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Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation

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Discover a fresh take on flawless. Skincaring foundation with 24-hour wear in a nourishing makeup. With hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin E to comfort and condition, skin looks healthy, even-toned, brighter, younger, supple…because flawless is how your skin feels, not just how your skin looks.

Longwearing, lightweight, natural-finish coverage keeps up with your lifestyle. Resistant to heat and humidity, the foundation controls shine, won’t settle into fine lines and pores…and lasts up to 24 hours. Take the complex out of your perfect complexion. Buildable coverage in 40 shades for every skin tone lets you customize flawless your way.

Made without fragrance and parabens. Non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested.

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Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation


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Flawless perfect coverage

This foundation gives my skin a truly flawless finish. I love how this feels on my skin for a start, it’s light to wear and never feels greasy or oily. It gives great coverage, disguising age spots, evening skin tone and disguising fine lines. It comes in 40 great shades so finding a perfect match is easy. I have received compliments on my skin when wearing this product. It lasts really well all day looking fresh and professional and has the added bonus of disguising pores which helps with the flawless finish. I don’t ever use a lot as I like a lighter natural coverage and this foundation works well for this. I highly recommend this product to anyone
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Elizabeth Arden Foundation is my new Favorite!

Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation Great foundation with 24-hour wear. Really like that it has skincare stuff in it like hyaluronic acid, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Makes my skin soft and has a great longwearing, lightweight and natural-finish. Made without fragrance and parabens. Non-comedogenic, dermatologist-tested which is really important to me. Really enjoy this foundation. Love the pump bottle easy to use and pretty to look at. Wears really nicely and is definitely a new favorite!
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The best foundation

Absolutely adore this foundation. The texture is surprisingly lightweight and smooth feeling almost like moisturizer. I also love the fact that this foundation has hyaluronic acid and vitamin C to keep skin hydrated and still skin looks natural and radiant. It lasts well throughout the day and doesn’t have a tacky finish. The presentation is beautiful and it dispenses easily from the pump so it’s easy to control how much you use and it never gets clogged. This foundation suits my skin needs and complexion very well. It is worth every bit of the price!!!!!
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Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Foundation

I received a sample of the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation and was impressed with the packaging and also substantial size of the bottle. When applying I ensured sunscreen and primer were used as a base. Applying this foundation was easy, however I struggled with the blending unsure if it’s the consistency but I was not getting a flawless finish. I applied a subtle dust of finishing powder then applied a setting spray. This foundation is great but not good for an all day foundation.
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Great Foundationn

Great foundation and something i would buy again I havent used Elizabeth Arden foundations before and i was very impressed - the application was easy and the staying power was good - it provided a good glow and gave a very smooth finish and medium coverage. i love the fact there is added skin care in the formulation as i really appreciate products that have two functions The colour i choose was a little to light but worked well under bronzer. if i was buying it again i would be sure to get a colour match The price is reasonable for a product of this quality
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Beautiful light-weight foundation

I was very lucky to receive the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation to trial and review. I was very happy with the colour/ shade I selected. The product comes in a beautiful blurred glass bottle with a rose gold lid - very lux looking. I wore this foundation many times, some mornings I would use my finger tips to apply, other mornings I used a brush or beauty sponge and the product blended beautifully and evenly into my skin each time. The formula is light weight and very natural looking on the skin and it still gives you great coverage! WIN WIN! It's very comfortable and breathable on the face, and it doesn't leave you feeling as if you're wearing a mask! The foundation wears well throughout the day; it didn't settle into my fine lines and it stayed smooth until the end of my day. I had no irritation and no break outs from this foundation (sometimes this happens when I change foundations or moisturises). Not only is the foundation light weight and natural looking on the skin - but it also gives you a very healthy and gorgeous glow! I absolutely love how my makeup looks and feels when I wear this foundation. It made my skin look fresher and younger. I also LOVE that this foundation contains Hyaluronic Acid which will keep my skin hydrated throughout the day; and Vitamin C and E which will nourish and brighten my skin throughout the day. It keeps my mind at ease knowing that my foundation has skincare benefits to protect and nourish my skin. All in all, I absolutely love the Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation and am very excited to keep wearing it.
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Flawless coverage.

A flawless beauty! I’m a very minimal person when it comes to makeup and this flawless finish Elizabeth Arden is a must have! No need for concealer and pressed powders you can get the right amount of coverage with just the one product. I was surprised with how little product you needed and it just left skin feeling super smooth. I’m intrigued to try other products with Elizabeth Arden now and would purchase this foundation again, it’s going to go along way. I’m truly impressed and felt very glamorous. Oh and I must say it lasted all day with keeping its flawless look and skin tone looking great. Very happy :-)
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Quite impressed

This foundation is quite a beautiful one and would definitely recommend it and use it for a long time. It comes in a beautiful box and the glass bottle itself is quite stunning for a makeup product. It definitely screams up market foundation. The colour I chose actually matches perfectly and blends with my skin well. Which is great because they have so many colours to choose from so it’s great that the colours have a bit of Versatility. It is easy to apply itself. It blends well and absorbs quite quickly. I didn’t find it to look cakey either. I normally use a tinted moisturiser so I actually liked that this was such a light coverage. It looks very natural so if you are after a heavy coverage then this is probably not the right one for you. It holds well over the day. I think if you were going to wear it into the night you might need something a bit more settling into the skin. As by the end of the day it does start to settle into the fine lines a little. Overall a beautiful product.
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Great glow foundation

First impressions, it comes in an easy pump bottle which I love for sanitary reasons. The foundation feels quite thick but upon application it felt really lovely and light. I left me with such a nice glow, definitely not full coverage but that’s ok. I normally like to go in with a light/medium coverage dewy foundation then add concealer where needed as I find it looks more skin like and not cakey. I’m in Queensland and it’s super muggy and hot at the moment and this felt great during the day. My skin is dry for reference. Overall I like this foundation and will continue to use it. Just make sure to use it sparingly and you shouldn’t have a problem with it settling into any lines :)
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Love it for every day use

I love how easy this foundation is to use, has a pump to dispense the perfect amount of product. I have used a brush and sponge and prefer using a damp sponge to apply the foundation. It is a light coverage and great for every day wear. I also use a setting powder on time just to add a little staying power. I like the fact that it doesn't feel like it is clogging up my skin and goes on smoothly. Not sure if its what I would use for night time as it hasn't got enough coverage to give a flawless finish. Packaging is beautiful and feels nice in the hand.
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Excellent quality, buildable coverage

This is a really nice feeling foundation. My skin did not have any adverse reactions. The colour matching was a bit tricky and I ended up with a shade that is a tad too light but might be okay in winter, which is when I think this foundation will really come into its own, using on dry winter skin. It’s easy to apply, the pump bottle works perfectly. Application works well with brush or sponge. The coverage starts as light but it’s buildable. Stayed on well but with a good primer. Overall, a really nice foundation that lives up to the skin caring name, just needs a bit of effort to get to the flawless.
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Lovely, but 24 hour coverage is a big call

I've been looking for that 'in-between' coverage for a while now. You know the one, where you don't have time or inclination to put on a whole face like you might for work or a night out (does anyone do that anymore?), but don't want to look like you're lived through 2020 when you run in to people you know down at Coles. Unfortunately I selected the wrong shade and ended up with a colour at least two shades lighter than my natural skin tones - but I think that also attests to the great range of shades available in this foundation (I'll caveat that by saying that I'm from a white-anglo background). Thankfully, working from home meant that I could still test the foundation, it's wearability and durability. I'm a two serum, moisturiser and primer kind of gal, so this product was going on a well-prepared canvas. Like others, I liked the pump and amount that came out, and wasn't bothered about the runnier consistency. It went on smoothly enough, and I liked the dewy finish (or was that the two serums and moisturiser?). You can definitely build on each layer, but you do need to let it settle first, or you're going to end up pushing the product around on your face like I did one day when I was rushing things. I also used a setting powder afterwards as part of my routine and was happy with the finish. As someone with sensitive skin, this was a total win as it did not upset or dry my skin out at all. Does it it wear for 24 hours? Well not for me. And frankly, if you're leaving make-up on that long, non-comedogenic or not, you're asking for complexion trouble. It felt like a high-end foundation, but if you have the chance, I'd recommend you trial your colour in person and make sure that you're happy with the lightweight coverage.
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Truly a skin like foundation

Not to the products fault, however mine that I selected the wrong shade for me by a long shot! For some reason I thought I was Casper suddenly and forgot I had gotten a nice summer tan! This product is firstly packaged beautifully. I found it to be a lovely medium coverage but I found this worked best for me mixed with other foundations (I didn’t have much of an option due to colour reasons) but it still managed to leave my skin looking hydrated, plump and youthful. It had decent longevity and wore evenly throughout the day. It mixed well with all different primers too which was great!
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Good medium high coverage foundation

First and foremost, I have to say that I’m pleasantly surprised by the amount of shades available for these, let’s hope this is reflected in the assortments available in the various retailers ranging this! The Flawless Finish skincaring foundation did not disappoint on several levels: - people with sensitive skins, this product should work for you! I had no redness, reactions etc which isn’t always a given for me -long lasting - looked good all day even when I was at the yoga studio. - I had to use very little product on my face so a bottle should last you long. I would not say it’s natural cover finish, more medium/high coverage thought but everyone definition of natural might be different. Now as far as as the « skincare » side of the product is concerned, I have to say I am not convinced.. but this is still a great foundation that is worth trying!
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Definitely a Flawless Finish

This foundation comes in an elegant glass bottle with pump ready to go. at first i thought that the formula was quite runny however it blended perfectly into my skin. It covered my blemishes with ease. This is a super long wearing foundation and stayed put all day whilst at work. i have quite a red undertone and this concealed my redness with ease. My skin felt amazing while using this foundation, not dry like some foundations can leave me. I did however feel that the foundation needed to be set with a powder, i was not able to leave the foundation alone as it didn't quite set on my skin. The color matching to other big foundation brands is spot on, I was able to select my color perfectly using my existing estee lauder color,
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Light and natural finish.

This is my favourite foundation hands down, the product is a great for anyone wanting a very light and natural finish which in my opinion is the best way to go with foundation. It is easy to apply and has a smooth consistency with great coverage and doesnt leave skin feeling dry. I only used a small amount and enough whole face. This product is great for everyday wear and feels healthy on my skin, like my skin can still breathe and doesnt look like it has any product on. The colour match is spot on.
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Fantastic foundation

I really love using this Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Skincaring Foundation. As someone who has been using the same foundation from another brand for many years, I was not sure if I could love another foundation, but this Elizabeth Arden one is my new fave! The colour I selected online was a great match for my skin colour - the Elizabeth Arden website (US) has a great colour selection function, called 'Find your perfect shade' where you can select your colour in other brand foundations from drop-down menus, and it tells you what your best colour match is in this Elizabeth Arden foundation - and mine was correct! What a great idea to make online buying easier and not waste your time selecting the wrong colour. The packaging is beautiful, with its rose gold box and bottle lid, and luxury glass bottle with handy curved sides to make holding your bottle easy. The pump top dispenses the perfect amount of foundation, and you can control how hard you pump to tailor the amount dispensed to the area of your face you're working on. The smooth liquid foundation provides great buildable coverage and can be applied as a light layer for casual days or built to a more solid coverage for dressy occasions. In any thickness of application, this foundation is beautiful and smooth on my skin, leaving me with its namesake 'flawless finish'. I'm really impressed! The hyaluronic acid and vitamins C and E make my skin feel smooth and hydrated, and I think helps with the way the foundation sits on the skin, so it doesn't sink into wrinkles or crease with wear. I am really impressed with this luxury new foundation - great job Elizabeth Arden!
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Light with a natural finish!

I love this foundation! I have quite enlarged pores but this foundation gives me a flawless coverage and hides all of my freckles and spots. The consistency is not too thick so it felt pretty light and gives me a natural look without it being cakey. It also comes in an elegant pump bottle which makes it easy and mess free. I first wear it without any primer and it did feel pretty dry and did not last very long but after using it with a primer, the foundation worked wonders and lasts for the whole day! I would 100% recommend this product to friends and family!
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Beautifully natural finish

Beautiful finish. This foundation has a light/medium coverage and looks so natural. If you’re prone to dry skin like I am then I would recommend using a hydrating primer first as this makes the foundation sit beautifully on the skin. It wore really well throughout the day and survived a 40 degree day in North Queensland. It sits comfortably without a setting powder but for extra longevity I wore mine with a luminous setting powder and it felt like I wasn’t wearing foundation at all. Will definitely be purchasing this again.
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Lovely and Light weight

I really did like this foundation only problem the colour I chose online was a little light for my skin tone, so used a little bronzer. The coverage was good and you can build on it if you need a bit extra. If you are someone who doesn’t wear foundation using a small amount feels like a BB cream. It is light weight and I did feel my skin could breathe. I have tried a lot of different brands over the years and I would say this foundation would be in my top 3. Touch ups were minimal so it does last, even had comments on what foundation I was using