas (cheeks and chin and nose) - Almost always separates on my chin (no idea why) Overall, very happy with it. Would I purchase again? Probably not this one, but I would purchase a Dior one again
I was very excited to get my hands on Diorskin Forever Fluid Foundation and purchased it when it originally launched... but ended up disappointed with the results. I was seeking a dewy, satin foundation but it was matte and quite drying on the skin but the range of shades are fantastic and suit most skin tones. It claims to be waterproof and transfer-free however after a few wears I stopped using it so cannot tell you if it lives to its claim. This would not be appropriate for those with dry or more mature skin and I am sad that I had a negative with Diorskin Forever Liquid Foundation.
I got a sample to try of this foundation to try.  I thought with the price of it it would be pretty damn good, but I was disappointed.  It was easy to apply and went on smoothly but even through I have combination/oily skin, it was drying which really surprised me and started separating on my skin a few hours later.  I really wanted to love this product, but sadly I don't.
Old favourite, the new version is nice too. Long lasting, nice shades.
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Replying to Anita R.I wrote this review when I didn't know the rules how to review, so my review sounded more like a comment and not a proper review. I have used this foundation for at least 6 years now and I love it, it is long lasting, medium to full coverage, does not feel heavy on the skin, makes your skin look velvety and smooth,  applies easily with fingers, sponges or brushes. The new version with an SPF of 25 ( in Australia 20) is to manage shine throughout the day and promises pore-refining effect, and yes, the foundation keeps the skin matte ( healthy matte) and makes the pores look smaller. I am a fan of the scent too, smells luxurious and expensive but it is not overpowering. The glass bottle is pretty too. I would recommend this foundation for those with combination/oily skin, those with dry and normal would need a good moisturiser or hydrating primer underneath.