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Dove Original Roll On Deodorant is a moisturising roll-on deodorant that provides 48 hours protection. The formula contains Dove’s 1⁄4 moisturising cream with vitamins E and F to help improve the look and feel of the underarm skin, while also caring for irritated underarm skin post shaving.


Dove Original Roll On Deodorant


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Firstly, an incredibly affordable product that lasts and works really well!  The bottle it comes in is a great size for fitting into your bag, though I find I don't need to reapply this deodorant as it keeps me fresh all day. The product is nice and creamy, and it makes my skin feel soft. I can use it even if I have just shaved as it is gentle and has moisturiser with vitamins in it as well! Because of this texture though, I do wait a little longer to put my clothes on so that it dries.  It doesn't stain or leave marks and I like that the bottle is designed to be 'upside down' so the product is always on the roller, ready to go! The smell is very subtle, which I like in a deodrant.  Really recommend this product, especially if you are looking for some extra moisturising for under your arms. 
This is one of my favourite roll on deodorants. It has a nice fresh scent that isn’t too floral or overpowering. It feels great and nourishing when applied, especially after you have just shaved. The screw top click lid means it won’t fall off and leak through your bag. I always have one of these in my handbag ready to go.
This is my absolute go to deodorant.  It stays put all day long and being a roll on, it’s easy to keep in your bag when you’re on the go if you ever need a top up.  It smells incredible and doesn’t leave any white marks plus as it’s a liquid consistency it slightly moisturises at the same time. 
I am not an overly sweaty person and use either Dove or Rexona every day as I think they have the most effective ingredients against smell and sweat. I really like Dove as it does its job, the fragrance is nice and it is readily available. I find it non-irritating, even after shaving.
This is my everyday deodorant, I find that the scent is fresh and not overpowering, and it lasts me all day. I am not a particularly sweaty person, so I'm not sure how it would go for someone who is slightly sweatier.  I find that the formula of this deodorant is quite moisturising and does not irritate my armpits as a few other deodorants have, it is especially good when freshly shaven.  I also really like the cucumber version of this deodorant and regular repurchase both of them. I have never had any issues with the packaging breaking or leaking, and love the affordable price.
This product has a pleasant smell however I wouldn't recommend it to someone who tends to sweat easily. It goes on quite sticky and easily transferred onto clothing when wet. Didn't last 8 hours for me unfortunately. It comes in a convenient roll on with a twist cap, great size for your handbag.
Whilst I really like other Dove products no so much this one. I find the scent of it overpowering and that’s not good when your wearing and fragrance. It does go on nicely and dries on your skin I didn’t find it very effective especially when exercising which is a big one for me. However it’s reasonably priced and doesn’t sting after shaving but it’s just not for me.
The only deodorant that works for me. I’ve tried other brands but after an hour or so, I start itching and feel like I’m perspiring. Dove roll on has worked for y daughter and I got years. I apply it on every morning and finding that o don’t need to re apply it. I like how it feels, in the sense it does not feel wet or too dry. Just perfect
This is an effective, gentle deodorant that's also soothing to freshly-shaven skin. The liquid applies somewhat milky, but dries down clear; it likes to take its time to dry, but I always apply my deo before my body lotion, and then after, I stay in my bathrobe for a while, so it's not an issue for me personally. I love that not only does it not sting my freshly-shaven pits, but it also feels soothing and hydrating. Once it dries, it does its job without leaving white marks on my dark tops or yellow stains on my light ones. Its protection lasts a whole day, though I've never gone long enough without showering to test its 48-hour claim. It does feel a bit sticky on particularly humid days, but I guess that's to be expected from something that's not clinical strength. The practical bottom-lid design is the only way to go for roll-on products, in my view, so good on Dove for adopting this packaging. The biggest drawback for me is the scent, which lingers for a whole day until my next shower. It's not an awful scent, but it's just so sharp. Not offensive, either, just so... Dove, made extra powdery. I'm not a fan. For this reason, I don't believe this would be the best choice whose skin is sensitive to fragrance. I like this, but it's not my favourite. As an anti-perspirant, this does a great job, but that scent needs to be toned down.
I have been using Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Roll-on for many years.  I have tried other roll-on anti-perspirants but I always go back to the Dove Original.  The design of the white and blue plastic container makes it easy to grip while rolling the ball over my armpits, and it is a perfect size when travelling.   The Original anti-perspirant has a fresh, clean fragrance – the typical Dove fragrance we have all come to know.  The product is very moisturising and dries fairly quickly so there is no delay in dressing.  The Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Roll-on never lets me down.  I apply this first thing in the morning after my shower and it provides great protection right through until my next shower.  This anti-perspirant has never irritated my skin, even when I have applied it directly after shaving my armpits.  The Dove Original Anti-Perspirant Roll-on works for me so I’ll stick with it. 
The Dove Original Roll On Deodorant is one of my favourite.  The packaging of the deodorant has a narrow end that makes grip and application easier.  It has the scent of the standard Dove soap, which I find pleasant and minimal. The texture is hydrating and does not dry the skin like some roll on deodorants do. It is gentle and moisturising on sensitive skin.  It lasts all day without need to reapply and does not leave stains on clothes. Ticks all of the boxes for me! Would recommend to all. 
This is my favourite deodorant! I have really sensitive, dry skin on my body but this helps to moisturise my underarms. Smells like i've just stepped out of the shower all day long and it's so inexpensive! I really can't see myself using anything else any time soon.
I really like this deodorant from Dove. It has the classic Dove scent which I really like and don't find overpowering at all. The bottle is small and compact and fits nicely into my hand. The shape is really cute and curvy. The bottle is upside down which I really like because the deodorant flows smoothly and easily onto the roller. The bottle doesn't leak which is great. I prefer roll on deodorant to spray on because the bottle lasts longer and I have more control where it lands on my skin instead of going all over my clothes. I found the deodorant to be very effective at keeping my skin fresh and dry all day. I only need to apply it once in the morning and it lasts all day. It works great on hot days when you tend to sweat a lot. It doesn't leave any white marks on my clothes. It dries really quickly and doesn't leave any sticky residue on my skin and I don't need to keep re applying throughout the day. It is also very gentle on my skin and doesn't cause irritation even when I use it  after shaving, it is very smoothing and calming. The deodorant contains Dove’s 1-4 moisturising cream which I love because it helps to keep my underarm really nice and moisturised. With other deodorants, I usually find that they can dry out my skin too much and cause problems. Overall this is a great deodorant at an affordable price that keeps you feeling fresh and clean all day long and I would recommend this product to everyone.
I've been using Dove deodorant for a long time. There's nothing like keeping it simple and using this original one. It does its job well and when applied feels clean and fresh which comes across in the smell too -  for this reason I'd say it can totally be unisex! I must admit, at home, we both share the same deodorant - but we're also people that like to apply a stronger scent afterwards, like a perfume, so the smell of this deodorant will not conflict with any any others you may have on you. It also lasts the day which is what you really want from a deodorant. Simple!
I quite a fan of Dove products all together especially when it comes to skincare. I bought the Dove Original Deodorant Roll-on after I noticed sprays were starting to dry my sensitive skin. I love that this is a gentle product which  glides on nicely, absorbs quickly so that I am not left with wet underarms and has a pleasant fragrance  subtle enough that it doesn’t overpower any perfume I wear. It has been particularly impressed with the moisturising formula that doesn't irritate my skin, even after shaving.The blue screw top lid is fantastic and I've found it to be very leak proof so this is safe to take in my bag when out and about. I love that the bottle sits roll-end down, it means there is less wastage. This is a trusted brand that has become my go-to deodorant. I would happily recommend it to women of all ages but particularly those with dry or sensitive skin. 
I'm a regular user of roll-on deodorants, preferring them over most aerosol deodorants.  This deodorant is a standard 50mls size and is a very affordable price, often on sale at the big supermarkets and chemists. The formula is lovely & gentle, with 1/4 moisturising cream really being evident when using.  I've found the gentle formula especially good when I've recently defuzzed my underarm & want a non-irritating & gentle roll-on.  No ouchy or stingy issues with this deodorant. While it stops perspiration very well, I've personally found I've had a problem with longevity, for some reason it's not lasted as long as other brands of deodorant I use. With Perth summers being so hot & humid, I'm unlikely to repurchase as I need a product that can survive the heat & last around the clock - though I do definitely plan to try other deodorants in the Dove range, as I love the 1/4 moisturising cream, and soothing formulas.  Hopefully I'll find one I'm very happy with.
This is a classic Dove scented roll on deodrant which feels nice and comforting to wear because of the familiar Dove fragrance. This deodrant keeps me odour free all day long without having to worry about it. I love the fact that it's small enough to fit into my bag and I can reapply at the end of a work day when I'm going out in the evenings. I recommend this dependable, nonirritating deodorant for everyday use to feel fresh, clean and confident!
Such an effective deodorant, I am not  a big fan of the scent, however, I really do like that it has staying power. Dove Original Roll On Deodorant stays on for hours and I don't feel the need to reapply, probably more so than the nicer smelling alternatives in the Dove range. This product also dries really quick which I am a fan of. While the scent doesn't appeal to me I really love how refreshing it can be. Overall a fantastic product.
Dove Antiperspirant original deodorant comes in a well thought out white bottle which narrows at the end to fit comfortably in hands while applying.  The blue screw top lid I've found is leak proof and combined with the small size of the packaging, this is perfect to put in handbags and take wherever you may go.  It's a creamy texture and feels quite moisturising when applied.  This is the best product I've used on fresh shaved skin. Instead of the usual stinging and irritation most deodorants cause, this was calming and soothing no doubt thanks to the 1/4 moisturiser and vitamin e in the ingredients.  The scent is mild, fresh and powdery and is quite alike to the classic Dove soap smell.  I found this didn't need any reapplying at all during the day. Extremely long lasting.  It does take a little longer to dry than some deodorants but other than that I can't fault it.  An affordable price, clean scent and non irritating. A deodorant that lives up to all it claims.