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Dr. LeWinn’s Reversaderm Collagen Accelerator Serum

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Dr. LeWinn’s Reversaderm Collagen Accelerator Serum is a highly concentrated serum with alpha hydroxy acids to intensely nourish and hydrate skin while targeting the signs of ageing. Formulated with resveratrol, oligopeptide-24 and vitamin C, a known collagen booster, this serum plumps and firms the skin and minimises the appearance of lines and wrinkles to help reduce the appearance of skin discolorations and pigmentation.

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Dr. LeWinn’s Reversaderm Collagen Accelerator Serum


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Reduces fine lines, brightens skin

The reviews for this product were really good so I decided to give it a go. I love serums and with mature skin you really need to be using one. ThisDr Lewinns collagen accelerator serum is a fabulous ant ageing product, my fine lines were much less noticeable after using this for just a few days. It boosts collagen so my skin looks plumper and one of the things I love the most is that my skin looks less tired, brighter and fresher thanks to the addition of vitamin c which definitely brightens more mature skin. It smoothes on well, sinking straight in with no oiliness and feels light and comfortable to wear, I recommend use both morning and night followed by a good moisturiser, it won’t irritate sensitive skin and is really hydrating. Great product I would buy again
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Lets glow girl

I am all for a good serum - with dry and pigmented skin I have many of them. For me, this serum was a stand out. It is quite light weight, meaning where some serums are best only at night due to their heaviness, this one can still be used in the morning prep routine. I used this once daily (at different times of the day depending on my schedule) and found it quick and easy to apply. It also looks stylish sitting on the bathroom cabinet, with its elegant and sleek packaging. Left my skin hydrated, glowing and looking a lot fresher after a year of stress and turmoil. I highly recommend this for anyone looking for glowing, hydrated and younger looking skin. It has been a god send.
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Dr Hello!

I freakin' love this product. I spent more than 250 days in lockdown - more if you count the number of migraines I've had - and my face definitely reflects that. Honestly, I looked like I've been emotionally punched in the face. I was really looking forward to trialling these products, especially the peel. The serum is silky smooth AF - it glides on like an Olympic skater and sinks in like a sumo wrester into a waterbed. I followed all the directions, and my skin looked and felt...awake. I The serum felt super nice, and skin tone looks more even and has some 'glowiness' (is that a word?). I will defo be paying this, even at full price, and if you've ever met my family, you'll know that's a big deal.
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Light weight and powerful serum

Dr. LeWinn's Collagen Serum is a game changer for mature skin. This light weight and easily absorbed serum is delightful. It gave my skin, which was feeling drab and definitely showing the signs of aging, a powerful boost. Used in conjunction with the anti-aging peel, my skin feels refreshed and definitely brighter. It didn't clog my pores, dried quickly and is not oily. Fine lines are less obvious and my skin feels and looks more radiant. I will continue to use this product and highly recommend it to others with mature skin!
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A great daily serum

I love the Dr.LeWinn's Reversaderm Collagen Accelerator Serum. Aside from the fact that I am an avid lover of Serums to start with, this one oozes luxury, and at only $69.95 its really affordable compared to some serums I have used in the past. The serum is light and a lotion consistency and one pump was enough to cover my face. It is packed full of antioxidants and active ingredients, and thankfully my skin took to it really well. I used it in conjunction with the Dr.LeWinn's Reversaderm Corrective Skin Peel and I can honestly say that my skin looks smoother and fresher. The texture is clearer and it looks a bit brighter than before which is great.
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Collagen mode activated.

This serum has been amazing. I feel like it's really helped smoothed out those fine lines that have started to creep on to my face due to 40 being around the corner. It goes on silky and absorbs into the skin without leaving that sticky residue that some serums can do. I have had no reactions with my skin and will continue to use this as it's the best one I've come across so far. No strong scent either which they usually have to cover the chemical smell that some ingredients can leave behind. My face feels softer and I feel like I've gotten a good head start in the fight against aging. I don't normally like moisturiser or oils because they break out my skin. Serums are something that can be hit and miss and this one is a hit for sure. I will be recommending this.one to my mother, who like me, is always after a good serum to help her.fight the aging process.
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Dr. LeWinn’s Reversaderm Serum

I was very keen to give this serum a try in conjunction with the skin peel, as it promised really great results. On the positive side, the serum was very easy to apply, it absorbed completely into my skin and it did leave my skin feeling moisturised. It was easy to incorporate this serum into my nighttime beauty regime for the recommended two times per week. But it has quite a strong fragrance that borders on unpleasant, and given that I didn't really see the results that I was hoping for, I don't think I will continue using this product into the future.
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I found this product to be very effective. I suffer from acne which left red marks and scaring but with this product I found within 2 weeks my skin was clearer. It doesn’t feel toxic or sting on application which was amazing as some products irritate my skin. I even bought it for my mum who loves it. I just used it every night with my night creams and could tell a difference in the texture of my skin as well as the disappearance of any scaring a fine lines. I will 100% be buying this again because it’s so affordable and worth the money!!
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New favourite

So I’ve been on the hunt for a good and effective collagen and vitamin C serum and I think I’ve finally found it. This serum is lightweight, non sticky and doesn’t pile like some serums do. It works well with my other skincare products and after using it for only four weeks I have found my skin to be much brighter and plumped looking but not in a bad way! Also it is hydrating and a little bit goes a long way so this is going to last me quite sometime. The price point I feel is fair with all of the ingredients it produces and I’m looking forward to seeing my skin in another four weeks. If you are in the market for a good vitamin C serum I would recommend this one and also if you have sensitive skin. The smell is like oranges and a little strong but I don’t mind that.
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Super glow serum

I was so excited to try Dr LeWinns Reversaderm Collagen Accelerator Serum and it certainly didn’t disappoint! The pump was very easy to use and dispensed the right amount of serum. The fragrance is very light almost citrus like and not offensive at all. I particularly love using the serum in the morning, after cleansing and before applying sunscreen. I love the idea of the product containing vitamin C which will help protect my skin throughout the day. It also layers well with sunscreen and my makeup. It gives my skin a lovely glow throughout the day. I also tried this product in conjunction with the Dr LeWinns Reversaderm Skin Peel and loved the amazing results of using two power packed products full of good active ingredients together. My skin was super smooth and my lines and wrinkled were plumped. This Serum has now become an integral part of my morning routine and I will keep using it.
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The ultimate serum

This serum is a game changer. I find this silky and hydrating and the active ingredients in this serum did not upset my sometimes temperamental skin. On the contrary, this serum has noticeably brightened my complexion and I am noticing an overall more even skin tone and brightness. I have mature skin and the combination of antioxidants and powerful ingredients has without doubt added a firmness and suppleness to my skin that I haven't experienced in quite some time. I have found this product to be more effective than using a stand alone vitamin C product due to it's combination of powerful antioxidant properties. This is a beautiful product that not only feels luxurious but delivers what it promises. I will definitely be purchasing this again.
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Great fast-acting serum

This serum is lightweight goes on smoothly but dries quickly- great for those rushing in the morning, It doesn’t leave the skin oily or greasy but absorbs really well. My blemishes cleared up significantly and it evened out my skin tone making it look bright and fresh. I’ve been using it consistently for a month everyday and night as per the label and felt like it cleared my skin up. My skin overall felt really nourished and youthful, also quite brightening, I would highly recommend this product.
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Game Changer

This product has been a bit of a gamechanger of late! My skin has been showing the early signs of ageing (fine lines, dehydration, patchy discolouration) and after using the Dr Lewinns Reversaderm Collagen Accelerator Serum (in conjunction with the Dr Lewinns Reversaderm Corrective Skin Peel) for almost 4 weeks, I have noticed some encouraging results! The fine lines have become finer, the dehydration has rehydrated and the complexion looks more even. It has even kept the dreaded hormonal breakout at bay!! The only thing that I didnt love about this product is that is has an acidic smell to it - citrusy perhaps. I dont have a huge problem with that for morning use - it can be quite invigorating, but I feel it was a bit strong when adding it onto my night time routine. All in all though, loved it, and would recommend.
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Pleasant product for the price point

I really enjoyed using Dr. LeWinn’s Reversaderm Collagen Accelerator Serum. First impressions of the product the consistency and smell is pleasant. It's a fairly heavy weight for a serum but still absorbs quickly into the skin. I thought the weight/consistency could mean it would be tacky and leave a residue on the skin i.e not absorb properly but I was pleasantly surprised. Directly after the product has absorbed I felt the texture and tone of my skin was quite even - however I didn't notice a reduction in my lines. For the price point this product delivers good results.
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Lightweight beautiful serum

I absolutely love the Dr Lewinns Reversaderm Collagen accelerator serum! It came in attractive, luxurious packaging and is a light weight serum that can be used day and night and in conjunction with the corrective peel. I liked the light fruity scent and the serum was easily absorbed into my skin. I have quite dry skin and my skin seemed to love this, it absorbed immediately! This product is fabulous and was able to be used under both light day moisturiser and a heavier evening cream or by itself. When combined with the corrective peel serum I was very impressed with the results my skin felt plump and smooth. This serum is perfect for anyone who is time poor and needs a moisturising boost day to day. I am excited to see my results from use over 6 months. I would happily buy this again and again!
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A tad brighter and a tad sticky.

I was so excited for this! Collagen and Vitamin C - plump and brighten - who could say no?! I already use actives in my skin care (Retinol, BHA, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid) but don’t have collagen or vitamin C specifically so knew this could be a good addition. The texture is more a light lotion and I use 1.5 pumps for my entire face and neck. It smells like medicated vitamin C and although moisturizing (especially after using the Dr LeWinn’s Corrective skin Peel) it isn’t hydrating for me and does leave a slight stickiness... I have combination skin becoming more oily in the summer. I used this twice a day with as the second last step before my Hyaluronic Acid (during the day sunscreen will be my last step). Pros: It could be added to my existing skin care routine as I didn’t have Vitamin C and the lotion was easy to apply. Cons: First - the stickiness. I tried using this on it own without all my other products and also with just DrLewinn’s Correcrive Skin Peel but the result was the same - sticky; I’ll also also still need to add a light hydrator afterwards. Secondly (and personally) my preference for scent in my skin care is either none, minimal or organic so I wasn’t a fan of the medicated vitamin C smell. Overall, I didn’t notice extra plumping but I did notice a slightly brighter complexion when used in conjunction with the Corrective Skin Peel. However if you already have a routine that includes AHA, vitamin C or even a retinol, you may not see a difference. I also suspect this might be more beneficial to someone who has dryer skin. I’ll try this again in the cooler months.
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Light serum

This serum feels so light - it’s quite runny and so can easily spread across your face without leaving a thick residue that some other serums do or feeling like it’s sitting on the outside as some lotions do. My skin can get dry and while I’ve been consistently using the serum it feels hydrated and smooth. I also have some pigmentation and it seems to be helping settle that as well. I also get short term scarring/marks from outbreaks and I think this has been improved - I’m not sure if that’s the effect of the serum or the peel but my face is feeling more smooth also. I really like the smell of the serum - it’s fresh and clean and not too sweet or strong. I found it easy to use the serum day and night - I’m already in the habit of washing my face twice daily so apply the product after washing my face and using both products is quick. I also went away for a night and the cap made it easy to pack, no spills in my bag. I have sensitive skin (allergic to some sunscreens) and have found this serum to be safe for my skin. I’d recommend it.
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Dr LeWinn’s skincare, I’m impressed!

Having never tried Dr LeWinn’s skincare, I’m impressed! 4.5 Stars!!! I have been using this product in conjunction with the Reversaderm Corrective Skin Peel for 4 weeks. After cleansing and toning, I apply it to my damp 50+ yo face each morning and night, then after it’s dry to touch I apply my AM or PM night moisturiser. I've noticed my skin looks plumper, feels smoother, softer and I no longer have dry patches on my cheeks. I’m not 100% sure yet but I believe my redness has slightly reduced and my pores are less noticeable. I don’t think it has reduced my fine lines or pigmentation much, but it has only been 4 weeks. Can’t wait to see what my skin looks and feels like in 12 weeks. My skin can be sensitive to some skincare, but this serum didn’t tingle or irritate at all. My only grumble is the packaging for 30ml of product. Yes, the packaging makes the product look high quality but an excessive amount of plastic, plus it is hard to tell how much is left it the container. I’m interested to try Dr LeWinn’s other Reversaderm products.
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Delivered on Promise!

You know its going to be a positive experience when a serum is light weight, silky to feel and smells great! I found after two weeks of use, Dr. LeWinn’s Reversaderm Collagen Accelerator Serum started to have a positive affect on my skin. By the end of three week, my normally dry skin seemed to loose its dullness and did not feel as dry. My face had a renewed freshness and brightness but best of all, as a result my age lines seem to fade a little. This is definitely a product I now can't live without.
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Will Buy Again

Dr. LeWinns Reversaderm Collagen Accelerator Serum made my skin soft and smooth after about 1 week. I used it daily under makeup and at night. It is a white cream consistency and 1 pump and that was plenty to cover my face.  It doesn't have any strong smell and the serum sunk into the skin well. I noticed an even, glowing skin tone and was pleasantly surprised with the results. I think the longer the use the better your conpexuon will be so I will be adding this to my makeup bag. It is pricey however Id buy it again with the results I noticed.