Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Serum

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Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Serum is a hydrating essence that revitalises skin for a healthy looking appearance. It contains anti-fatigue hydration technology and intensifies the natural circulation of water in the skin’s layers to deeply reinvigorate the skin and boost the effectiveness of other skin care products.


Dior Hydra Life Sorbet Serum


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The real question to ask is whether this $126 serum is really keeping my skin youthful looking and preventing premature ageing? This serum does undoubtably help to keep my skin hydrated and fresh looking, although it does feel quite heavy on my skin. For the steep price I feel like the cheaper alternatives on the market have equal benefits to this serum, so I wouldn't recommend it to people trying to watch their budget. I think this serum would be ideal for people with dry skin, as it does hydrate and plump up the skin, although for people with greasier skin like myself, it can make your face feel overwhelmingly moist.  This product comes with a little spoon, which is very handy in portioning out how much to use, I like to use a very small scoop because a little bit of this serum goes a really long way. Although recommended to be used twice a day, I prefer to wear the serum only before bed, as it can feel too greasy on my skin to be worn under my everyday makeup, and even visibly make my foundation appear overly shiny. I have been using this product for a couple of months now, and although I can't visibly see a dramatic change in my skin, I like to think it has been preventing the formation of new wrinkles and imperfections. The product itself has seemed to last for ages, due to the small amounts used each application, I think each tub can be stretched out and last quite a long time. I think this product is perfect for individuals from their early twenties and up, especially those with very dry, flaky skin, or for those exposed to harsh UV rays. So if you feel your skin desperately lacks moisture and hydration, then this is the serum for you! I do advise people with very oily, pimply or problem skin to steer clear and find a more appropriate product for your skin type. Overall, due to the high price and lack of visible changes to my skin I would give this serum a 6.5/10, and advise to try a sample before you buy so you can see how it feels on your own skin.