Dove Invisible Dry Roll On Deodorant

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Dove Invisible Dry Roll On Deodorant is an anti-white mark deodorant. The formula contains 1⁄4 moisturising cream with vitamins E and F to help improve the look and feel of the underarm skin, while caring for irritated skin post shaving.


Dove Invisible Dry Roll On Deodorant


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I liked this deodorant. First of all, it didn't have a scent, I wasn't worried about deodorant and perfume smell competing. Second of all, it worked. And deodorant that does its job well, is a good buy. I didn't notice any marks on my black clothes, but my white t-shirts still had yellow markings (that can be due to my excessive sweating). After applying, it dried really quickly, so I was never worried about these awkward stripes on random places. I would definitely buy again.
Many deodorants claim to leave no white marks but I have found only this one to be truly free of white residue and safe to wear with my darkest of shirts.  It is a lovely light formula that dries quickly and does not leave my armpits sticky or thickly coated in product.  It has a lovely delicate subtle scent, which is great because I don't want anything to compete with my perfume.  I think what I love most is the formula is very gentle and has caused absolutely no irritation even when applied shortly after hair removal.  It has never let me down in regards to performance so it is a daily go-to item for me for the past few years.  I do not have a big issue with sweating nor an odour issue, if you did I would recommend a product from the Dove clinical or sport range as these seem to work really well for my husband.  If you are after a gentle, irritant free, lightly scented and truly no white marks or residue on your clothing then this is a must-have item.